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I figured she had a high Proud Trait! However, I felt Stefana had been rather flat in certain regards to character development; so I really wanted to get something in there before it was too late. Also, the combo of her thoughts and the blurred speech sets up for a pair of ideas I have. One for when she loses and one for when she wins. We will have to see the outcome to find out.


You ended up with by far the toughest personality to roleplay, so no criticism at all intended of what you’ve done, I’m just revelling in a plan gone better than I could ever dare hope for!


I don’t know her cruel stat but…


Sorry for the delays everyone. It is going to be a very busy end of the week…


Bah! Sooo close. Surely, this is where Stefana’s luck runs out! The odds of Bersaba missing again is just too slim…


To be honest, part of the reason I goaded her was an opportunity for an uncontrolled attack if you wanted it


My trip switch is going off every half hour or so, which only ever happens when we are due for a serious power cut ( the amount of times I’ve checked every appliance in the house, only to be proven right hours later when the whole street goes dark! )

The upcoming post is not one I wish to make by phone so apologies if it’s delayed! For what it’s worth, I’ve decided the winner, but I want to check back over all their posts to double & triple check my reasonings


Funny you should say that… Originally, I was going to go out of the gate with uncontrolled. That was my plan since we started the fights. I was going to use Berbasa’s comments from the Oratory event as her motivation, but at the last minute, I second guessed myself and changed it to just exchange blows.

That was the attack I was going to have been uncontrolled on… The reason I changed my mind was the chance for it to be interrupted was just too great with your skill 16 and 5d6. Also, it would have been more poetic for her to win without losing control.

To be fair the speech was a slim chance to get you to give me the win :wink: But I knew that was never going to happen.

Was anyone surprised by Stefana’s Axe skill only being 11? Did anyone think it was going to be higher than that? And if so, what did you expect it to be?


I would have been shocked if it was greater than 12.


I was trying to build it up that she had a much higher skill than most would have thought… :thinking: Perhaps the fact she was not trained in combat was too strong to have made anyone think she had a high skill value…


The fact that she had two weapon skills (aside from dagger) is odd enough for a Lady. If she only had one, then maybe a higher value would be more feasible.


There is a story behind Lady Stefana, which @UllinBethalto was not party too but might be discovered later by your characters.


I would have gone for 10, but only knowing my own skills.

Anyone else have horsemanship 18?


Must have hurt not winning the riding with a skill of 18!


:open_mouth: Secrets! Now I really am intrigued. Was this story created before or after we started the tourney?

While we are having discussion and waiting for the results… One thing I am very curious about was of these three, was Lady Sebrina always ear-marked for the tourney? What odds if she was that I would pick her for Merrick to hint on!

I had H.ship 8… Plus SIZ 19… Well, you can see why I got last in that one…


A long time before, I wanted each entrant to have a different but authentic reason for entering, and the (at the time) six entrants were created to each have their own reasons, reasons that overlapped but were their own individual thing. So it was created about two game years ago when the idea was first raised.

It’s not so much a secret as there are further adventures to be had here, and I would spoil that if I just told you the story - why tell you what we can play!

Yep! I know! Hence the saving his blushes comment!


Now that I have seen the results. This makes things even more interesting!

Ooo, so 2 more Lady/Knights who could pop up at any time! Very interesting!

I am very eagerly waiting for this to happen! Now my curiosity is piqued!


Full disclosure @Scribbs

I am also married to my actual wife.


Technically another woman, but only whilst in blockbuster video.


Full disclosure @RossM
Blockbuster video is now defunct so you may have sadly lost one wife


Well, there is still at least one!