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De-Lurking Week!

Hi! I am Justin, aka @MinuteWalt.

I have often been a lurker on sites (lurking is NOT a bad thing on forums. It IS a bad thing if it’s in someone’s hallway closet, or behind someone’s couch. There are two different meanings!)

I’ve lurked on sites just to get information, but without making contributions. Which is fine!

But, when I started contributing myself, I found out that there was a huge payoff. Other people related, helped me, and I made some friends.

If you have signed up here, or in any other forum, this week is the week to stop lurking and say something, no matter how small. I’m posting a day late (sorry!) and I’ll try to close this at the end of the week.

Also, help me get that creepy guy out from behind my couch. He just watches me play video games, he never wants snacks or anything, or wants to be the 2nd player (I’ve tried!). At least he sometimes waves to us when we get home from work…

Anyway, if you’ve been lurking at any of your favorite sites, take this week to say something out loud.


This is the one place I am not just lurking. Maybe I should go post something on reddit then :upside_down_face::crazy_face:


Woah, woah, woah…I don’t know if you should go that far! :rofl:


Hey folks,

I’m optimuspyro / Alex. I’m a lawyer/parent/spouse. I’m really into Unmatched right now, and my wife and I are working our way through Machi Koro legacy, and currently rewatching Star Trek TNG. (Just watched the one where Barclay became a super genius and replaced the ships computer.)

My friend introduced me to terraforming mars, and I’m jonesing to play more. I’ll probably grab the app to scratch the itch. I’m generally not much of a euro gamer, too much math and not enough smashing stuff.

I’m also a big comic reader. I used to be more of a DC / Indy guy, but I’m really into Jonathan Hickman’s writing and so now X-Men and the related books are taking up most of my pull list.


Oh I remember that one :slight_smile:
We finished TNG some time ago now deep into Voyager and nearly finished with DS9.

I love that game. The app is pretty good, I’ve only just managed to win the Solo Challenge on the app for the first time a few days ago.


If anyone responds here as an “introcuction,” that’s fantastic!

At the end of the week when I close the thread, I’ll shift those posts to the Introduction Thread.

But remember! This isn’t just about here, or this thread. It’s about everywhere! There may be someone who needs your help.

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