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Discuss: The Paladin's Secret- PbFG (The Burning Wheel)




Lol! nevermind! It was a good chance to let Kasia have yet another needle at Jarek!


I think I’ve made a better brush, that is clear enough when we zoom into the map:

But not terrible when we zoom out:

Let me know if this is OK or if I’m completely barking up the wrong tree with this symbolic method


Happy New Year everyone!


Reference site well under way!


Happy 2019 everyone! The site looks great! @UllinBethalto and I have a score to settle tonight. We’ve been playing head to head Flamme Rouge and we are tied 3-3. Update tomorrow with final score for 2018.


Happy New Year!!

The site looks totally rad.

That’s a great way to ring in the new year! I should figure out something similar with my significant other!


Looks like Aulexis came off too strong, unless I can get two helper dice!


Sorry, I was too late for the assist. We were just finishing our bao/dumpling experiment and I was too full to get up to the office in time to respond…


I loooove bao. How did the bao experiment go?


It went well… Still some learning to do, and we had extras left. Next time I think the dough recipe needs to be cut in half. To much for two.


Happy New Year everyone!


Sorry if this has already been stated, but what season are we in and what kind of climate zone are the islands in?


The islands are in a Mediterranean climate, as for season, why don’t you tell us!



Travelling the seas in winter is folly, and although spring is sometimes not much better, it seems fitting that this enterprise started in a new year.


Spring it is!


The weather then is Cold, puddles froze over night, and there is no wind, the sea is like a mirror, and smoke rises vertically (You must have rowed across the bay)


Sub question-

Literacy standards. As a trained craftsmen and semi dwarf I’m assuming that Simon can read and write. What is the accepted norm?


Aulexis has Elven Script which includes both reading and writing and Warran has both Read and Write skills - You would be aware that the Dwarfs who learned their words were called Wordbearers in the guild, and would often go on to become chroniclers.

I’m happy for Simon to have the ability to be able to read - enough lessons are in his head for him to be able to apply the knowledge, but he will have to open the skill like any other that he doesn’t have, and learn it in the game.

Literacy norms are, some classes in society learn to read, write or maybe both - sorcerers and priests for example, wordbearers and many elves. Nobility of any race. Beyond that, it is as the middle ages of the real world - reading is rare, specialised and not appreciated as important


Cool, as long as someone helped him spell the boats name. :grinning:


Well, why don’t we use that an an opportunity to learn the write skill, and show you how opening a new skill works.

In a game, you can open a skill by simply using it. I’ll give you an Ob that is double what it would be if you already had the skill - in this case, writing a single word neatly, we’ll call that difficulty Ob2 - so that doubles to Ob 4.

As you don’t have the skill, you don’t have any dice to roll. You instead make a “beginners luck” roll

Instead of rolling dice from a skill, you roll them from the relevant stat instead - writing is Per/Agi - so you can choose the best of those two which is your Per of 5

I’m going to say you get one extra dice from working carefully, and one extra from having help from Warran (assuming he did!)

So you get to roll 7 dice to beat an Ob of 4

I’ll enter that you’ve started to learn the write skill in your character sheet and you will need to make a further 5 “beginners luck” rolls before you can open the skill.

So go ahead and roll those 7 dice, if you succeed you do write Hopeful neatly as the boat name, otherwise, your letters are crude and the name is difficult to read (nothing a decent carpenter couldn’t fix later)