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Discuss: SUSD Forum: The Great Pendragon Campaign


…I am well aware of this one. For I am a true romantic.


Which one?



I hear congratulations are in order @Scribbs and @RossM. @UllinBethalto was roaming around muttering something about always a bridesmaid. :wink: Sounds like it was quite the tournament.


You wait until the dancing / duel!


Shhhh!!! :shushing_face:

Don’t say the ‘D’ word around her! Are you trying to get me into trouble!

:laughing: jokes!


I don’t know, @UllinBethalto all of your characters seem to be “sprightly.” :man_dancing:


@RossM, I am nervous anymore when you roll Hate (Saxons) with Balen. There seems to be really only two outcomes at this point, and we know how the dice roller can be!


Balen - Hate Saxons 19
Hogarth - Hate Saxons 19 Honour - 16
Arnold - Hospitality 18

Yeah… I’ve been living a charmed life so far. Can you imagine a better end to Balen’s story than to yell “Argh” really loudly, throw down his armour and sword and run blindly into a thousand Saxons?


And, if I am recalling correctly, you have not spent points on the Hate Saxons, correct? That has all been from ticks in gameplay and criticals?


Yep. Hogarth’s family history includes at least two generations murdered by Saxons, so started with the highest possible level of Hatred for a starting character. (18).

Never had a crit on a passion roll. Ever. Or a fumble.

(And that’s with Balen fighting through Bayeaux and Lindsey.) He’s got a 10% Chance on every roll of running away into madness or super critting and becoming an uncontrollable beserker. But hey, whoever said Pendragon was easy.


:sweat_smile: I think Merrick has the lowest Hate (Saxon) stat of all the PK’s… It is 4!

That was an interesting Dice Roller day!


Yeah… Merrick might be the only one of us to make it home unchanged.

(Full disclosure, @Scribbs is ridiculously unlucky in this game. He often mocks me for giving away Hogarth’s lucky horseshoes, But the fact he’s still alive AND has a child to continue his line is utter madness. By the time young Alain comes of age Scribbs will probably be on character number 7)


They haven’t made the Idmiston family any luckier, that’s for sure


My characters’ rate of attrition has slowed somewhat. I lost two in combat and one to madness in the first 10,000 posts. We’re almost at the end of the second 10,000 posts and I haven’t lost one PK, and in fact had Owain return.

My luck has been screwed in other ways it is true, but my PKs have been just on the side of good fortune.


In the dice roller’s defense, that was a closer roll than I expected


Just to let everyone know, I’m back at home and doing well, after a minor infection complication, and I’ll spend today catching up


So if Merrick wants to grapple the Saxon with the dagger, pulling him off of Ryia. What would that be? I assume they are both on the floor, would there be a hight advantage for the grapple? Would the height advantage still apply for a strike with spear with the 50-50 risk to hit the knight?


If Merrick wants to grapple, he has to drop his spear and shield, and make an opposed DEX check (if the Saxon chooses to oppose him). If the grapple succeeds, then Merrick has hold of him. Then its STR tests next Round, but the Saxon will lose his +10/-10 bonus on Ryia.

I am imagining this as being a bit of a dynamic struggle on the floor, so no +5 for Merrick for a height advantage. Last round he attacked a stationary Saxon on the ground who wasn’t trying to do anything other than talk.


Forgot to mention that both Ryia and the Saxon will get their armour against Merrick’s spear, although Ryia is 1 or 2 points less because of the missing helm depending on her armour type.


Believe it goes down to 8