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Deephaven Dwarves?

Just getting excited about my first megagame! Decided to dress up a little for it; got a latex dwarf nose and some spirit gum, as well as a baggy toque and some runic beads for my beard. I’ll have some dark green work pants with a ton of pockets and tool loops that feels dwarf-y, and I’ll have to see about a simple shirt and a vest when I’m down there.

Anybody else planning to dress up? Was anyone at Gen Con and have some clues at what I’m getting in for? I feel like it’s vaguely Dwarf Fortress the RPG/board game, and have seen some images online that I won’t link here because of potential spoilers…

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Dressing up for a megagame is always a ton of fun! I’ve done it for about every megagame I’ve went to, and have always enjoyed it, especially if you can get your team to all do it! Even something simple, like one Watch the skies game our whole team of France wore french flag pins on our suits. I would absolutely do so for these games but I am flying out from Cali, so I have limited carry capacity. Hope to see you there!


I’m thinking about taking part in this one. I might even have a costume for it too. Dwarves can be fun.


This is Peter, I organized the MGs at Gen Con and will be organizing for SHUX as well.

The amount of costuming varies game-to-game but we had very few costumed Dwarves for Gen Con but we did have lots of costuming for the Watch The Skies game.

I think the amount of costuming will be higher for SHUX just given the natural differences between SHUX and Gen Con and the respective con attendees. I expect more than a few fake beards at the least.

Your costume sounds great btw.


I would be willing to bet that Dwarves in dwarvan garb are able to make better deals. Who wouldn’t want to talk trade with a dapper Dwarf?!


Super excited to do this. I can’t wait for the rules to appear a week out and I can start obsessing a bit more. :smiley: A little nervous about how many people (I’m an introvert, so three days of peopling is likely to be overloading) but I can manage.

For those interested here’s some things I’ve picked up:


The [https://www.aradanicostumes.com/products/large-dwarf-nose](dwarf nose) I found at Aradani Studios, and they also have spirit gum, spirit gum remover and liquid latex for blending. I’m not sure how to actually apply it, but hey, there’s YouTube, I should be able to figure it out, right? :slight_smile: :woozy_face:

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I have done it. I bought a ticket for this. I’m going to be a dwarf.

Huzzah! There will be much quaffing.

Not sure yet what role I want to put in for.


Do you have a list of roles somewhere? I thought we were getting rules/info a week out.

When I bought the ticket there was a blurb up about the game with a number of words in all caps that sound an awful lot like roles.

For Deephaven specifically, you’ll be an individual Dwarf with a pre-written backstory (they’re all at a similar level of fun so don’t worry about getting snubbed) that belongs to a clan. Each Clan belongs to a broader thematic “culture” which serves as flavor and allows for RP opportunities.

You’ll be able to sign up for a clan (and therefore a culture) ahead of time but not an individual role.

At the start of the game, each player will be select a guild. This is their job and will also inform them of their perspective on things. It sounds confusing when put into text but its intuitive in practice.

We’ll send out info and team sign-ups for Deephaven closer to the convention.


Nah, I get it. You can choose your group but not your character or guild/job. I can roll with whatever roll. (In other news, my latex dwarf nose arrived yesterday. Now got to figure out how to make it look good.)


Super looking forward to this game.