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Discuss: The Paladin's Secret- PbFG (The Burning Wheel)


Literally thought we were getting scammed in a “forced teaming” style scam. “Criminals use it to get closer to their victims by creating the illusion that you’re both in the same boat.” We are going to literally be in the same boat.


Oh don’t worry, I have plenty of tricky stuff planned in the future, but this adventure is more about establishing the world, giving you a chance to see some of the most notable sights - it’s no coincidence you’re treking across the island - and more importantly, allowing your characters to find their voices, letting you all figure out your roles in the party and make some friends and maybe some enemies! I’ll ramp up the difficulty as you get more into it, and we know what the party’s interest is!


Incidently, it’s obviously far from perfect, but to help ground you, here’s some notes on a map of Inchwick I’m working on:


I feel like I’m still not getting the pacing of this roleplay. I’m not really used to the quick events and conversations - my own campaigns take days for a bit of talking! Any suggestions for how I can better fit in?


If everyone else is happy to work to that pace, I would prefer to do so as well! I’ve been dealing with a difficult situation - I won’t bore you, but it’s definitely affected my roleplaying here, so I can only apologise about that and say that I recognise that I’ve rushed you, I won’t do it again!


@SleepyWill, would you mind if I create a public index/discussion like I did for the GPC? I thought it might be handy.


No, that would be brilliant if you don’t mind doing it! When you do, I’ll move this entire thread into it




Wow! Look at all the posts! A very popular topic :wink:


For the record, the auto correct on my phone does not like Ur-zitz. If I accidentally post about Ur-ziti, I apologize. Could be the latest Orcish pasta craze.


I hear that Ur-ziti is really good with a hearty marinara with meatballs… But some say it goes well with a cream sauce… If you really what to be haute cuisine, you could always just toss in olive oil and sprinkle parmesan cheese on top…

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I feel like Aulexis might be more ‘scarred’ than ‘drop dead beautiful’. As much as I thought ‘drop dead beautiful’ would be fun, I almost feel like it would be manipulative to leverage it on the other characters at this point since we haven’t really been playing to it. Scarred, though, seems very appropriate. She doesn’t seem to be ‘you know, the really beautiful one’ so much as ‘that elf with all the scars’.


Yep, no worries, just continue to play her as if she had the trait scarred and does not have the trait “drop dead gorgeous” and at the end of the adventure, this will be possible to change

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For the record, Jarek does find Aulexis attractive, but is still categorically afraid of women… especially when they are so well armed.

In the army, it was considered poor form to comment on another person’s appearance. It was more appropriate to compliment some one for their skills. As a result, Jarek has no game in the romantic department.


ooops, yes it was!


Looks like someone is on the dice rollers good side!!!


  1. Nice going @Shades!

  2. Perhaps I’m jumping the gun a bit. One can look at Aulexis’ entire scarred and confident demeanor as ‘Authoritative’ (her other trait), which I have been playing up, and not get rid of ‘drop dead gorgeous’, which people aren’t comfortable enough to touch yet. I always over think things, I’ll leave it be!


Too bad we are on our own adventure. I think drunk Warran hitting on Aulexis would have been funny!


So @SleepyWill, while I am thinking of what exactly happened with Warran, how many more beginners luck rolls does he have to make to open up drinking?

If it uses Forte and that is 5 (5-10=5) that would mean he has to make 5 more rolls?

Do I mark that down in the ‘Skills being learned’ section of my sheet?