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The squire phase!


Jarren killing the Duke of Cornwall certainly makes family reunions interesting


That being the family who paid him to not exist? It was always going to be interesting!


His father is such a smart bastard that I’m sure he will take advantage of this!!


I would really like Leddicus to hate him rather than the poor duty-bound Menadue…but when you get an Hate 19 passion for free, you cannot complain!


I did think about automatically giving it to him, but I actually went for a co-ordinate approach, the closest major knight to where you landed - a 10 -10 is firmly in the area we already established as Menadue’s - so interesting to say the least!


Who appoints a new duke?


It’s an inherited title, so if the genealogy is nice and simple - one trueborn son for example - he’s it. If the line of inheritance is complicated enough that several men can present legitimate enough claims, well then either they agree to some form of decision made by someone they both trust to be independent, or they both start levying their armies.

Often if a weaker claim has a stronger army than a strong claim, he might not be opposed.

Of course the church often sticks an oar in too, and they can raise tremendous armies if needs be.




My wife found this and I thought some may like this. Warning: Possible Spoilers! I have yet to read it…


I found this piece interesting to understand how what we are playing is definitively Mallory or something very like Mallory.
I feel that everything which Will says above seems to make sense in a time when “Romans” clearly were a distant past and people were slightly confused on ancient heritages.

But Romans left Britannia in 410 AD, and therefore common sense would say that still in Late 5th century AD peoples really know whether they could define themselves as “Romani” or not, especially regarding those who rejectecd/never approved Roman identity or the so many “Romano-Britons” (I’m not sure if this is the right word in English) and everything linked with the unknown, historical Arthur, whoever he was.

I mean: I’m not making any criticism!
I’m just realizing (again!) how much this game is knightly epic, much more than history!
And, in all of this, I really feel the presence of Leddicus and other “Romans” separated from “Romanized Britons/Cymric” to represent how complicated this whole situation can be, since it is the result of layering Late Medieval Knighty Epic (Mallory) with whatever we today define as “Arthurian”.

By the way.
I feel that, even if “Dumnonii” really is a Latin word (a typical plural of the second declination!), I guess it’s just the Latin version of a word whose root was local. But again, not a problem!


Something very like Mallory for sure, I don’t know if I could stick to pure Mallory, there have been so many gaps in knowledge that requires me to leave the source materials to give an answer too - for example a few days ago, I was asked about adoption - no mention in Mallory, although the theme is touched on several times, so I take inspiration from La Morte D’Arthur, the rules and Greg’s website, but ultimately there are some issues I have to decide for myself.

Regarding how Roman people feel, I think back to 80 years ago - not to my own history, but the history of people who were occupied by the British Empire, and I look at how they identify themselves now, and it’s a mixed bag - some (quite literally) revere the British Royal family as Gods, some wage global wars of terrorism against our culture. I don’t think it’s beyond all reason to find veteran knights whose father called himself Roman and was born in a province of Rome. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to find pockets of love and pockets of hate for the Empire, I think the turmoil Britain has suffered since they left will only give contrast to that feeling and heighten those feelings, something that will fade with stability in Cymric rule and time.

However, I’m not married to the idea of Cymric who still refer to themselves as Romans - even in this case it was not said with meaning, but playing at intrigue with Leddicus, giving you a hook that could either extend your outrage and offence if you choose or started a bridge to be built to defuse the situation. If you don’t like that some knights still think of themselves as Romans, then I can readjust the world to account for that, it’s not a problem!

Gaius Julius Solinus , Latin grammarian and compiler, probably flourished in the early 3rd century AD. Historical scholar Theodor Mommsen dates him to the middle of the 3rd century.

He was the author of De mirabilibus mundi (‘The wonders of the world’) which circulated both under the title Collectanea rerum memorabilium (‘Collection of Curiosities’), and Polyhistor ;[1] but the latter title was favoured by the author. The work is indeed a description of curiosities in a chorographical framework. Adventus, to whom it is dedicated, is identified with Oclatinius Adventus, consul 218. It contains a short description of the ancient world, with remarks on historical, social, religious and natural history questions. The greater part is taken from Pliny’s Natural History and the geography of Pomponius Mela.

This was the man who we have primary evidence of the peoples living on the “Horn” of Britain being referred to as Dumnonii - living in Dumnonia beyond that, I know little.

It’s interesting that a scribe error is why the Cornish are called so, the word Cornovii is used to refer to three tribes in Britain, and we only know where two of them are, neither are in Cornwall. According to Graham Webster, the third tribe was decided were most likely Cornwall based on a scribing error in the Ravenna Cosmography which has a place called purocoronavis instead of it’s proper Roman name of durocornavis “Fortress of the Cornovii people”, and hence a scribing error created a divide between one people which still causes arguments to this day*

*Admittedly over how best to crimp a pasty or how to prepare a cream tea, but still serious business if you ask me (and crimping along the top is a crime against humanity)


Will…I like to discover the intricacies of this world as you develop it!!
It’s not something personal about deciding who can or can define himself as Roman: I’m not an ancient Roman, just a modern Italian!!
So, feel free to use the word "“Roman” as you like!
“Identity” it’s something complicated and adding a “Roman” layer over a “Cymric identity” is entirely possible since everyone continuosuly negotiates and re-invent his own ethnic identity, even if maybe other people disagree with the chosen ethnic identity.

You know there’s been a huge debate for decades about what “being a Roman” is, issues like “identity” and “colonization” have been debated, argued so many times and, to be frank, British scholars were among those who were always more advanced or interested in such a debate.
Here in Italy we are a bit more “naive” in many ways and we too often use the word “Romanizzazione” = English “Romanization” which everywhere in the world (and especially in UK!) can rightly make you start a neverending conversation about how much one can or cannot use that word…(I really feel that it is complicated, problematic word, especially since it was once a term which old scholars used implying colonial mindsets typical of the British or French colonial empires, but which the Romans did not have or had in different ways).
Once, 19th-century scholars used to give for granted that Romans imposed their “superior” culture, and that’s it!
Today we are much more aware of the role of local elites in approving/negotiating with /identifying with the Roman Identity, intermixing with their own things.
It’s really a fascinating subject but, to be frank, I really feel that Romanity and Roman identities worked as far as local elite took parts in those identities.
Later on things got complicated, and the change in mind of local elites was a consequence.
It is a pattern you can see in many provinces!
Maybe your ancestors really hate the Roman, maybe your grandfather started trading with the Roman, maybe you are now even a Roman citizen, maybe your sons have seen wars/crises/problems which made them rethink about the Roman identity, and maybe later on your descendants purposively ignore to have an ancestor who defined himself “Roman” but try to be more linked with the indigenous roots…
Identity is such a fascinating, albeit complicated, issue!!


Wow… I think I added 20 links to the index… I need to remember not to get that far behind again!

Index up to date!


If it would have fallen mostly during daylight hours, I do not think things would be shut down like they are. Since most of it was falling at night and there were, I believe, 40mph winds as well; most city plow crews stayed off the road for safety (visibility) reasons.

This is a picture of the second highest drift in our driveway. The highest drift was cleared before we had the idea to take a picture. Reference Bumble included for… well, reference.

This is the “Wind Highway” that produced the drifts. Sometimes they are tall, sometimes they are not, just depends on how fast and what direction the wind is moving. For perspective, the below photo is facing due west and I am standing on the edge of the driveway.


(From the spectator boxes) :
Sooooo… I’m assuming the reference bumble is now a character in the game? Because that would be awesome!


Nope, just for reference… I think the knights would have to travel to the Highlands to see that much snow, and I hear they are full of Picts… If I am not mistaken.

Hey, a group that Hogarth does not hate!


I’m sure Hogarth will take little convincing on meeting some Picts to add them to his list.


Hogarth is a friend of all peoples.

(For a certain definition of people)


Sorry, the above made me think of the below…