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Discuss: SUSD Forum: The Great Pendragon Campaign


At least now I know how they were moving so quickly in the mist. I didn’t ask at the time because you had mentioned they were inspired for horsemanship


I have really enjoyed it, although without Cynian it may have been dull! I’m loving the characterisation of Sir B. (Who is a grade A d*ck, and has presented so many awful examples of lawyering.) Personal experience @SleepyWill ?




Good! I have been stressing over this year for a while!


Brastias failed in his job, and lost all his men. It does read like he’s out for blood a little rather than being impartial.

There’s also bound to be some guards that were tasked with watching the Prince. If they were also under Brastias’ authority, that’s even more reason he might be over compensating.


I mean, how else could I realistically play his character given that I had to bring you in on treason charges! Only Cynian arguably did anything treasonous, and his defence is reasonable!


To put it another way, I could see one of us reacting the same way as Brastias if we were in his shoes; his character comes across as merely being a human, angry with himself that he failed in his duty. Two weeks to bring us to trial? That’s a long time to leave traitors sitting idle.


I couldn’t help imagining him wrapping it in a blanket and now I can’t stop laughing, send help


Sorry, I finally posted it. Tried to do it before the train, but was interrupted several times. Also… damon autocorrect!

Dan, autocorrect you stupid autocorrect!



This has been a tricky year, and hearing your hands have been tied, I think things have gone rather well and has been stressful but in an enjoyable way.

I have had some struggles as this part of the myth is common knowledge. I struggled with my own knowledge potentially poisoning the actions of my character, but I hope I was successful in avoiding that. Even to the point of potentially killing Ullin off in the process…

The biggest stress was trying to type that out with out notes! That vaguely resembles the draft created this morning…

I had to keep changing things on the fly with new info. And autocorrect is such a pain!


Haha, I still know nothing about Uther’s reign and very little about Arthur’s which is odd considering how much media I devour regarding medieval England (fact or fiction)


Yeah, the extent of my consumption has been movies or TV programs. I have not read any of the books which seem to be where most of the content seems to be derived from.


What exactly does this entail? Just thought I would check before accepting.


In game, some of your 40 days service may be spent in service directly to the King, under Sir Brastias.

As players, every now and again, I will use this part of your duty to add some nuance and interesting variation to your adventures or use it to create entirely new adventures for those years where nothing is stipulated by the GPC.


Yay! Nobody got sent to the block.
The band plays on!


Ah… I didn’t know they were back yet! Yes… Potion down… that’s about right actually!


It is just right there… On the tip of my tongue! In my mind, just out of reach of my grasp… It has been driving me crazy all weekend! Once we start the winter phase proper, I will go back and look it up… Just for my sanity.


I’ll spoiler it for you: Lol nope

It’s pretty famous in this country, it is a military research site, and a dubious one at that which is why the name might be somewhat familiar


It feels like the native British players have an unfair advantage, especially since we have all stomped around the area of play!


Oh! You mean That place! Of course it is.

It is massively unfair that half of us have been to Sarum. Are there any RPGs set where you live?