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Discuss: SUSD Forum: The Great Pendragon Campaign


I should imagine Tales from the Loop could count!



Hoth… Yeah, I think Hoth has some RPGs! :laughing:

All jokes aside… Most things worthy of RPGs would have happened either farther west or back toward the east coast…

Now, if/when we get into Northern England and Scotland, I know where a lot of those places are. I am rather good with maps and geography and when I have visited the UK spent more time up there driving. Sadly, the South all I have really seen is London. Next time!


OK, if in the future, anyone wants a quick read up on ancient burials, I have some links!

I do not know if they are good or accurate (as I gave them a skim at best), but they are a start…




Whose making the winter phase roll?


Warms up dice rolling hand I’ll do it :innocent:


No :mage:‍♂️


Looks like you just nominated yourself Ross…


Seems fair!


Also, that was the fastest game year yet by a way. Pending completion of the Winter phase, it looks like less than a month of play time…


And the Gods of snow and ice did smite the South of England such that all the schools shut and the English people were taught by the BBC how to walk in such extreme weather conditions (like a penguin) and the council did close to all but emergencies and the district council did warn us urgently not to make any trips that were not necessary, and to phone elderly relatives to check that they were alright and the fire service did warn against walking to the shops but to make do with what was in the house and all the work did close…

You what?


We’ve got a staff training day today. (An acronym I take great pleasure in.)

I have had to fight my way here through damp slush. Truly the world has ended.


So… This weather roll I’m making, more like the bottom picture ideally.


I’ll wait until @Abubu is caught up. Do I need to roll for Silchester as well?


Silchester needs rolling, so you may as well!


Sorry, been swamped this week because the control material that we diluted failed suitability so now they’re launching an investigation into how we fucked up and everything went to shit.

But, it’s the weekend now so I no longer have to think about it. Catching up now


I understood about half of that!


No worries, I figured!


Aka, we were given 2 drugs that were to be compared against each other at different dilutions. We messed up one of them so both of them can’t be used and now the bosses are out for blood


Quality Management System in action!


Can someone repost the Manor results chart? Book of the Manor is the only one I didn’t get in the bundle