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I think someone just lost a horse…


Dang it! I hate it when I get distracted and forget to go back and correct something on my final pass through before posting. I had used her name as a place holder so I did not mess up pronouns. That is what happens when you try to install mini blinds and PBF at the same time!


Im happy to retcon my posts to reflect a change.

I’ve had to amend much worse.


If you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

Sorry for earlier when it took me a while to respond. I was having issues writing and with having Merrick back story make sense. Hopefully, that read OK.


So Will,

now it’s all over, can you talk to us about the marriage tourney? How did you design it and did we do what you expected?


As a spectator, I would love to hear anyone do a re-cap in their own words (preferably everybody). This is one of those games that you can look away from for a day, and there are a billion updates. I missed a lot.


I’d have to dig out my notes, but briefly, each event was scored on two criteria, the stated aim of the event and one other unstated aim which highlighted a desirable trait in each lady.

So, for example, the falconry event was a test of hunting and falconry, as explicitly said, but you were all massively disadvantaged, you weren’t given dogs for example. It was simply, a task that was far to difficult to be fair as it was. So you were scored out of 20 on your performance in the actual task, and then you were scored on your independence and free thinking out of 20 as well. So, if you asked for dogs, unprompted, you were given 5 points, prompted, 1. If you went hunting for actual prey after, you were given 5 points etc. The scores were averaged. Where there was a draw, I tested against the scores to choose who placed above who.

That was it really, there were some bits where the Earl and Lady used criteria that weren’t really desirable for anyone but Salisbury and themselves, because they didn’t want a winner being a threat to peace.

As for results, Ullins character broke hunting by doing nothing independent at all, but catching her target in a single turn, so I had to make a judgement on that by independence shown in other rounds.

You were all surprisingly close, by the duels, and even by the last duel, the result was dependant on the winner! Because the loser of a duel still scored points based on how many turns they survived, I think that even on that last duel, any of you could have won. There are still some outcomes as yet to be revealed, so forgive me for not saying more right now, when I’m not feeling so battered, I’ll go through more carefully and tell you everything that I can! This does feed into one of the storylines that has been ongoing for all of you for a while.



Well… I did talk about doing that but did not actually do it…

Interesting… :thinking:


So. Here’s the thing.

I know Will has a penchant for a certain television show.

I know the attributes Balen wanted in a wife.

It still took me to the falconry task to try something outside the box. (Hunt a loving animal.)

The drama that was involved was amazing. In fact…


I was reading a thread about wives and marriage on the new/old chaosium threads about how few player characters see it as an interesting choice.

@SleepyWill I know you’ve toyed with the idea before, but have you considered submitting this scenario officially? I’ve never seen anything like it and the effort you put in was amazing!


A lot of the work I put is was to tailor it to our game, I’m not sure it would translate easily - perhaps though, I certainly keep all my notes so it’s doable!


I think what we need is

The book of interesting female characters and scenarios you can use them in.


I see Will is in a cheery mood.

I think our trip north is going to be another fruitless one.


I’m reading through the whole of part one at the minute, apologies if anyone’s notifications get spammed with likes.


Just wanted to check in to say I know the pace has been slower than usual - would any players who are up for playing more be interested in a side adventure this year? If so, let me know which of your knights is going to take part in The Hunt for Merlin.


Sir Arnold would be.


Jiam was made for side adventures.


Tomorrow then, Sir Jiam and Sir Arnold will be send on their mission.


A few of you know this, or have worked out by my ‘likes’ that I’m currently rereading the whole of part one.

Around 13000 posts ago Sir Ullin asked Sir Hogarth when he would get a a chance in battle…

Hogarth pats the man on the back.

“Great moments happen to those who keep their wits and hold their ground. Your time will come, sooner than you think if my views are heard.”

I’m totally claiming credit for your capture of Octa. :grinning:



I thought it was a goose…