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Discuss: The Paladin's Secret- PbFG (The Burning Wheel)


Yep, all correct! 5 more rolls left and go ahead and mark that one down!


So it is:
(aptitude score +1) = (number of rolls to a open skill)?

Just checking for clarity :slight_smile:


Essentially, yes - Your first go at a skill gets it onto your skills being trained section, and from there it’s 10- the root skill goes to open the skill properly.


There’s a slight in joke here - Serruilos is a character name that Will has used in another game, hence me jumping on it.


What‽ Using a name from another game‽ Who would do such a thing…


More that Will likely knew I would recognise it and spin a line like I did.


Never catch me doing this!


My oldest continuous name, dating back to Diablo 1, Serragrimm the Monk? (It might have been the hellfire expansion), Serra for a female variant, adding uilos on the end of most one or two sylable names makes it elven etc etc.

I do the same with Conn, my Lord of the Rings Online character was a Connuilos, and I had a Connie in Rift, Conn names crop up a lot with me too! And Jin…


Well… Click below if you want your mind blown… Unless you already had figured it out. :stuck_out_tongue: Then you know I did it on purpose.

Spoiler filled conversation... Cannot be unseen!

@Shades: “Why did you spell Warran weird with an ‘a’ in place of the ‘e’?
Me: “I will give you a clue… Think ‘Tom Riddle’.”
Shades: “Ahhh, clever!” (It was about a whole second, two at the most for her to get it!)

The Solution:

Warran; War-ran; Ran-war; Nar-war; Narwar! Thought you guys would enjoy the easter egg !


Clocked it before the second set of spoilers. :grinning:


Because I’m an idiot who should read things twice before making assumptions, I had assumed Warran was Narwar backwards. So right, but oh so wrong! 1 point for the correct answer, but not the 9 points available for showing my workings


I’d love to say that Hogarth was picked as a name for a Knight as they are literally an iron man but I just happened to be teaching the book at the time.


I feel like I’ve seen the name Connuilos before… I did play LOTRO once upon a time? I don’t even remember my own character name, though.


I used to be on a lot, and always on Laurelin, the EU roleplay server - I wore the swishy outfit you could get up around lake evendim dyed white, Warden class





I’d like to say that Jarek’s name has an interesting backstory, but I found it on a random name generator.


I type out random name bits and then iterate until I like the sound. I really like naming characters! Unless the character bores me!

Also please keep me appraised of any future inside jokes! Otherwise I will not know what is going on!


Agreed. @UllinBethalto has been keeping me updated on GPC, but until recently I didn’t know which characters you guys were playing. I appreciate the inside joke heads up too.


Sorry, this one was a bit tongue-in-cheek. I had a different name planned, but well here is another clicky to give anyone a run down who is not familiar with the Great Pendragon Campaign here on these forums. It is a poor summary, as I am very tired.

The Tale.

Sir Narwar was one of my knights in the GPC. He was my second character created and promptly almost got himself killed… Well, technically he was dead but pulled back from the brink by some luck and hard efforts by the other players. So I decided, ‘since he cheated death once, he shall live in the extremes of his traits’. Well, he went to Cambria, got very googly eyes and tongue-tied at an attractive Lady named Tryamor. (Again :wink: T’morya, this one was much harder to make it less obvious. Be honest, who got this reference? :slight_smile: He helped to free her and had a chance to run away with her, but he felt compelled to stay behind and help ensure his companions were not blamed for her escape. Well, in the end, he thought she was turned into a bottle of wine which was drunk at a feast (shortly before this campaign was started) and promptly suffered a bout of madness :crazy_face: and was promptly handed over to Will for care and safekeeping until he recovers… If he recovers…

Anyway, it was done purely as an homage. Only in a scrambled name is there any connection; these are completely different characters and should not be confused with each other. Except T’morya is rather handsome… :thinking: And Warran only overindulges on beer and cider, never wine… In fact, he only will drink wine of extremely fine quality and is always hesitant to drink it for some reason… :thinking: OK, there ends the similarities!

To be honest, I had been kicking around the idea to do a little solo in the West Marches with a man named Warran, once Narwar finally got killed, who was running about the wilds looking for somebody, but he could not remember who! Since that game is on pause and Narwar is not technically ‘dead’ I opted to steal the name for this game :smile:

Sorry if this got too ‘Meta’… I am sure that is the word I wanted to use there…


I’m playing Narwar :wink:


In my imagination, I picture Will having a folder, folio, or even a box which has a label on it saying, “Knight’s who have gone off the plot”…