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Death Stranding?

I know, it’s still brand new, and Death Stranding has had…well, an uneven reception after only a day (PS4 official release Nov 8th, today is Nov 10th, that constitutes one day in video game time, IMHO).

If anyone here has played it (I assume if anyone has, the majority had pre-ordered it, and by now have either gotten their fill, or are still playing it as I post this), is it worth the money for at least Hideo Kojima giving the proverbial finger to Konami for being huge jerks in recent years, especially after the P.T. debacle?

This thread will obviously evolve as early buyers/critics have more time to spend with it.

(EDIT: Obviously it won’t evolve if no one plays it or posts here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

A good question. I’m also keen to get the review on this. Looks like it might be too similar to the last Metal Gear, which I wasn’t really fussed about.
So I watch this thread with interest.

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I wasn’t excited about the last Metal Cover-behind Thigh-high Walls or Sneak (In Apparently One Environment According to Every Let’s-Play Video I’ve Seen) With an Expensive but Totally Useless Helicopter Gear, but it seems like Kojima was largely written out of that development process by Konami.

From what I’ve seen, DS is…just…weird. Not just Kojima’s normal weird, thematically (which it has, in spades), but mechanically just a “why does this!!! why does this?!?! (then stare at the screen, dumbfounded)” kind-of thing.

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Haha exactly. Last MG was a chore and so unlike what came before. Ah well.

DS is pretty enough to be intriguing (my word those environments) but yes, the rumble surrounding the hype is, hmmm, murky. Tread softly and watch the trees.

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Some back story, I mostly stopped playing a majority of videos games (outside of Mario Kart) in college (tons of reading no time) and never got back.
I was interested in the scrapped P.T. Silent Hill project, it reminded me of Parasite Eve a bit.
-There was a joke on “How I met your Mother” about topics to distract someone- mention Kojima and Konami to @COMaestro.

All that said if be interested in giving it a play through tho on super easy mode for the story.


Sounds like it’s going to go down in price quite fast. Doesn’t seem to be as record shattering as predicted. Surprised to see so many people calling it straight up bad rather than spending a few months in denial talking about how “interesting” it is.

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Loyalty was more to the Metal Gear brand than Kojima. Though I still enjoyed the gameplay of MGS5, it was just the story that was lacking.

Kind of like No Man’s Sky, where people just couldn’t let it go? (I tried, myself, for a long time, and enjoyed it until I just couldn’t anymore. The updates did make NMS a lot better, but the rebound from the hype and fakery couldn’t save it.)

I think we may be looking at a free PS4 Plus game well before they usually land there. I also have a feeling I’ll play the heck out of it when the price drops enough, or when it’s that month’s free download (which will happen right after I buy it when the price drops low enough).

We havent paid full price in a while. We’re were lucky enough to renew our best buy gamers club right before they said there were going to end the program, meaning we are still on it. Hubs n my brother are going to miss that 20% off new games