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Each knight owes 40 days service per year to his Lord. Since we mustered in Sarum, two and half weeks have passed, ~17 days. That leaves just over three weeks of (expected) service. Would our service end after that time in Cornwall, or would those three (ish) weeks also cover the trip out of Cornwall?


By my reading: Once your service has ended, your return trip home is on your own time


I thought that was the case, but wanted to check. I imagine that trying to maintain a siege for a significant length of time must be nearly impossible without using levies or hired mercenaries, unless many knights willingly extend their mandatory annual service. I’m essentially trying to work out how big a demand Uther has potentially placed his vassals under, and whether the circumstances of the conflict (breach of one of four universal laws) means that an extension to a knight’s 40 days service is almost certainly expected by custom.


On the second point, I would say no - but many knights might voluntarily extend their service in such circumstances who otherwise would not given the circumstances. On the first point, at the moment, it’s a significant demand to march in such a disorganised manner because it is such a risk for knights, but in terms of service, then ususal for now. He has ways of legally compelling you to stay beyond your 40 days as you might imagine, and if he uses one, then it starts to increase the demand - much as he could compel legally for Duke Gorlois to stay with him year long by the hospitality laws.


In Hindsight Balen May have been a better choice :thinking:


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(I think Ulfius and the Earl would have ridden with Uther?)

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Paperwork for our knights no longer in the fight:

Hogarth’s Leadership

Hogarth’s Personal



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It would have been a lot easier if I picked a lesser foe, but tilting at peasants when there’s knights to be fought? Hardly honourable


A line must be drawn, otherwise he’s no better than Uther, seeing enemies everywhere.


Hogarth defines “Us” as people who are vaguely Knight shaped.