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Discuss: SUSD Forum: The Great Pendragon Campaign


I would just like to say, this is going to be very interesting!

I cannot wait to see what @RossM comes up with!

Oh, just a friendly reminder… remember Hogarth and Cubeth are both recovering from major wounds.


And there was me thinking I might need to remind you of this as Hogarth goes over to give you the news!


Just for some clarification for the duel when she responds. Is this an arranged marriage situation or does she have some say in the matter?


You can read @RossM’s card, you will be recieving it next turn - that you have no choice over, but while yes, it is an arranged marriage, as they all technically are - you have a say - if you want to take the hit to your loyalty (Roderick) and to Uther as well, then you get to refuse!

It’s also worth pointing out, a husband or wife from within this hall is almost unobtainable, and then Ross rolled a 27! Just ask Cynian, Beldemence and Leddicus how hard I make someone work and for how many years to get what you’ve just been offered absolutely freely.


When I married Emblyn my Dowry was £2. Apart from inheritance there are two manors as part of this deal, and I am assuming a husband who has had the best tutors imaginable!


Just checking in (lunch break), who is left to play in round two of the feast? Cynian and Cubeth, correct?

(Leddicus: Gossip; Owain: Cards; Hogarth: Cards)



This card rears its ugly head at another Cubeth feast!



If it makes you feel better, I was thinking the same as you Will!


At least he’s not stuck down a well while his family and friends and everyone he knows are on an internet and phone free week.


(Not my best writing… Horrible time for writers block!)


Ahhh… I was thinking Hogarth was going to take her out on the dance floor to keep her entertained!



In a parallel universe

Dance d20: 20


That’s why he doesn’t.


That would have surely torn some stitches…


To quote @RossM




Now that the wine subplot is over. Was there a way to stop the king from opening it?


Well, the Cornish already tried stealing it… :wink:


+1 I see Will is slowly ratchetting up the difficulty.


It’s an open challenge to find a solution.

(Anyway, someone is being too much of bean counter. An item of value (that was gifted to the King) is gone. Now taxes have to be raised to recover the cost? Seems like a thinly veiled excuse to levy a war tax…)