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Discuss: The Paladin's Secret- PbFG (The Burning Wheel)


It’s a promissory note, whoever holds it will hand it to the Paladin’s quartermaster on delivery of the Salt, and the Quartermaster will pay them. You may or may not care about getting the best deal, but the better a price you get, the quicker the castle will be developed, which in turn will benefit not only your characters, but future ones too. If you’re not careful though, you could get back home to a lot of trouble if you find someone not trustworthy who might tell the quartermaster that you agreed a higher price than you did!

If you can find a way to barter with a guide using that, then go on ahead!


I have one other ploy to suggest if this does not work. Kaelin can see about finding some fishermen and trade some of his time for information. Way I figure, using salt to preserve fish means that he might get a low down on who is reputable and who to avoid in the salt business.


That sounds good. Jarek can play or sing in a tavern or on the street to try to earn some cash if need be. I was also thinking about having him go snooping around the theaters to see if he can find out anything about Diana or the cube, but he could go snooping around for information that might be lucrative.


Go ahead and get tangled up in as much as you wish in the city!


Is there anything that Jarek can do to help with the argument? Any beginners luck rolls that could be made?


If I suddenly disappear, my dogs ill again :frowning:

Unfortunately you can’t help someone with beginners luck, or a skill with a value of 0


So, the coloured-over dots on the character sheet (not the black coloured ones), what do they mean?


I think they mean you only have to tick one of those… If I recall correctly.

So for example, for my Write Skill, I had two white dots for ‘R’ and one ‘D’ dot and one ‘C’ dot (both colored in). If I am remembering correctly, since I have ticked both ‘R’ ('R’egular tasks), all I have to do is one 'D’ifficult or one 'C’hallenging task and then I level up. If they were not colored in, then I would have to do one of each…

Now Sorcery; I have 4 white ‘R’ dots so I have to do 4 Regular tasks, regardless. But I have 2 colored ‘D’ dots and 1 colored ‘C’ dot… I guess I have to do 1 ‘C’ level or 2 ‘D’ level spells (plus the 4 ‘R’ spells) to level up Sorcery. So far I just have the 1 ‘D’ level checked off from the drunken spell, which cost me some temporary damage to stats.

But that is my understanding and I could be wrong, so we will wait for Will’s confirmation.


Yep, that’s basically it, if I’ve linked two rows with the highlight, you only need to complete one or the other of those rows, not both


Par for the course with sorcery, it’s the control that stops you flinging spells constantly… well, that and I spoilered it because it’s a spoiler


I think Warran should edit our promissory note to include the fee for a guide. Let’s put those writing skills to good use!


What‽ You mean it is not like Harry Potter, where you can whip around spells like Mars Bars?

Honestly, I always figured it was more like Full Metal Alchemist, equivalent exchange and all that… If you cast a spell, it costs something from somewhere. There is no pool of infinite magic… Or is there? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well, in regards to your Spoiler Will,I think I know what it is, but waiting to see if I am right :wink:


I don’t want to delve too deeply into magic - partly because I want to hear from you, do you think every time you cast a spell, there is an equal and opposite reaction elsewhere - that could explain the strange phenomena like the silent forest, and others yet to be found…


I have some ideas, but I think we should see a bit more of the world before we get too involved with magic and what it is in the game. Also too, I think I should think about it more when my head is clearer…


I am good either way. Jarek has a food oriented belief so free food would be a good thing. Jarek can also try to earn some cash performing if we want to stop at a new tavern to get some info. Maybe Jarek can play well enough to cover the cost of his appetite and Warran’s alcohol.




That would be a scary matchup. Jarek’s appetite versus Warran’s alcohol consumption. I assumed perfect dice rolls would have to happen.


Just FYI, whilst it does makes some sense to return to the first tavern, I’m also playing on Kaelin’s Wary trait with that suggestion.


Aulexis would like to go back to the inn, I think. The sounds of rough taverns make her a little homesick, but she’s not about to suggest going to one.


Sounds like we are going back to the first inn for drinks?