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Yep, exactly.


Did we determine if your herd grows in years that you don’t take horses? Cynian has not drawn a new horse in the 4 years he’s been in play


In reality, that means your knights don’t name the horses they ride most often :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The herd value is capped at £80 unless you add new horses.


I’m in estate and I never used the homebrew Herd system (although I may interested in it…).
According to Book of Estate Page 32, since I have a £50 estate, I have 60 horses which according to page 92 would cost £ 200 to completely replace…
Does it mean that in your system this is a £200 herd or not?


Yes we did. Every Winter. Multiple Times.



Seriously though, a major source of your manorial income is horse trading, it’s one of the many elements of the economy makes a feudal manor possible - don’t think of it as why can’t I draw horses every year and sell them to make a lot of money - think of it as every year, horses are being drawn and sold, and making you approximately £20 a year (regardless of herd size) - and bearing in mind you hope to make only £6 per year profit, then treating your herd this way would bankrupt your manor in just a year or two.

When you need to draw a horse, you get given the gift of it not affecting your manor income!

Without getting into spoilers as to why - and PM me if you know stuff that happens in the future and want the full explanation - your herd is a £400 herd, but this is entirely correct and consistent with the information on that page.


I frankly do not know anything about horses and their values or what happen to them in future…
But maybe for the moment it’s better (and easier to think about) to use homebrew herd rules only and if I come into possession of special horses.
In the meanwhile it’s maybe better to keep things easy and horses will auto-replicate (with chargers still being the best available horses in combat) without concerns of the new homebrewed herd system.


Yep, there’s absolutely no reason to use the house rules if you are not breeding horses not commonly available, as you would take a very complicated route to achieve the exact same results as vanilla rules.


Well, I don’t have the sheet on me, but to be more specific: Rouncy’s, Sumpters, Cart Horses… I know on the sheet there are some “lower” than a rouncy. I will give you a more comprehensive list of their perplexing naming scheme later when I have the info in front of me.


I meant that specifically rouncys are the horses most ridden around. They should be your usual mount for everyday things. Your warhorses should only really be ridden in combat - you don’t want to risk doing much on them that might tire them or stop them from their intended function, which is to act as a battering ram of horse flesh.


= The Winter Phase =

I absolutely love it. It gives players urgency to form characters in the way they want, it lets them go as detailed or as vague as they like. I’ve clawed away at Cholderton, dragging a poor knight up to the point he can live in luxury (Mainly to save mini scribbs.) Yes it would be cool to have a whole army of estates, but it’s mine, and it’s personal. It gives depth to my character. I don’t just pump points into concern commoners because it’s an efficient strategy, but because it gives Hogarth depth.

I know the child death rates are terrible, and that everything you build can collapse on a 20, but the hard work it takes to nurture something makes it entirely worthwhile.

One of the reasons Balen began as a house knight is that I didn’t want to be running two manors, I’ve relented since, but when someone died, I’m going to limit myself to two characters. I like the personal and intimate, and I prepare that way. I’ve had time to play a solo about the villa under my feet this year, and anything that adds flavour and failure in so few rolls is always worth doing.

(Although if anyone would rather just get a flat income every year instead I can absolutely respect that.)


Yep - this is why I love your West Marches game, because I’m usually the same - I’m not fussed Cristian has only just reached Level 2 and the grand total of treasure both he and Jinnie have returned with is a single gold piece - I love playing a low level character just as much as a mid or high level character, and once it’s gone, I won’t get that again… well, not with those two, so I like to enjoy that phase of the game rather than rushing through!


Hmm. I should set an end date to the pause over there, check people’s character sheets.


:slightly_smiling_face: That is true, but also the point. Rouncys are your everyday horse, they are more of a tool, a dime a dozen. Your Chargers and other war horses or “special” horses are unique, are worth more, and thus worthy of being named. At least that is the mentality those knights hold.

My original thought was to personalize Burcombe more, but I had no idea Lowenna was holding any manors… So Surprise! Also this allows me to do a side by side comparison of the two books. Which has been interesting. think Foxcotte is going to be that for me… Cubeth is already going to have a fight to keep it going and I think that struggle in a strange court makes it even more interesting.

I need to start reading that again! I am woefully behind on reading in general!


Second squire reaching knighthood there. I don’t know how you guys keep losing them.


Are all these squires 15?


The two you got are, yes - but there are some older squires being allocated


Balen being allocated a squire with a battle skill of 0. Welcome to your education my lad.


Feel free to dictate to me Sir Much’s background for the wiki


A knight famed for his horsemanship and love of horses. As a squire he negotiated both the siege of Bayeaux and the battle of Linsey without a scratch. Rumoured to have taken a great treasure from the captured King Octa.

Feel free to nix all rp fluff.