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Discuss: The Paladin's Secret- PbFG (The Burning Wheel)


Yep - the horse itself costs 5 points, while the “toolkit” which will be your gear, a stable and yard etc costs 8. It should be noted, when on the Paladin’s business, you will have access to his stables.


@Shades, Do you want to work on that list while I finish up here at work so I can post it when I get home? :wink:

I will do that when I get home, we have some last minute ‘lookie-loos’ I am going to go flush out. Who knows, they may be exactly what they are suppose to be!


My wife did not see my message about the list, so I am just giving you my dregs. :laughing:

When offered cider or ale, I always accept the drink.

When walking around, I always check to see if I am being followed.

While I am writing, I ignore everything else until I am completed.

If I can see a document with writing, I always try to read it.

If a situation has me puzzled, I will not sleep until I solve it.

If I see a pretty girl, I always make a pass at her.

This was all I could get typed in the time I had.


These three can go straight in as is, they are very good indeed!


Here’s to finally getting the concept!


I think I figured out the three instincts for him:

Every book has the potential to contain a secret and I will not sleep until I have found it.

When offered cider or ale, I always accept the drink.

If I see a pretty girl, I always make a pass at her.

The ‘puzzled situation’ instinct was good (and I like it), but it is very similar to the ‘book’ one and I think the ‘book’ instinct is more fitting with the character.


Superb! Ok everyone, we have three characters as finished as they need to be to begin playing and a forth who we know an awful lot about - Simon has already linked to Kaelin with his third belief, albeit not directly, can Kaelin please write a belief that directly references Warran, Warran write one that directly references Jarek and when the time comes, Jarek will write his third to directly reference Simon. They should be co-operative not confrontation! For better or worse, you are all firm friends!

Good examples are:

Character is afraid of the dark, I shall teach them that the things that lurk in the dark should be afraid of them

Character needs money for a cause that I also believe in, I shall find the merchant who stole from me and give them everything he owns by fair means or foul.

Character has seen too much pain in their life, I shall make sure that they never get hurt again.


Should I at some point kinda go back and rewrite Warran’s origin story so it makes a bit more sense?


I would like the necessaries: clothes, shoes, travel gear, personal effects for 4 points.
A musician skill toolkit for 8.

I’d like to have a relationship with Kasia. She’s definitely unfriendly to Jarek, but in a somewhat familial role. I’m also willing to have Jarek find her attractive. However, he’s also utterly terrified of her. Does that get that to a low enough point value that I could have that?


Absolutely yes, go ahead and rewrite Warran’s history any time!


If we have Kasia be unfriendly to Jarek, not only because she was disappointed he wasn’t the soldier she thought she was getting, but because she detects the attraction he has for her, and can’t seem to ignore it like she can for any other number of younger people under her care who go through a phase of being attracted to her - then that brings you to 20 points, so long as you would be happy with that background? Is your instrument the fife?

If all that is right, then your resources also begins at B0 and your Circles is B2 and we can move on to writing your Beliefs


That sounds good. Yes, instrument is the fife. Can he have an empty curtal case in his personal effects? Might be useful for stashing stolen goods.


Attempt at a belief centred on Warren:

Warren is a keen seeker of knowledge; he may find something that could aid my people in their struggle to come. I therefore support his studies, in hope of later benefitting from his discoveries




Jarek’s Beliefs (These were harder than I expected…)

If I want something badly enough, I will go to any length to get it.

The cube is a puzzle that I am destined to solve and am willing to spend time and resources or steal to learn more about its meaning and origins.

Once in a situation where I trust a person and they trust me, I will take great risks to protect that trust. (This one felt a little more like an instinct. Let me know if this works.)


Jarek’s belief relating to Simon:

Jarek will help Simon do things to make his adopted father proud, but only by honest means. (No stealing for Simon’s goal.)


This is a good one - but not like this - tell us what the first thing you want is, go ahead and choose anything then write it for that item “I want a house of my own and I will do anything to get it” for example!


This could work, but again, I think you need to develop trust with someone and name them in the belief, so let’s save this one for later!

Perfect - so we have your three, once you’ve chosen your item!

Instincts next!


Will these work? I’m still working on an object for his belief.
Jarek’s instincts:

When I see food, I eat as much as I can.

When physically threatened, I look for a place to run, hide or climb to safety.

If there is a choice between moving or standing still, I choose movement.


The first two are great! They third one could be better worded as something like:

“Open the closed door and go through” or “Always fidget incessantly” or just simply “Keep moving!”


Belief: Jarek wants to gain Kasia’s respect, and will go to great lengths to own a horse of his own to get her respect and attention.

Instinct: Unless intensely focused on a task, Jarek is constantly doing something with his hands.


Brilliant! We are basically ready to play!

Don’t worry about not knowing the rules just yet, if you really want, you can read over the mechanics I wrote above, but for now, all you need is the following:

When you want to do something, tell us what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it! Don’t tell us that you play the fife, tell us that you try to please the audience by playing the fife!

We will learn more rules as they pop up in play, it’s by far the easiest way to get to grips with the game.

I’m going to get the opening post typed out and invite you to introduce your characters - if you want to adjust your histories, tell us more about your character or change anything, please take this time to do so, you’ll have plenty of time, I have a cold and want to rewrite my intro to reference details brought up in character creation so don’t expect it until towards the end of the weekend!