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Did those 2014 45-minute specials get made/posted, and are they still around?


Hey there! I’ve been archive binging SUSD’s videos because what ELSE am I unno do with my life, and in the 2013 year-in-review vid they mentioned that they had as Kickstarter stretch goals three 45-minute specials, which they say are gonna be a team game special, a second scifi special, and a socialism special! I feel like I may have seen the second scifi special at some point, but I’m not 100% sure I saw a team special, and I feel certain I’d remember a socialism special! Did those videos end up coming together, and if so, can I find em somewhere? If they’re paywalled in the interest of fairness to kickstarter backers or somethin, I’d be happy to drop a couple bucks on em!

Oh, I should probably include that video, in case it jogs someone’s memory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZjFpQAy1Lg&list=PL6Ybg-NDmv_eJHRrFd1Ahc7dvK3Pu-u5u&index=56



The second sci-fi special got made, I don’t think the others ever did…

We did get a couple other specials instead, though - the Halloween special, the dexterity games special and the hexagonal tile-laying games special


Those I’ve met, thanks! Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing some ~hidden trove~


The Hexagonal tile-laying games episode is my utmost fave out of all of those! It also helps when I love the games presented in there.


There were many earlier Vimeo vids, but they seemed to have ported everything(ish) to YouTube, and YT absorbed a lot of Vimeo anyway.

Here’s the link for ShutUpShow on Vimeo, started in 2012, more or less, I think. If there’s anything you can’t find, it may be there.

(The lads had valid complaints about YT back then, but they had to go to where the action is, eventually. There may be some stuff if you look hard enough at archives from Penny Arcade and Escapist and others, but I think it’s mostly them falling into canals like the sweet babies they used to be).


I think there’s still some old things missing from YouTube. For instance, the boys were in a second megagame of Watch the Skies!, which I seem to remember was split into two parts, but that is not on YouTube from what I can find. I keep hoping that will show up at some point, because it’s entertaining, even just as background on the TV while doing other things.


They’re still on Vimeo:

Part 1:

Part 2:


Yep, I know, but YouTube streams to my television, which is why I’d really like them moved over.


I am sure that they state the first megagame video is one of these “specials”

Its in the blurb here…


Remember, when they were first starting and mostly doing Vimeo, they were just doing creative, free content. They could use licensed music and all that stuff without repercussion.

Once they decided they were going to (hopefully) make bank on it, they had to stop all of that. That may be part of the reason for not being able to transition the whole mess to YouTube.


I’ve actually been compiling a complete mostly-in-order playlist of all the SUSD videos ever on YouTube and adding in placeholders that link to the vimeo pages where they’ve been unable to move em over, as cross-referenced from the Videos page here on the site. just seems easier than opening a bunch of tabs on here! Here, if anyone thinks that’ll be useful, it’s, like, 3/4 of the way up to the present day, I think?:


I’ll support this endeavor.


You are a star