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Discuss: The Paladin's Secret- PbFG (The Burning Wheel)


I’m sure there’s a very solemn ceremony as the character sheet moves from ‘Player Knights’ to ‘NPCs’…


If playing the laughing policeman on loop counts as solemn, then yes!


(@UllinBethalto I very much enjoyed Warran’s ‘lost night memories’.)


Thanks! It was a bit of a rush job though. I did not want to slow down the pace of the game… A few parts could of had more detail to them, but if they are “fragments” then maybe the gaps in information are appropriate.

I have a funny feeling this is not going to be the only occurrence…


I imagine he has a filing cabinet.


My library of taken characters:


Where do I mark that on my sheet? Or do I put a note next to it on the ‘Notes,Spells and Other’ area?


Oh, yep that was misleading! Your sorcery skill advances - unlike the elves for whom each of their songs advances individually, you get better at all of your spells with each casting!


Seriously good stuff!. Even if it is just a “warm-up”.


Excellent artwork! :grinning:


Who has the note of credit? I’m guessing that Jarek was not deemed responsible enough for that.


(Nor Simon, not a born negotiator.)


Would we trust the guy who recently got drunk?

Or better question, does anyone have/want a negotiation skill?


Warran or Aulexis would have been my bet. Probably the former since he already borrowed Kasia’s staff.


Perfect timing on that post!

I would not mind, but I am learning a lot of things so far and do not want to deprive anyone of the opportunity.


Kaelin Reed
(Fast and rough sketch, and captured with a poor camera)


Aulexis was trying to keep a low profile, so she wouldn’t have taken the initiative to get the note.


A Persona point each if you forgot or lost the note and still manage to return with the salt :smiley:

What can Persona points do?

Persona is the second of the three types of artha, and is generally more powerful than Fate.

Boon - Up to three Persona points can be spent on a sinbgle stat or skill test. Each Persona point spend grants +1D

Grit Your Teeth - For a Persona point, -1D of wound penalty can be shrugged off

Focus - If you fail a test and there is a time complication, you can counteract the effects of the time complication for the cost of 1 persona - E.g if I have told you that if you fail the test, you will miss the boat, spend a persona point and even though you failed, you do not miss the boat!

Will to live - If you are struck down with a mortal wound, you may spend a persona point to attempt to recover, rather than your character being outright killed.


If the group wants to do that, I am OK with it. What other things would we be able to use as currency?


You could decide to use a hard currency, I’m not sure if we’ve talked much about the currencies of the world but the city is likely to be a place quite familiar with several different types, and no stranger to more complex financial arrangements - investments and debts etc.

Or maybe you decide to go a bit different and find a way of acquiring the salt you need in a different way than… well paying for it. Theft is the obvious example that springs to my mind, but maybe that says a lot more about me than anything!

Whatever you come up with, I’m going to want to say yes too, and the more interesting the challenge and the closer you hit the theme of the world, the better. Of course to be handing out 5 persona points, you are going to be challenged no matter what you come up with, that is a mighty reward - so wrangling yourself OUT of difficulty will force me to add it later - the more difficult you make it for yourself, the less trouble I’m going to have to impose on you :wink: