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Aye, merry Christmas everyone!


@UllinBethalto * clink * Cheers, my friend, and to all of the rest of you lot as well (I know I’m just a spectator in this thread, but I’ll share a virtual glass of whisky or non-alcoholic cider with the all of you for keeping me entertained for so long).


@MinuteWalt feel free to message @SleepyWill with any ideas you have for messing with us!


Particularly in the Burning Wheel game rapidly approaching launch!


No worries there @RossM, I’ll never hesitate to suggest chaos to @SleepyWill.

(Keep me apprised of Burning Wheel, William, my only experience so far is Mouseguard).


Happy boxing day to all!

Really looking forward to New Yoxing Day tomorrow too!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of the great Pendragoners!
Thanks for letting us share the journey with you, and please don’t get killed by wyverns(at least not until you’ve all had more children.).


Split the attack. If the boar is small enough to go through the horse first, it must be snarling and biting at both.


You declared the boar was attacking Owain; feel free to give his horse an unopposed gorge, but it would feel unfair if you opposed Cubeth’s attack…

It does raise the question of how to defend against your horse though. I did realise that the boar cannot reach Owain, only his mount, and thus wanted to try and protect it.


Or do you mean split between the two knights?

Haven’t you already declared you are attacking Owain?


But was this an unexpected enemy?

To either GM or boar? :thinking:


Doesn’t matter - this situation is resolved, and any situations where I am playing an NPC, I’m not too fussed taking a hit, my characters are fleeting, and I don’t “invest” in them.

But what am I supposed to say next time a PK tells me he splits his attack after declaring an attack against a single enemy, but gets attacked from left field? The pair of you slammed me down before I had even hinted that I was going to respond defensively to Cubeth’s charge - which was absolutely not a thought that had ever crossed my mind, I still was searching for a rider going defensive on behalf of his steed and enthusing about the crit - but then I get three messages from two players demanding I don’t do something you’ve been doing at your leisure since the beginning, so it’s got to go on the table for discussion!


My concern was if the knights were in visual range of the boar, than the opposite would also be true and it wouldn’t be a surprise?

For future events…

If you are fighting and declared AND a new opponent arrives.

The original declaration stands, but the value you assign to it can be altered to give yourself a chance to defend or attack the new assailant?


This is not what I am talking about.

I gave you precise numbers of waterleapers you were fighting, none arrived during your combats yet you still would declare attack against one and wanted to split your attack after I had declared that more than that one was attacking you.

That’s the point of taking turns to declare - you get to declare second every other round and can respond to who I have declared attacks you -but the other rounds, you have to declare first, not knowing how many enemies are going to attack which knights.


Crazy thought - How about we always declare first, but use spoiler tags?


Sorry if i put myself into this conversation…but if it this ever happens to me, let not use spoiler tags.
I’m too curious, I cannot help but open them!


Take a tick to honesty


Take a tick to dishonest


Just finishing up on Cubeth’s wedding. I am hoping to post it Saturday. The only knights stationed at Terrabil with wives are Owain and Hogarth correct? Violette (Owain) and Emblyn (Hogarth), let me know if I am missing anyone!


I think you are correct, yes, because it’s Cynian who is still chasing Lady Indeg and the tragically widowed Leddicus (who is probably actually not even staying here, but returning to his estate and visiting)