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D&D5e [PBF] FIRELIGHT - Vol. 1


(A door between can be managed without additional expenditure, considering that you’re furnishing hers as a fancy room.)

Alice helps set up her room and carefully arranges it, but doesn’t seem satisfied. She will doubtless rearrange it soon.


Well i would like to claim a medium room on the ground floor. Could i set it up as an Enchanters space? or is that too special for points?


The ground floor room is large. You mean the second floor medium room?


I thought the ground was a large and 2 mediums?

Edit: one large two small. my bad. In that case yes a second floor medium room


An enchanting workshop would be minimum 1 point, aside from the room size cost.

This headquarters is small, btw, consider it the ‘starter hq’


And we can upgrade these later right?


Mirk is after a 1point stable, claim over all outside space to grow useful things, and a small well furnished room on the ground floor (2pts) In which he can offer healing services to those who can pay.


Yes indeed!


Sweet! then im taking the large room on the first floor and making it an enchanters space. 1pt on cool stuff, 2 points cause its large. Then ill take one of the small rooms on the floor and make it my basic bedroom.

That is my final answer. sorry for the indecisiveness.


(A harley davidson rolls up and a huge tattooed biker strides forward with a black duffel bag. He dumps it on the ground and gives it a good kick, cursing under his breath. After the dust clears and the ganger is but a trail of smoke in the distance, the bag opens and the DM crawls out. Coughing blood and missing all but three of his teeth, he asks: “Are yah ready to gaaaame?”
Season two will start momentarily.)


Regrettably Mirk will be sitting out this round. RL is clogging up.


@sagantine seems we may have different definitions of “momentarily”. No worries though. Hows it coming along?


(apologies. RL is similarily clogged. I’m trying to make unique creative properties, and creating them plus having mental real estate for this game is difficult. I’ll do my best to get things going again)


No need to stress yourself unnecessarily friend. We can call it off if you need too.


We’ve all invested a lot into the past more-than-a-year of playing. It’s been a whole ton of fun making a world for you all to inhabit, but I’m also trying to make a brand new world for the wargame I’m trying to get made and published w/ my brother. I’m having difficulty thinking of both at the same time, and when I focus on updating here it genuinely makes my work suffer because I end up thinking about this game all the time. I do still really really want to continue, you’ve all barely cracked the surface of the mysteries of this world, and I’ve been enjoying the journey immensely.

But I’m having difficulty prioritizing my time.

There is a mid-way solution that could possibly alleviate my suffering, but it might not be everyone’s cup 'o tea. Basically, if I could run a game in the universe that I’m creating, it would allow us to keep playing, and would allow me to organically fill in lore and play with the universe (and see people’s reaction to it).

But I completely understand if that doesn’t sound great. Though it’s still a fantasy setting, it wouldn’t really be D&D anymore at that point, and we’d be using my proprietary systems instead. Also, there’s still a whole ton of stuff to explore in Firelight, so I am experiencing FOMO even as I suggest this.

Give me your feedback. If we’re really just interested in continuing with Firelight, I’ll make it work.


If we start in the world your building, would we drag our characters over ir make new ones with your system?

However i wanna stress that work comes before play man. You dont gotta force this to work for our sakes


We’d be making new ones, though you could make rough approximations of the current characters. There are many of the same races and jobs in Shattered Space, but they are very different than the usual.


Well im always down for new things, and given all the time that has passed i kinda forgot/misplaced all my althaea stuff so id be basically all new to me anyway. Id absolutely be down for shattered space (thats the name of your game right?).


I am fine either way.

Honestly, I feel you. My own campaign on the forums has gone in fits and starts because of anxiety, fatigue, depression, and just real world business. Sometimes I have a lot of energy for it and can’t wait to forge ahead and other times it’s the last thing I want to do and I consciously avoid the forum!

It doesn’t help that I began running a real life game in September and another recently with my kids. Real life games take so much more prep time!

I’d advise put your energy into whatever you’re passionate about. If that’s developing your new game and not actually running it. That’s great.

I don’t know that I have much brain space to learn a new system to play, but I won’t say never!

I’m super appreciative for the game we’ve played so far and if we’re done (for now, or forever) I’m good with that. As someone who struggles with world building on a large scale, I’ve learned a lot from you and your talents!

If we are truly done and you want to gab about the world a bit, hit me up in a private message. I’d love to pick your brain a bit about the story and what you had in mind. And steal all the good bits for myself :smiley:


You know, I think it might be wise to just call It quits for now. I don’t really have the same time I had before, and a lot of things have changed. It’s not a decision I’m happy to make, but I think it’s the best one. Sorry for being so inconstant and unreliable, and thanks for being patient with me.
I really really had a great time playing with you all, @clg6000, @jgf1123, @twispby, @Scribbs, @RossM & @ColdCanadian. You were all great players, and Firelight wouldn’t have been as cool without you!

I’d be happy to write out a revelation of what the plot was going to hold for everyone, if people are interested.