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Discuss: The Paladin's Secret- PbFG (The Burning Wheel)


That is a possibility yes!


Don’t forget about my 3 belief Will.


Got it! Thanks!


I didn’t see my relationship with Kasia on my Character sheet. I just wanted to make sure that you saw this.


Yes, I am!:salt: Most excited I’ve ever been about getting salt.


I’ve got it on there now!


I am very very much excited, thanks so much @SleepyWill for setting this up and inviting me :smile:


I think I’m missin the ‘call of the sea’ trait, and I also don’t know what it means!


It’s a character trait, and - well, it means what you want it to mean, within reason. Maybe it means that life on the ocean is always calling to you, it’s a place where you feel most comfortable? I’ll add it on, but I’m going to let people get comfortable their characters before getting too deep into traits


Indeed! @Shades keeps coming up to me at random times saying: “Youra Wizard Warran!”



We are live!


Oh… I almost missed this!

Apologies in advance!


I wonder if a picked flower could be considered “a weapon” :thinking:



The flower of a pincushion protea has quite the heft to it!

Also the flower of a pineapple plant…


I think so…

Kinda looks like a club or a mace to me.


I’m gonna edit my first post with some extra stuff, since we haven’t really started interacting yet!


I may have messed up the timeline a bit by responding to Warran’s smile in the past. Should I have made a separate post to keep the timeline intact?

(I also quadrupled my post length. I wanted to put some more personality into it.)


Question: are we doing realistic (ish?) eatin’ rules? Should Aulexis request rations, or is that assumed?


The game focuses on where the drama is - so if you wanted to play an adventure, which focus’ entirely on where you get food from, not only will the game support that, it allows you to get really in detail about it.

Essentially, if you think that roleplaying for asking for rations is interesting - do it, and I feel I will be saying this a lot to begin with - There is no sarcasm here!

The game can do it all, but it’s not designed to be played like that - here’s an example - you’ve been told that you have a boat, and your party has three experienced sailors - beyond some nice roleplay where I’ll tell you what your boat is like and you tell me where you land it and we all describe elements of the journey across the bay - it does boil down to you going exactly where you want with no difficulty, no rolls etc.

If you were a party of 5 landlubbers, a good chunk of your adventure, a drama filled part of it is going to be learning how to sail this boat across the bay, and we would go deep - you would make multiple rolls, fail some, pass some, face the risk of being blown out to sea etc, and when you finally arrive safely on the mainland, you will have several new skills, experience and will be looking forward to a nice relaxing trek with the caravan, back firmly on land!

However, you can imagine with the current party, such dice rolling would be pointless because you would easily pass everything - so I’m not going to dig deep into sailing, because I can assume you get across easily and safely. Likewise, you have a wilderness elf, an ex corsair and a man who is deeply interested in spending time out in the woods - I’m going to assume that hunting and gathering and ensuring you have the correct supplies to go on extended journeys away from civilisation are covered, and that no challenge I can present to you will be difficult - so tell us about where you get food from, we’ll get to learn a little more about your character and will enjoy reading it, but I will assume that you leave home ready and prepared for the journey and won’t run out of food half way there, even if no-one explicitly tells me that you go to get food, right up until the journey where food becomes the drama for one reason or another :wink:


Roger roger!!
Let me edit my post!