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Lady Jenna, the Earl’s only trueborn child is in Marlboro court, not far from ending her paging and start her training as a handmaiden.

As the Earl holds several title, and a seat on the council of Britain, it is generally accepted that any bastards he has should never learn who their father is as a fight for a claim on the title is incredibly damaging and can ultimately trigger a civil war, so you don’t know how many other children he has, and very clever scribes make sure that money sent to them cannot be traced to him, if indeed he has any.

Roderick is more chaste than lustful, and a Christian, which has mixed teachings on extramarital children - but he was one of the most eligible bachelors in Logres prior to his marriage and courted extensively across the land. Those in his inner circle, knights employed to do the deeds not to be made public, those who wander the lands as a pauper in his name, showing him extreme loyalty will most likely know about his bastards.


Ullin has 0 (But only been married a year)
Cubeth has 0 (But is soon to be married)
Narwar did not have any children…


Cynian has three daughters (all bastards technically)

Also, Cynian did not feel like he was in a position to stand between his king’s grief and the wine. He also doesn’t fully believe the story went as Narwar believes it to have gone


Granted I am slightly biased, I have owned a machine for several years, but I think this is their best commercial to date!

The Quest



This Sheet is gorgeous!
@SleepyWill did you do that or is it from a book?

Just a question:
And where are the rules for different dog types in different Hunting phases?
Official book or your creation?


The sheet is on http://www.gspendragon.com/huntingtemplate.pdf

The rules are taken from Lordly Pursuits, and transposed by me to be as close as possible a match for the new hunting rules


Do we have them in the house rules section of the wiki?
The hounds types are nice!


Pendragon is back to Chaosium!



“Are we all going to go as one big group today and use Cynian as bait again…”

I almost used this line! I just could not bring myself to do it though.


Apologies for yesterday everyone! I’m back after a rather unexpected court appearance - nothing I did wrong I hasten to add, I was taking out an emergency injunction, and having to raise the money to cover my oppositions legal fees in case I lose the defence of the injunction.

I am three camera’s lighter and someone got them as an absolute bargain, but worth every penny because the injunction was to allow my son access to an amazing school which has done just incredible things to help him through his disability.

Anyway, more sworded details are available via PM, but suffice to say, I won, and I should be back, but I’m feeling a bit mentally bruised from it all and may not be at my best over the coming week!


@SleepyWill take your time and about the next few weeks, please enjoy the coming Christmas with your son.
Do not worry about the game!


@Abubu, @LucaCherstich, @RossM

It was nice getting to know Cynian, Leddicus, and Hogarth…


Have faith! Wyverns aren’t that tough, they only really have one advantage. Admittedly, being able to fly is a pretty good advantage, but apart from that, you’ve fought waterleapers tougher than these.

Sorry, perhaps this is inaccurate for this situation... If so, then good luck guys!

Oh, don’t say that too loud, or Cubeth is going to be horribly annoyed!

Perhaps this is more accurate?


That’s about right - mine are a bit more wyrmlike - but the size is there or there abouts!


You’ve fought waterleapers tougher than these.

bellowed Merlin. In Cubeth’s ear.


(I really dislike the literary stylings of Cressida Cowell.)


(((I know I’m amidst the future Wyvern food…but I’m sorry to say that I’ll leave soon, since tonight I’m busy with family, my son’ school chritsmas play and the church. I do not know if I can post or if I have time to properly consider tactical options…
Sorry to have been so late to tell you.
I’ll try my best but I have no certainty of how much I can post today)))


No worries, the game runs at the pace it runs at - if it’s slow because of real life stuff, that’s the way it is :slight_smile:


To be honest, had to google the name to find out what you were talking about. What about it do you dislike if you don’t mind me being nosey?