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Discuss: The Paladin's Secret- PbFG (The Burning Wheel)


Yup, that would have happened!


Yeah. I have problems with dice rollers.


So Aulexis can read and write elvish, but probably not mannish and definitely not dwarvish, yes?


Averaged about 2 on those seven dice.



That means Warran, you also get to mark your write skill for advancement - so we can talk about that here as well -


We can see that Warran has the write skill at B2, then that grid on the right is where we keep track of advancements - you can see three rows, marked R, D and C and I have blanked off all but two in the R row and one each in the other rows, which are highlit.

R stands for regular, and you mark this whenever you make a regular test
D stands for difficult and C for challenging.

In this instance, because Warran helped, he gets to mark a test as if he had himself made it - 7 dice being rolled = a regular test for an Ob4 test

Difficulty Chart

So Warren gets to mark one of his regular tests for write.

The difficult and Challenging rows have been highlit because he needs one, or the other - not both. So Warran, to advance from skill B2 to B3 needs another regular test then either a difficult or challenging test. As soon as he has made those tests, pass or fail, then his write skill becomes B3!


Photo finish. @UllinBethalto wins 2018. 2019 is mine!


In team Sky blue no less…


Anyone been checking their sugar intake?


This swear like a sailor trait. Should I be role playing this?

You fracking toasters


I’m OK with that, but I wouldn’t want you to get flagged on the forum, so maybe keep it assumed - or use non-swear swear words - smeg and taff come to mind.



Or carpenter appropriate emphasis - rotted hells, knotted core etc.


I’m going to say it’s based on company. He’s a human/dwarf/sailor, so he must know how to respond in different situations


Traits can and do change - I’ll say the same as I always say - if you don’t like what’s on your character sheet, in burning wheel, all you need to do is play the character as you prefer, your character sheet will gently change to represent this! If you’re smart, you’ll earn some of the valuable experience on the way!


Can Jarek lie when he introduces himself? Does that involve any dice rolls? He’s lying to protect his identity and possibly expose Archibald’s intentions since he knew who they were when they came up to him.


Yes, lying is a skill called falsehood, and it’s opposed by Will - when I made Archibald’s rolls, I rolled 2 successes, but only Simon has a will of 2 or lower, so only Simon couldn’t see through them - with you not having much skill in lying, you will have to be opposed by double his will - though it will be double his will after we’ve subtracted two from it because of his injuries. If he really is a merchant, you can expect him to have a high will, likewise if he’s a confidence man - so all said and done, he stands a pretty good chance of detecting your lie! Whether he cares or not is entirely another matter!!


Lore question!
(Assuming I’m reading this right and this question is relevent)
How homophobic would the Corsairs be? I already know that Aulexis doesn’t care, but her understanding of it would be shaped by the people she was raised with.
Or are we doing the ‘yes and’ style of roleplaying and I should just write something?


I personally would expect them to be far less homophobic than society at large, but if you write something, I’ll fold it into the lore - we are playing ‘yes and’ as much as possible!



(sorry I should expand that a bit to be clear. I am not for sure what ‘yes and’ means in RPG terms.)


It’s an expression to cover they style of RPG I was explaining to you earlier as collaborative - I don’t have a detailed almanac describing the world in detail which I shall dole out to you in portions, you are free to make up your own details of the world, and instead of me consulting my big tome and telling you “actually, no, that’s wrong, my world works like this”, I will say “ Yes, that’s how it works, and in addition, this as well”

For example, @Scribbs told us that there were marsh elves who were suffering a plight - instead of me telling him, actually no, I said all elves were corsairs - if you’re an elf, you have to be a corsair, I said “ yep - cool, and I put down everything Scribbs told us about the marsh elves - they became canon - I think my and was to imply that they weren’t limited to elves, but other races live among them, but I would have to read back to be sure I had said that!

And is optional, it’s not rigid, what’s important is unless you are clashing with lore already established, or the rules, when you tell us something, then the answer to “is this correct” is yes!


(epiphany) (3) : an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure

Ahhhh… Got ya!

I is n00berz lolz! <–(OK, I promise never to do this again)