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Old Stuff

I remember seeing this being organized last summer and being bummed out because of all the stuff that I had going on I was not going to have time to participate. I finally have had a chance to start reading (OMG they are at 5215 posts!!! and counting!), and this is great!

I was about to start copying and pasting it into a word doc for those late to the party to make it faster to read, but I just now got to post 1422 and discovered there is a wiki for it:

I hope that it was ok to post this here. I do not want to break the group’s stride and interrupt such a great story!

Thank you @SleepyWill for organizing and thank you @Scribbs, @RogerBW, @RossM for playing… There could be more Players, but I am only @ post 1423, so sorry if I missed anyone.

Please feel free to use this thread for off topic discussing the Campaign/Thanking the group/general talk outside of the game world and do not forget to hide spoilers!!!

Books primarialy used in this campaign: The Great Pendragon Campaign, King Arhur Pendragon v5.2, Book of the Manor (one player is trying Book of the Estate), Book of Knights and Ladies, Book of the Feast, Book of the Entourage, Book of the Warlord (one player).

Index of Events for the Campaign (In order, but there is a little bleed over):

Part 1 Index

The Beginning:
A hunt in Imber:
First trip to Sarum:
Distribution of Lands:
Squires and first patrol:
Ride to Clatford:
Sir Jory:
Battle of Mercredesburne:
The first winter:
The first Christmas Court:
Cholderton Villa:
Men of the Hood:
Return to the Villa:
Garrison Duty:
The Romans:
Tisbury Circle:
Winter 486:
Christmas Court:
Raiding with Madoc:
(Winter)Journey with Kings Court:
The Kings Errand:
A Grand Entrance:
??? ???:
Aid to the Prince:
Winter 487:
Tax Collector:
Christmas Court:
Tournement at Tisbury:
*Cross Country:
Easter Court 488:
Easter Council:
Selfish Interlude :grin: :
Trouble in Sarum???:
A Primer of Uther Era Law:
Night Patrol- Jagent:
An Old Foe:
A Sad Ride to Camp:
Off to the Marshes:
Fun with boats Part 2:
To the Shallows:
Out of the Water:
Peppa Pig Strikes Again…:
Coriovallo Remains:
A Hunt for Madoc:
The End of Peppa Pig?:
A Surprise on the Hunt:
A New Day/On the Road:
The Curse of Legoland Booking…:

Things relating to end part of Part 1:
Map of Northwest “France”:The Great Pendragon Campaign
Helpful Battle stuff:Discuss: SUSD Forum: The Great Pendragon Campaign

Part 2 Index

The Journey Continues:
Christmas Feast 488:
Winter 488:
Spring 489:
Order of the Peppered Pig Meeting Notes 1:
A small Feast:
Hunt at Cholderton:
It’s a trap!:
Order of the Peppered Pig Meeting Notes 2:
Operation Cornwall:
Scouting it out…:
The March and a Glimmer of Hope:
Order Meeting Notes 2: Part 2:
A Night at a Cave:
Saxon Hunting…:
The March Continues:
Tisbury Melee:
Tisbury Melee Champion Crowned:
Winter 489:
The Retirement of Blackjack:
Spring 490:
The March North:
The Battle of Lindsey:
A Knight Captured:
The End of a Legend:
A Grave Moment for Uther’s Army:
Preparation for The Royal Court:
Royal Court Winter 490:
An Unannounced Guest:
An Abrupt End:
End of Christmas Feast-Londinium/Winter 490:
The Year 491…:
The Other Salisbury Knights:
A Ride Through Dorchester:
Battle of the Tiny Bridge in Cornwall:
Hogarth and Leddicus Talk to an Earl:
Moving North to get to Terrabil:
Search for the Frog Knight:

Romans in Dartmoor Forest:
The Greatest Loss of All:
Terrabil At Last:
A Noise in the Night:
The Thief Strikes:
Terrabil Siege Ends:
A Message for Uther:
Spectre in the Night:
The Return of the Prince:
An Appology to Sir Owain:
A Somber Affair:
A Toast to the Prince:
The Wedding of Uther and Ygraine:
The Wedding Hunt:
Salisbury’s Folly:
Tracking Down the Final Prey:
Three Daughters:
Autumn Visit to the Frog Knight:
Order of the Peppered Pig Meeting Notes 3:
Winter 491:
The Year 492:
The Man in the Mist:
Riders in the Mist:
An Urgent Message:
Summons to Tintagel:
I name the Traitor:
A Painful Truth:
The Verdict:
Winter 492:
Easter Court 493
A Generous Gift
Back to Winter 492
Tourney for “Balen’s Bride”

Sir Balen’s Duel
Year 493: Riding North with the Earl
The Earl’s Task
A Trap Sprung
Unexpected Company
A Pair of Helping Hands
An End to the Scuffle
Arrival at Eboracum
The Gates are Opened
A Foot in the Mouth…
Evening Events in Eboracum
The Earl’s Audience
That was short…
Trouble in the Stables

Part 3 Index
Trouble in the Stables Continued
The Long Walk Home
Ontop of the Crag
The Plan Set in Motion
The Trap is Sprung
The Second Party Engaged
Sir Merrick’s Moment
The Field is Cleared
Winter 493
Royal Court 493
Ordo Notes: 493
Easter Court 494
The Hunt of 494
The Beast is Found
A Chase through the Hawthorn
Back to Winter 493
An Advancement in Mail-tech
Mid Spring 494
Aughton Cave: 494
Arrival at Littleworth & the One-eyed Knight
A Worrisome, Uneventful Night Ends
A Dangerous Spot
A Nasty Surprise
A Horrible Accident
A Sad Arrival to Wynchbank Castle
The Second Trial of Sir Ullin of Burcombe
The Verdict & An Accusation

More Fun Adventures
The journey for the best juice:Great Pendragon Campaign Mini Adventures
Trying to get a bride to her wedding… (?) A Squire’s Tale.

Important Notes:
Relating to Passions: The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2
How long to roll for Child Survival: The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2
Aging in this game of GPC: The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2
Childbirth Tables: http://www.gspendragon.com/newchildbirthtables.html
Revised Winter Stage Flowchart: The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2
Matters of Feasting: Original Feast Rules ; Fun info regarding passing skill checks at feasts.

Uncontrolled Attacks


Horse Sheet!


This is a reminder for @SleepyWill


Can’t really say anything about the game without first saying a huge thanks to @SleepyWill for running this; I’m having a grand time!

As for other players, we’ve had two others join us. @LucaCherstich towards the end of last year (ca. post 3500), and @Abubu has just jumped in too.


Hey! Thanks so much @UllinBethalto , it’s really making me happy that people who aren’t playing are enjoying the game too.

It’s probably as good a place and time as any to bring up something that’s been on my mind, for a while, but we have a definate divide between how often some players tend to post as opposed to others - and the last thing I want is for one set of players or the other feeling left out or less engaged than they like to be, and it’s a fine balance which I don’t think I always get right.

So, how about the following idea:

We have a second thread, dedicated to side adventures. We keep the main thread as the proper campaign thread, and we keep it ticking along at the lower post numbers per day, and the side adventures is matched to the time scale of the main thread, certainly sticking in the main year, with strict “nothing that happens here affects what happens there” policy - which means it will be low on meaningful rewards, to prevent from overpowering some characters.

Is this something there would be any interest in?


Can you give us an example? Also, Hi!

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Sir Arnold and Sir Vance, newly knighted are on their first garrison duty. They watch the knights head out to march for Chandlersford. With the excitement of the muster over, those left behind are quiet, subdued, no doubt most of them are wishing that they were to join Prince Madocs expedition.

Sir Elad emerges from the main hall of the keep. “Men, gather round. I need a few volunteers, I’ve just received word that there is a camp nearby, and the woodsmen of Vagon village report that one bears a sword, yet is no knight. I suspect them to be bandits, maybe Men of the Hood, but who-ever they are, they break the law by bearing knightly arms. I will need you to ride out, and bring them in to face justice, or deliver it on the field if the situation calls for it”.


Heh, my posting will definitely slow when I start my new job on the 5th. At the very least I probably won’t be replying within minutes like I’ve currently been. ^ ^;

That said, I’m always down for more roleplay!


I don’t mind whether side adventures happen in the main thread or a secondary one, though it’s probably easier to keep track of if everything stays together.


Ok, a quick follow-up with some fun numbers:
I am currently at 4777 of 5641
In the last 5 days, you have added 426 posts for an average of ~85 posts per day.
If you assume that 3 of 4 are mechanic/dice rolls that means there are about 21 posts per day… quite the prolific group! Also, some of the ideas are genius.

And seriously, someone needs to check and see if the dice roller is fixed!


It is mostly working, it just doesn’t like large numbers of rolls!

[roll 20d20]

Also, Winter phase had a lot of back and forth so they are much shorter posts in general

Some of the streaks of continuous high rolls are pretty alarming :smile: Especially on those passion checks!

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It’s funny because in the Pathfinder campaign we’ve had several streaks of very low rolls

I haven’t. My rolls are great!


I’d be interested to know what everyone thought of the section from post 4777 to the conclusion of that bit (spoiler free)

It was weird. I think due to the lack of a real focussed goal for me. I like that it’s also something the party are not speaking of to others.

There was the lack of understanding what we were looking for; I felt that we were going through the motions because of it, both in/out of character. I didn’t mind it, but I think it’s the first time ‘choice’ has felt restricted (until when we had a choice on how it was to end).

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To put it in context It was the first time I didn’t know what Hogarth would want to do.

I mean give him Hatred Fae (19) and it would have been a different story. :laughing:


Reading from the outside, it felt as if the hand of God was tilting things in mysterious ways to protect the group :^)

Yeah, that’s what I was kinda driving at. Valens has told Owain all about by the way. Owain will pretend not to know anything about it of course. Should be fun…

I think this group really collectively gets inspired by Morte d’Arthur style of play more than any other, just what I’m picking up - though I’m sure Christmas had a bearing on the pace in the section we are talking about. To that end, I’m going to focus more on the Malory stories and less on the later ones - and it makes perfect sense, thinking about it - how many games set you as an adventurer, exploring strange places - but playing as knights going about the business of being knights, in this game, with the tones of Morte, that’s kind of unique, so yes, expect a more grounded, less ethereal experience going forward - is there any play that you’ve found particularly enjoyable, something you want more of?

Yes and no, I’ll kill a character without too much hesitation, but I won’t if they had no agency to avoid it, and for one reason or another - and forgive me, I don’t really research GMing, so this might be a hashed out topic in discussion forums or whatever - but the players had very little agency during that stretch.

At times when they did have agency, they did much the same as they’ve always done with this type of adventure, which was to engage in as knightly a way as is the style we’ve all created together, and try to back off as much as is feasible. But in that situation, how can you, they had little choice but to press onwards… So, I wasn’t going to “punish” them for that, quite the opposite, when people roleplay - and I don’t care how they roleplay, I always want to reward the player.

Sometimes rewarding them is by testing their characters beyond breaking point, but in this case to me, it meant shoving them through, to get back to the parts of the game where they do feel like they have agency - hence the thing we are all preparing for now, and look how instantly popular and exciting that’s been for everyone, and now with the players having fun, and full agency, the tilt goes away, or changes a little - does any of that make sense?