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Discuss: SUSD Forum: The Great Pendragon Campaign



Casually downloading…


Don’t let the blade runners from drivethru catch you :wink:


They’ll probably eat you for posting book of the feast cards first Will.


As an aside, what are the skill checks for purchasing a sacred grove? It says that it varies in the chart


One time, and to spiritual and religion (Pagan)


Hmmm… Going to plant some trees at Protein Down?

By the way, I looked at a map, Porton Down, I was sooooo close to having it!

Looking at the history, this was a little too close for comfort!



Haha, no, I’ve just been meaning to make a spiritual investment for a while now


Definitely a spoiler!

Sir Angaz has been slain by the Questing Beast.



I am a bit disappointed… Clearly the dice roller wants everyone to get hammered!


It’s a very joyous occasion after the seriousness of the prince being kidnapped and all of the knights being executed with four from Salisbury very nearly included in that number. Everyone understandably wants to forget about that and drink their troubles away

Or the dice roller is just a dick


So, I wonder if it is the shrug or the indifference after sticking his nose in that get Balen’s opponent riled up?


I’m not feeling either of those are a believable reason for a normal knight to challenge another to a duel for honour reasons, let’s see what Balen does next!


I went back to look up some the information from the 488 Easter Feast… We started that feast on Feb 10 2018!!!

Strange that two Easter feasts overlapped!


How strange. I changed how I was doing the links for the Index because after the last update, it was looking rather messy; and after I was over halfway through cleaning it up, it went back to the old way of how it looked…

By the way, do you guys like the new look? Or do you prefer how it was before?


Firstly, you don’t get enough appreciation for how much work you put into that index, so thank-you!

I like it how it is now, it looks really nice and clean.


That’s great Ullin :+1:
I have to remember that this exists rather than jumping to a point in the past and scrolling around to find pertinent bits of information.


Pretty soon, we will be working on Part 3!


Another 8 inches today, if I disappear off the earth it’s because I’ve been buried alive


We got ice… and wind… a very bad combo. Hopefully, we will not lose power.