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Ross stated that Hogarth left his family at Cholderton rather than bringing them to Terrabil.


Yep! But Emblyn could certainly travel for the wedding if needed!


That’s right, I knew I forgot a piece of information. This is two things now that have slipped my mind!

I woke up late, so it will be later this evening (middle of the night for UK) before I get the wedding posted.

@Scribbs, would you think that Violette would take on the task of planning a wedding by herself as the sole Lady of Salisbury residing at the castle, or would you think she would enlist the help of others via messengers?


She’d be happy to make arrangements, but would be careful not to overstep boundaries - after all, she is not related to either party who might have their own ideas about ceremony etc.


Loving how into this the characters are getting! It’s almost like an interview panel!


Kinda surprised that it has not been mentioned that the last candidate accepted for the Ordo lost his mind :crazy_face:



Minor details…


I was going to get around to that. A small footnote in the Ordo’s annals…


It’s not a problem for me…but I think that dealing with Estate system we must get rid of the “manor” as a unit of measure.
Manors are never counted in the Estate, but as for single buildings/fortifications.
For establishing (abstract) work force it’s not manor numbers which matters, but the Estate £ value.

This is clear since, for example, in Core rules the dowries are expressed like “2 manors” or “3 manors”, etc…but then that system was ignored from Estate books onwards! For example in the Book of Entourage “revised” update of dowries!
The Estate system tell you how much your Estate values in £…whatever the number of manors are in the same estate!

It’s a completely different (and alternative) system but I must confess I vastly prefer Estate over Manors and if it was just for me I would use Estate system even just for single manors…(which are nothing but very small, £10 estates!).
The estate system appears very complicated (the book is indeed not well organized) but, when you get grasp on the system, it is much easier and quicker to manage.


OK. I Deleted original post and copied and pasted the text here…although I do not know if there is an automatic way to do it!


Next time you can click quote, then select the new thread and paste.


I mean the Discuss SUSD thread. I get it from the notifications in the icons, but not in the list of messages.


@LucaCherstich, Do you have this thread marked as ‘Watching’ or just ‘Tracking’. All of my PBF games I make sure to have it listed as ‘Watching’ so it sends me the most forms of notification possible so I do not miss something. I have had an issue with this in the past.

Or maybe this is not the question you are asking :smiley: I have had a stressful day and very possibly could have misread your question.



OOC: Maybe you are doing this knowing what you do, so my suggestion is useless…if so, just ignore me!!

Otherwise, I would like to advise you about two consequences:

  • SPACE. “Sheep Herd” and “Vaccary” will both occupy 2 spaces and as a £ 30 estate you only have 3…which means that you have to destroy something if you need more than 1 space in the future (or waste £2 of good arable soil).

  • INCOME. Their income is added as “Free Income” to directly raise “Discretionary Funds” (= money to be spent now as you wish) only during Ullin’s lifetime…after his death their income will become part of the Customary Revenue which means that only 1/10 of their income will be ready to be spent as you are doing now.

Vaccary + Sheep Herd = Income £1 + £1
Which means:
Ullin’s Lifetime: + £2 free income
Ullin’s Heirs: +£2 Customary Revenue and + £0.2 Free income.

This will mean that for your heirs your estate will be more valuable (£32 instead of 30), with other consequences (e.g. the Servitium Debitum +1 foot soldier that you command) but on these consequences you will have less freedom of choice.

Maybe £2 or £0.2 does not change a lot in your view, but I’m telling you these things since I had similar concerns.
If you read carefully “estate” maybe not everything which today looks like a great investment, will be so in 10 years or so, or for your heirs (for example the “orchard” which is great…only if you live and play the same PC for 20 years! Otherwise you will pay the full penalty for the first few years and your heirs only 1/10 of the planned great income, at least in terms of Free Income and not as Customary Revenue…although off course, if you are interested in “Customary Revenue” the thing is different).

This is somehow interesting, since it forces you to make your plans in the “big picture” for your dinasty, and for your heirs (which is something good feudal landlords should do!)… but one must be aware of consequences!
If you are aware of these things: good luck and ignore these comments of mine!!!

@SleepyWill off course, please tell me if I say anything wrong.
I just read Estate and tried to make sense of it.
I just thought about possible choices that maybe you regret to have done later on (or that your heirs will complain about).


Estate page 76 (first column, upper left).
That’s assized rent, not number of manors!



These are the interesting bits

ON SPACE (Estate page 76, first column, lower part)!
Many investments cost “spaces” but the number “of spaces” is never explicitly said.
However, this image below sounds like the best place to look for since it speaks about “spaces to build” in the first sentence, and then he use the word “accomodated”, and later seems to be speak about wasting arable lands…so this must be the place for SPACES!!!

ON INCOME for Investments (Estate page 90, first column, lower part)



Well, it looks like I am going to possibly re-think my improvements…


But speak with @SleepyWill first!!!

Book of Estate is great but somehow badly written!
And so many things can be understood only after the summary in the appendix of the (somehow better written) Warlord book.

But check with Will for his official interpretation before making choices!!!
I may be wrong!

if “space” is your main concern here is a possible solution for your heirs.
Maybe for Ullin’s heir your Customary Revenue will be £32 and not £30…and you can therefore waste just £2 of land to get a single surplus space!! (See rules above…if for “income” they mean “Customary revenue”!!!).

Regarding “Income”…it’s more about your own personal preferences regarding your heirs: customary revenue or free income.


I don’t mind whether you use assized rent or number of manors, they work out the same since 1manor is explicitly equalled to £10 is assized rent. You married into 4 additional manors bringing your total to 5 - or as you rightly say, a £50 estate.

Either way, you get up to 5 improvements simultaneously before the toll.


Luca is correct on the spaces - apologies, I think that’s my fault not including that page in the price rules I sent out - you get one space per £10 assized rent - in your case Ullin, that’s 3 spaces. However I am not counting your first horse herd against that number, I’ve been looking over this all day and the rules seem to exclude 1 horse herd from taking up a space