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Discuss: SUSD Forum: The Great Pendragon Campaign


Goodness, I have been watching too much ‘Disenchantment’ because the first image that popped into my mind when I read Balen’s request was Princess Tiabeanie…

At some point, I am going to name one of my squires Alfo so I can type the line “Hi, I’m Alfo”…


Think of it more more like a micro tournament, with a strange prize.


Each of you will be playing one of the ladies who enters :wink:


More appropriate to post here.

( :rofl: After I saw Balen’s request, I was wondering if that was the case!)


Confession time, The competition is an idea we’ve been bouncing around for months.


The overwhelming urge to paraphrase Conan has passed.


I have to admit. This one actually went over my head!

Also, are you going to post our Cross Country runs after we are all done @SleepyWill?

Mathematically speaking, I was totally hosed on that one. :laughing:




Strange… it removed this quote from my previous post since it was the next reply…

The forum update is providing some ‘new’ challenges… Just like the update which was pushed through on my phone yesterday…


Apologies for the delay, I’m almost done with work.


No worries, I’ve kept everyone busy!


No need to apologize, I have been very busy the last several days. Take all the time you need… That way I have more time to think of my personal statement! :wink:


2015 Ross plays a recording of a chicken noise, from his quasi futuristic shoulder pad.


Oh boy, I wonder how she will handle this? Finish a competition where she could enter into a marriage she does not want and post-pone the duel until the wedding day…

Or she could give up on the competition, and insist on dueling Balen immediately…

Or… Well, there are so many outcomes and variables of what could happen I am on the edge of my seat!


When you hope that the bride will end up slaying her new husband* on their wedding day, and the actual events were even more dramatic, then you understand why you play rpgs instead of write books!

*Sorry Balen, but I did!


“You have my full permission to turn any of this into a book.”

Also, What has Balen ever done to you??


I know, it’s not Balen’s fault… I just saw the story unfolding as the dice roller did it’s thing.


Stuck his nose in another family’s business and then continued to rummage around until a duel was declared lolol


Or at least that’s what Bersaba told me *cough


:wink: It’s like I want your characters to face tough choices…