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Sorry guys, my son’s in hospital again - everything should be fine, just a check up so absolutely nothing to worry about, but I’ll be away for a while - when I get back I’ll be giving you the opening of the feast, so bone up on feast rules if you want and make your seating rolls (at -5 penalty for the sheer number of very important knights in the castle)


Do not think about us!
Take care of your son, I feel that we can wait as much as needed.


(I think the dice roller is stuck after @LucaCherstich’s Fumble…)

The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2

The lesson for Hogarth is that he doesn’t look as good in finery as he does in his grubby old gear - very Hogarth - who I’m more and more convinced has white hair and carries a silver and steel sword on his back!


No one in Pendragon ends up that old surely?


If anyone is going to, apparently it’s going to be one of your characters!


(Alain. With him paging this year, he will be guaranteed 16 years of life!)


(How old is Hogarth’s granny? The winter phase hasn’t got to her yet has it?)


You mean great grandmother Arcadia? She still living it up.


Actually because of Alain and Belle she’s a great, great grandparent.


(I’m sure Will is sure to allow her to be a playable character if I wipe out the whole tree)


(( Just shoving this all over to discussion ))


All of our grand fathers were knighted in 431, age of 21, so were born in 410. She’s got to be well into her 90s at a minimum…


(Statistically most PCs are bedridden by 65.) She’s fine.


She’s been seen in the past chatting casually with Sir Amig. Nothing untoward is happening.


I’m not suggesting that she might be a witch or part Fae (she totally is), but that would help explain why Hogarth inherited both a magical goose and enchanted horseshoes. And the family link to haunted Roman villas…


Even in character creation her longevity was hinted to be Fae in origin.


Testing something: