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Sir Tanwyn. A reputation for being circumspect with the truth meant that she was overlooked by other knights, until Sir Jiam came needing a new squire. He saw that her lies were always only made for what she thought best, and that her preparedness would be a huge asset on the road. Like her knight, her deeds as a squire are little known, but her worn gear suggests she seen more action than most squires.


Weird Aside, is Hogarth one of the oldest knights riding to Cornwall?


At 28 he’s not quite in the top half of oldest knights - half of them die before they reach 30, those who reach 30, half of them again die before they reach 45


That’s why the 60+ years old Uncle Sir Falx (brother of Leddicus’ grandfather) is such a unique individual.
I guess at some point he realized that spending more time among the good imported wine in his Villa was much healthier than real warfare!


I guess is one of those references in Malory that scholars have difficulties today identifying with material remains.
I kind of feel that reading Mallory is bit like reading Homer, with all the layers of invention/re-creation of past reality.
Just doing VERY BASIC google search will confirm such a confusion



…which just means more freedom for the GM to surprise us!


For what it’s worth - having lived near there for some years and grew up not much further away, I can say with some confidence that the true name of what is in the stories referred to as Terrabil is in fact Launceston. It is most definitely not along the Camel trail, that is in the Kingdom of Cornwall in the game - it is most certainly to the East, not the North of Bodmin Moor.

Not that researching Launceston will be of too much help, the stately home there is far to modern and while it was probably built on the site of older fortifications, I doubt the information easily available is particularly reliable

(( Also warning - both those links contain massive spoilers ))


OK. I edited it…but I really feel that things like that are a costant matter with Pendragon, at least for the main things to happen.
All of us know what happen to Uther and that at some point Arthur comes, and all the Round Table knights much later on, Lancelot, Gawain, etc

But that’s the way Pendragon is and pretending to know nothing is one of joys of roleplay.
In a certain sense, that’s the joy of participating to the Great Pendragon Campaign because the individual stories of the PCs become intertwined with so many things which are bound to happen…and it’s good that way!

It’s a bit like being part of a lost chapter or a lost appendix to Malory which never was found. You know how the main story will go: nonetheless you enjoy the ride of discovering that new chapter!

It’s not like a D&D campaign, it’s rather like being part of a never ending epic story that you share with so many readers that in the centuries took joy in reading it.


Oh, I completely agree with you - but I do happen to know that there are some players who don’t know the stories well enough to know what is about to happen and appreciate the spoiler warnings


To be frank I know the main story and I’ve read the Great Pendragon campaign (without playing it) many, many years ago, and just for fun.
I discovered this rpg so many years ago but, as I said in the past, this campaign is the first chance for me to play it (not many people in Italy play Pendragon, or at least not many in my area).
Off course there are so many side stories, adventures, intrigues, details, battles and characters which I cannot remember.
I’m not an Arthurian specialist, and local (and historical!) geography in Britain is for me a completely obscure matter…
But if I remember something I just try to act according to the character.

I know what is going to happen with Uther.
Even if I just watched Boorman’ Excalibur movie or watched by chance some documentary I should know it.
However I feel that Leddicus’ evolution in his opinion is just the natural course of the way he has been treating themes like “Romanity vs Cymric” or “Old Discipline VS Knightly passions” and the whole problem of trusting an authority which is Roman no more in an age of the advent of knightly ideals.


Castle spoilers


Tintagel is real, Camelot is only a model.


And I try to bring some new material and blend it into the source, to keep everyone on their toes a little, as well as pushing some of the interpretations in a slightly different firection


And, from a gamist point of view, there’s also another matter.

All other players have a Loyalty (Earl) passion (or Loyalty & Homage if using Estate).
Leddicus, as a Roman eques, has a Loyalty (Sarum) passion, and even a high one (17) since his family has been protecting Sarum for ages.

He understand Feudalism and feudal loyalties and takes part in it…but only as far as they seem good to what he is loyal most (Salisbury and his inhabitants).


Camelot? What’s that? Oh, you mean that tiny village to the North East of Hannetonne? Surely such a miserable little place in the back end of no-where won’t ever be important?


I’m just waiting by the way for every player to react to the current events before moving on, especially as it may change your decisions, and practice 3 is imminent so I’ll be AWOL soon, though I’m getting my eye in with this work and getting much more efficient with it


I’m working finishing some reports since from tomorrow for a week I’ll be out.
I take a week off after so much digging!
I’ll keep on playing but, if sometimes I look absent or type idiocies, remember that 90% of my posts will be done by phone when and if the internet connection work!
(And if my son allows me to!).


Or Balen can dance and bewilder them.
Didn’t he raise the appropriate skill?


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Ha, ha… Will, you are sooo funny! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If you’re wondering what’s going on with the new map - this is what it currently “looks” like:

The blue you’re seeing is the base colour of the ocean - I have made the entire land area into a mask, to cut it out, but that’s not important at the moment. I’m, going to have 3 different blues to make up the ocean - this one is either the lightest or mid blue, I haven’t decided yet - and their will be a dark blue too - the Dark blue will be the deep ocean, the mid blue the majority of the ocean and the light blue close to the shore for the shallower oceans - I’ll probably try to roughly follow the true to live ocean depths around the islands - the shores wil have their very own three blues, which will culminate in almost white for the very coastline:

You can see something of what I’m getting at in the old maps, but this was just painted on and blended:

The new one will more like this:

But hopefully much better! (If you’re interested, that’s a map I’m going to use for an upcoming - and by upcoming I mean a year or two away Burning Wheel game - similar scope and effort to the Pendragon game, but it’s a lot of work before it’s ready!)

I do prefer the look of the old one, but this map is too big to paint, it all has to be generated, because I worked it out - if I wanted to print this map out full size, the paper it would be printed on would be 1.65 miles wide - even with digital painting, that’s too big, let alone trying to hold it in memory of anything less than a modern supercomputer!

That little dial in the middle of the actual map, that’s it generating some noise - it’s been going since 8 this morning, and that noise is what I will use to add some randomness to the water but it’s really slow going, hence the lack of updates!


I had something short written but I think the following describes it better: