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Dang it Matt Lees!


:expressionless: Dang it Matt! You made XCOM2 look like soooo much fun I had to go out and buy it since it is on sale on Steam till Nov 1…

Hopefully, you get your computer up and running. I have been burning through the original Sponge Squad so I can keep working on cleaning up my office… I have not gotten much done though, you had worse luck in that series than the current one IMO, and it keeps on distracting me from the task of cleaning the office.


It’s a good game. Alien Rules and War of the Chosen expansions are recommend. The class you get in Shen’s Last Gift ultimately doesn’t do anything interesting with gameplay.


I found alien rulers really boring, and liked the robots except for the bit where they’re too expensive to use. Some of the robot abilities create neat opportunities–Overcharge allows you to finish off a bunch of low health enemies and–when upgraded–lets you smash through obstacles to create new pathways or get the jump on enemies. Other abilities let you use the robots as mobile cover or as a dedicated armor-reducer. I got a lot of use out of the free robot and any that I DID manage to build, but I found it was rarely the most pressing use of funds so I didn’t get to have as much fun with them as I would have liked. Combining the robot squadies with WOTC means you can spend XCOM Ability Points to fill out more of their upgrade tree. A robot with all possible upgrades instead of just the standard one per level is on par with any of the tricked out Colonels I managed to produce if not on the same level as a fully upgraded Reaper or Templar.

In one particularly memorable fight, I rushed into an enclosed compound to rescue a civilian who turned out to be a Faceless. The soldier I sent didn’t have the health to tank a hit and no one could get into position to take a shot. But I was able to Overdrive my robot, and send them crashing through the wall. They were able to get a shot off and open up a shot for my other units and I was able to save the unfortunate soul. (Who then went on to trigger ANOTHER Faceless all on their lonesome, but I was able to sprint a Ranger close enough to deal with the problem without any fancy moves :D). It’s not the only situation where the robots opened up new possibilities for me and gave me interesting tactics to consider or simply saved someone’s ass.

The Alien Rulers make for some really tense and interesting encounters if you’re lucky. But they can also produce some of the most tedious–or if you’re well equipped–most boring sequences I’ve encountered in the game. Their massive health bars and interrupt abilities mean that you can’t deal with them very effectively in a wide array of circumstances, but that you’ll still nonetheless defeat them after they run away enough times to only have a little health left. The alien weapons are neat, but they’re nowhere near as powerful as the Chosen weapons if you get WOTC and are only marginally more powerful than the standard kit; I didn’t find them terribly worth the resource expenditure and they certainly didn’t help a lot against the rulers.

The one thing I really liked about the Alien Rulers DLC was the armor you get from defeating the rulers. They look absolutely ridiculous in the best way and they have not just powerful abilities, but fun ones.


My in-game likeness is a robot! (The 1970 thing is a weird Discord joke)


I went ahead and got the deluxe version because it was cheaper than getting just one of the expansions alone. I have noticed that with steam sales that the DLC is rarely discounted, and you are better getting the deluxe or bundle. The only expansion I did not get then was the Resistance Warrior? But most comments said was not worth the money.

Edit: I also got the first XCOM as well, because hey, when will it get this cheap again? So I am going to play through that one and then hit up XCOM2.


I can relate… I bought all of the XCOM2 expansions after watching the first return of Sponge Squad. I even managed to play it for a couple of hours (games should have separate achievements when you have kids… :wink: ). Really loving it so far, despite being a little too reckless (Matt’s recklessness is contagious I guess) sometimes, resulting in unnecessary wounds, deaths and having only tired troops and rookies available when critical missions pop up. Currently having a supply raid mission crowded with snakes and stun lancers, with me only having 4 rookies and 1 sniper fit for combat. And that 1 day off magnetic weapons and 1 day off scanning for lot’s of much needed supplies. That’s XCOM I guess.


I recently finished XCOM: Enemy Unknown Vanilla and I was pretty happy with the result. I did really well and only had to do 1 reload because of a bug in the game where I had two jetpack soldiers get stuck in a wall.

I went to boot up XCOM2 and I ran into a major issue… my video card needed to be upgraded :-/ Not ideal, but probably for the best. So far, they are totally different games, but I think I might like Enemy Unknown better? But I am only 5 missions in on XCOM2 so time will tell. So far I feel like a school bus running back and forth. Anyone else feel that way?


Long war 2 is also an amazing mod for vanilla xcom 2. It had a surprisingly tricky learning curve but was worth it. I wish they would update for WOTC. But xcom 2 is one of the best games to come out for video gaming ever. I have something like 240 hrs on steam with it.