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Descent expansion for two players


A good friend who owns Descent 2nd ed suggested he might like an expansion for it for xmas. Fairly unfamiliar with Descent here, so would welcome any advice other SUSD forum-dwellers have. Fwiw he mostly plays it as a two-player co-op with his partner using the app in place of the Overlord.

Any suggestions appreciated! :slight_smile:


It’s a good game.

I don’t have a lot of experience with it, so take this with a grain of salt, but I had fun, and all of the expansions are of good quality, according to the talk around town (so to speak).

The Co-op Kits, Lieutenant Packs, and Heirs of Blood seem to have gotten a lot of positive talk, but I know a lot of that is from a few years ago.

I’m sorry, I wish I could be more helpful. I’m sure there are other nerds here who will have more useful opinions.


Best option by far is Shadows of Nerekhall, as this unlocks an entirely new campaign in the app. The rest offer vanishingly less content for the co-op app. They all add the new characters and classes for use in the app, and each of the box expansions add in one or two side quests, but most of the expansion goes unused.

Lieutenant packs aren’t worth bothering with for the app. The Hero and Monster packs add a single sidequest.

If you can find them, there are three co-op modules that were basically a proto-version of the app, using cards instead. Those could be of interest.


+1 on Nerekhall because it really does offer the most utility per $$. Its arguably the best campaign as a 1 vs. many (or 1 vs. 1 controlling multiple heroes), and the co-op app basically doubles in content with that expansion.

If Nerekhall is a little on the high side of your price range, I would suggest The Chains That Rust. It can be played as a mini campaign or combined with Mist of Bilehall to be a full campaign and it offers the added fun of split-classes which I think gives some great new variety to character and class choice.


Thank you lovely forum peeps! I think Nerekhall has won out. :slight_smile: