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Discuss: SUSD Forum: The Great Pendragon Campaign


It is a goose, but it’s too far gone now to tell.

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One of the reasons that @Scribbs is sharing GM duties with me is that I cannot resist inserting in jokes and references.

We are now back into formal, proper, serious, Pendragon.


I suffer from this affliction as well. Most recently, when I have been slow to reply, I usually go with things like: ‘the moment seems to last for days’ or ‘he stands thinking for what seems like a week’.

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Quick update, I’m taking another fortnight off work, my recovery is really going a lot more slowly than I thought (But about as long as everyone else thought - it’s as if I should listen to them or something :slight_smile: ). Not working means I’m still in rest mode regarding the games too, so my slower, less able pace continues - it’s all been for a good cause though, I should be able to exercise inside of a year once I have recovered, and that means being able to getting fit(ter) again! :slight_smile:


I finally have this up to date.

Just thought I would let people know! :smile:


:smile: This is why I am very hesitant to roll for the Passion modifier


@RossM, at least you rolled one of your famous average damage dice rolls!

If I’d swapped the order of attacks in the second round I would have double critted him. :grimacing:

Yes @Scribbs I know he couldn’t inflict damage on the second opponent.

I still like the risk/reward - despite my crappy rolling. :slight_smile:


Why not? He has declared he is fighting two opponents, and split his attack both ways. If he wins both rolls, there is no reason why he can’t damage both. It is only certain attacks like a lance charge that can only hit one opponent at a time.

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I like how you changed the title of the thread @RossM

Wow! Where is that damage roll when you are fighting bad guys!

@BioKeith, perhaps you should start thinking of your next knight…


If it makes you feel better, my first battle I was killed (Narwar)… but he got better!

(This is where it started to go down hill…)


I hate when that happens!

I’m glad Dylan isn’t alone in his rolling.

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It’s spine recharge day! Woohoo! I start work next week, so expect more from me as soon as I get on top of catching up


Yeah, Narwar had a rough go. He ended up getting into a lot of trouble while he was still around. (possibly still is, but only @SleepyWill knows that since Narwar went mad!)

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Hey everyone! I’m back… pretty much! My spine implant is working really well, most days my pain is halved, and I’m actually a cyborg now… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Sorry it took so long, I massively underestimated my recovery time, but I am back now, and while I do have a lot of work to catch up on, I should be able to be posting daily again - don’t feel any pressure guys though to increase your posting rates !

I mean, seriously, I promise I wrote this bit before the latest phase of Uk politics - at least before I knew it was basically what was going on in Owains feast.


Welcome back Will, or is it now Steve?

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I had Briareos Hecatonchires in mind myself… how to get myself new ears like those…


I thought as much!

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Owain remembers him playing with a stiletto earlier, so wasn’t going to take any chances.

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