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Only if Will meant “… has their dynasty wiped out.” A subtle distinction. The Dice Roller kills dynasties


Live by the die; Die by the die…


Truly a great day! I have entered into an elite group of forum members! I was almost positive SHUX had spoiled this achievement; but I must have remembered to check in everyday at least once!




I refuse to apologise for Columbo-ing proceedings.


I have a response to these new and outrageous allegation; however, it is rather complex. So I am writing it out on paper so I can edit it before tapping it in via mobile device.

Sorry for the delay.


It’s the same allegation, just coloured in a new way for us. This could well be how Brastias reported his accusation to Uther.


Yep, we’ve gone from someone thinking we are guilty to someone lying for unknown reasons.


You think Roderick is lying?


No. Not at all. But Sir B was 100 foot from us and Cynian, angling his bow could not see him.


Think of it as a localised weather pattern, like aurora borealis localised within a kitchen.


Player to player, we now know the mist was magical (good luck with the ‘It was magic’ defence though :wink: ), how do you think your characters are going to feel when they realise that Merlin blinded them, and not anyone else?


I would begin to suspect someone was in on it, because their behaviours make NO sense if they could see!


What do you (as a player) specifically thinks makes no sense?


Riding into us instead of around us.

Dismounting when finding a defensive position instead of circumventing it.

Riding on from us, finding no sign of Merlin and just carrying on, rather than riding back to us and attempting to find another trail.


I have my own personal inclinations on that @RossM . But I am keeping my personal thoughts to myself and keeping Ullin’s separate. Still writing which will be interrupted by lunch shortly and the cold trek to the train station.

  1. I thought it seemed natural for them to approach a group of knights acting quite odd - and time and time again when your knights are put in charge of an investigation, you will ride right up to people to question them too. I personally would find it odd if they had ignored you and more to the point, the GPC says they ride up to you so, however unrealistic you find it, my hands were tied.

  2. The Lynher valley isn’t something you could circumvent and continue to track a man along, try not to think of the moors as open or flat, remember, the modern moorlands bear little resemblance to the moors in the game. They didn’t set up a defensive hardpoint in a place where you could simply ride around it… again, maybe it’s my perception being squiffy, but that to my mind would be the thing that makes no sense.

  3. They did, but you were quite clear as to your actions after they had left. Hunts are a known quantity in terms of their mechanics, a false trail wastes an entire hour. My NPC’s don’t get to magically not follow the rules of the game, whether that helps or hinders you. You were long gone by the time they got back to the clearing.


Cool. It’s point three that trips me up, without us knowing how far apart the two encounters were, I can’t have an accurate sense of time for the whole recount.


There’s also this to consider - again, not a lot I can do about it!


Didn’t I say something along the lines of “As soon as Merlin left, you hear the sounds of horses riding towards you” As your actions were basically to wait for them to get into range, we skipped time until they did, but again, this year is crap from a GM perspective, I can’t give you any freedom to do much more than what the scenario says you do and I’ve moaned to more than one player in private about how crap it is - and of course it’s the year with legal proceedings, where you will need to go over events with a fine toothcomb. If you felt that your actions were taken as a result of free will, then I will treat that as a success, and any backflips I had to perform to ensure it, a justifiable price to ensure the GPC is followed and you didn’t realise how much you were just passengers.

This is, by a significant margin, the worst year in the entire campaign!