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But not all investments occupy 1 space!!
It is worth check each investment description, there are many which do not waste spaces!!

One thing that I do not understand is about the solution of using arable lands.
The suggestion for more space tells about “reducing income by £2 per used space” …
what do you think is “income”?

Warlord glossary page 167 says:
“Annual Income: The income generated by the holding, excluding Production, equal to Customary
Revenue + Free Income.”

Which of these is the Income to be diminished by £2?
Customary Revenue?
Or Free Income/Discretionary Funds?


Neither, surely? It’s got to be from your production, that’s the income made up of your produce.

Of course the end result of you do not adjust your outgoings to compensate is that it will be removed from your discretionary fund



Sometimes I feel that every system (manor or estate) needs an accountant to play with!!



I only keep putting it into your game because you keep asking for it, but if you don’t find it fun, and I haven’t told you it’s there, feel free to ignore it.

Also do remember that your winter phase is individual to you, everyone is playing winter to different rules that they have chosen for themselves. It’s my job to ensure that it is right for each individual player - this bringing up of the spaces for Ullin was an overreach, your job in winter is to run your winter according to your individual rule set, not police others.

If you do think I’ve missed out something - tell me first please.


Just ignore me.
I’m just trying to get grips on a system which I feel it’s easier than manor, but it is so badly explained sometimes.

If you feel that I was policing Ullin, I beg your pardon.
It was not my intention.


Ah, no worries, I know it wasn’t your intention, the point I really wanted you to get was that Winter is what you want from it, if you’re not enjoying the detailed accounting, just tell me and it can be gone, I’ll do the work in making sure it’s all still fair and right in the greater game, and you don’t have to consider the other players and how your choices will affect them, it won’t!


The point, WIll, is that everytime I go back to estate and read it I really feel that I enjoy it a lot more than manor…but real life comes, times passes and I forget things!!!
SO each time we do winter phase I check the book again and remember things!

I really feel it’s just a badly explained system, since terminology just over-complicated a core which is easier than manor.


I have a moment to type something, so I am going to use it as it looks like my evening is going to busy.

Could Ullin’s heirs “modernize” the existing structures/herds; bringing to have more value than the outdated stock, and to bring it out of ‘Customary Revenue’? So for example: instead of razing the Vaccary for space, his heir reinvests in it for the full amount for a Vaccary, keeping the estate value at £32 but bringing back the £2 free income (obviously eliminating the £0.2 free income)? Is that something that seems logical or is the only way of increasing estate value is by adding more land/manors?

Perhaps I miss read this information, but I have not read Book of the Estate (though I can look into these things as I own the PDF! :smile: )

On another note, is space really that important? I mean, you can always raze the sheep pasture and turn it into a vineyard? I could see space having a single space slot open for flexibility, but if it is not being employed then is it doing any good? Perhaps, this is my modern Agriculture background creeping into the game? Next I will be inquiring about rotating crops every other year, and having winter crops cover the tilled earth to prevent the soil from washing…

Just ask Morial! He famously defended the use of manure in the fields over dumping it in streams!!! :rofl:

I do not feel that you were policing in this instance, I was not aware of the income being reduced over time for future generations. But maybe this is to prevent stagnation on estates as things change and are always in flux…


One of the most epic moments in the Diafol’s career.
Hitting a man with an axe during the Earl’ feast for defending the dignity of manure.
What a chivalric gentleman!


I would say he was a pioneer for innovation and advancement in agricultural techniques!


At the same feast he was dressing manure-lie greenish-brown…and the whole court followed him!

What a success for manure cultists!

Please, Ullin, bring this heritage back to glory after Morial’s demise!


Sorry about this btw, I misunderstood what the courtesy roll was for


No Worries :stuck_out_tongue:


Quick question: When these children are born in Pendragon, is it important where they are born? For example, with Cubeth, are there consequences for her child being born in Cornwall?


No material effects - you are nobility and your blood rules the world, but in roleplay, absolutely you can play on that as much as you like!


So just out of curiosity… What is the status on this situation?


What indeed :]


I think Merlin had a wheel of cheese under his arm! Merlin has stolen the King’s cheese! :cheese:

(Apologies for my delay, @Shades and I were supporting the National Theatre by watching Mark Gatiss portray George III at our local cinema.)


I hope to come back soon here, when this crazy busy time leaves me time to breath.

In the meanwhile, when I’ve seen this, I thought about you all.


Thanks Luca, I’ve been reading Sires and I’m hoping to make it work in our game, though with your families already done and dusted, it’s impact will be limited to the heritage rules - unless someone wipes out their dynasty!