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D&D5e [PBF] FIRELIGHT - Vol. 1


Ashur seems pleased. “Oh! You’re back. Well, I can sense the area around my wand, especially strong magical energy, but I can only directly see with significant effort. It pretty much knocks me out for a couple hours. There’s quite a distance between us!”

A group of nattering old dwarf women seem gossipy enough to talk freely.
“A shame, really. Blamin’ us who’ve stuck it out here in Carrandale through thick and thin with a plot to sink Hailagrhiem into the sea. Why would we do that?! We live here just the same as them, and don’t take kindly to offin’ our own kin. ‘Tis a plot as clear as day, though I don’t like me sons causin’ more trouble than what naturally comes. Justified or no, if people see us all riled up, they’ll think we’re just as brutish as those grey dwarves. Bless me, I didn’t expect those nursery rhymes to ring true. How they got all the way up here is a mystery, the tales always say they hate the top, and live deeper than Quandin’s Mine. Mystery it’ll stay no doubt, but I’ll pay more heed to Old Zosi in the future.”


(ashur seems way more fond ryuko then erdan.)


(Erdan was a drow male. Need I say more? Also she hates warlocks, being a sorceress.)


(oh of course. matriarchal society and all that)


(She would have come around, had there been more time.)


Roop will count out the 60 gold for the cloak and potion, and will take Miss Thorn (as he has now started to refer to Alice) back to the Tally Ho to reconvene with Much.

The list of items at the Gnome wil be circulated to the rest of the company so they can see what is in stock.


Firelight Vol 1. phase 2 will be on its way shortly! Been really busy!


Not to worry sagantine. Works been running me pretty ragged too over christmas.


“Hmm. Ignorance, or people who must have motives to lump your folk in with the Duergar. I meet the grey ones down there,” Ryuko says with a flash of his badge, “and there’s no mistaking their evil intentions with the good Dwarves of Carrandale.”


As Hal presents to teeth to Capt. Fairline, he asks, “… any idea why a presumably long abandoned Gorgon got activated and started terrorizing the countryside? It looked like it might be heading back here to town, this last time…”

Hal ponders a minute. “And whatever happened to our organized goblin friends?”

Hal turns to Torica. “By rights, half of this is yours–” he gives her 225 of the gold, “probably more, honestly, but the rest of this should get split amongst the company. There’s no way I could have pulled this off on my own, so I thank you for your help.” Hal bows. “…thallion meldis. steadfast friend

“Let’s hurry back to town, shall we?”


(gonna collect everyone together, and give us a fresh start! To a new year, and a new phase of the campaign!)
FIRELIGHT: Vol. 1, Part 2.

The gang spends their day doing various personal errands and investigating the hubbub in the city. (any additional errands, shopping etc. pm me! You have a lot of money now, so I’d recommend spending it!)

They learn that the dwarven leaders in the city were roused to action by information about the plot of the Duergar. They purport that the attempted murder of the Gurranhal Ambassador and the attempted destruction of Hailagrhiem was a plot to draw all of the countries into open war against Gurranhal. The murder of the ambassador would make the Gurranhal King unwilling to parlay, and the destruction of the city of Hailagrhiem by powerful, hitherto unknown dwarf-magic, would raise a panic among all of the nations of Firelight, which have so-far considered Carrandale the aggressor in the war.

The demonstrations last several hours, and then the dwarves filter off to their work. The whole city feels the interruption of a thousand crucial hands absent from their tools, and there is a feeling of unease almost everywhere except the poor districts. They are just glad that they’re still alive, and are benefiting from a reduction in gang-related violence in the last couple days, and peace of mind from the returned captives.

One other interesting thing that happens is that a letter is delivered from Lord Basil, withdrawing the job request to rob the goblins that took over his town. No explanation is given.

Nyiah gathers the crew at a tall narrow building near the east gate of the city. It’s got boards over the upper windows, but its made of stone and looks sturdy enough. It’s empty right now, but there’s a new sign freshly painted and hung outside.

Blackthorn Adventuring Co.

“This is a start! This is all thanks to you, all of you. And Erdan, bless his wandering soul.” Nyaih shakes everone’s hand. Geely arrives a minute later with Priestess Fauzia in tow. The tall priestess’ eyes are a little glazed over, and Geely’s unceasing chatter is the likely cause. Fauzia has a pitcher of water, doubtless from the temple spring, which she carries, and she’s dressed in an informal priestess garb rather than her elaborate ceremonial dress or war-mail.
Geely’s exact position can be pinpointed by the flow of verbiage.
“Here it is! Was a little bording house before, but the owner died and the deed escheated to the city as he had no living relatives. I heard that he was a bit of a creep, always leering at people from the windows, died in the sill there. Tristane Gilbert the landowner bought the place, but we’re the first renters. Apparently the rumour sprang up that the place is haunted, and nobody wanted the place. Nyiah’s a bit superstitious, so -”

“Geely.” Nyiah interrupts her and Geely clams up immediately. “Fauzia, if you will.”
Fauzia’s eyes unglaze, and she places the pitcher on her head. “Hello.” She bows to the group, her head completely level so the pitcher moves smoothly. She’s always serious and deadpan, it seems, unless she’s staring down a bunch of gangers. “The blessing and protection of Eldath be upon this place.” She intones quietly, bowing her head, and a single drop of water falls from the mouth of the pitcher. She flicks her hand forward in an incredible show of dexterity and catches it on the nail of her outstretched index finger. It shimmers brightly, and she blows it off with a gentle breath. It seems to evaporate into pure light, which passes into the face of the building.

Though there is no obvious physical change, those with good alignments feel rested and peaceful inside this building, and those with evil alignments find it oddly off-putting, as long as the blessing lasts. Those with neutral alignments think the others are a little crazy.

Fauzia seems to have the day off, she chats with Nyaih and anyone else who wants to, and helps Geely with cleaning. Alice hides whenever Fauzia is around, and is otherwise useless unless roped into helping by a mentor.

Blackthorn Headquarters Construction

The headquarters has 3 stories, plus a small room in the attic.
Story 1
One large room, two small rooms.
Story 2
One medium room, three small rooms.
Story 3
Six small rooms
One small room

All rooms are currently empty.

Nyiah is using her resources to furnish the headquarters. You each have 3 ‘points’ to spend on a room/rooms of your choice to outfit.

To outfit a room is a different amount of points based on size and how fancy you want it to be:

Small: free
Medium: 1 pt.
Large: 2 pt.

Basic room: free
Basic rooms: barebones living quarters, office, storage room, simple kitchen, etc.
Functional Room: 1 pt.
Functional Rooms: comfortable living quarters, nice office, locked and shelved storage room, decent kitchen, basic workshop, etc.
Well-equipped room: 2 pt.
Well equipped rooms: Fancy living quarters, excellent office, secure storage, fancy kitchen, full workshop, etc.

If you make a workshop or other workspace that you are trained in, you may gain income by working there during downtimes, or hire/recruit an NPC to work for income.

This is a collaborative building task, and you will gain various bonuses for the makeup of your building based on what you decide to build (example: better accommodations will give rested bonuses). You can share points, etc., in order to make the rooms you want. Room types I mentioned are just examples, you can put whatever you want in here. It’s not necessary to entirely fill the place up, as you will get more points in the future, so you’ll likely make changes.

This will take up the time until the very important ‘protect the peace summit’ mission, so once we have finished building the headquarters we’ll move into that.


I am tempted to claim the attic as Roop’s den, requesting some kind of roof access.

Is it possible to have a mixed space with a decent desk for forgery letter writing and secure storage?


Yeah! You can count that as a ‘forgery workshop’ which would have both those things, just decide on how well-stocked you’d like it by spending 0,1, or 2 points.

But also you can mix the spaces, forgot to say. A large room can have many individual sections, a medium can have a few, and a small one can have a couple. Just add points for the extra sections, if they’re of better grade than ‘basic’.


Outside space? Or stabling? Mirk has a horse to maintain.


Let’s throw 1 point into it being a forgery workshop, and another point to split the room so there’s also a comfortable living space for a dwarf.

I’m happy for the other point to go to some communal spaces like a kitchen or common room. Let’s see what everyone else comes up with and see if they can be used effectively.

Do we have more gold coming our way from completed jobs?


There’s space in the back, which can be developed into stabling, the space cost is free, grade of stabling follows normal point rules.


Another 600 gold arrives from the group of non-guild merchants, with notes of thanks from some of them. Obviously, none of the thankful ones are dwarves.


Ryuko notices Alice unease around the priestess and pulls her aside. “Let’s go pick out our rooms! It’s a step down from what your used to, but maybe we can make it feel… home-y.”

(Whichever room Alice is inclined to pick, Ryuko will take a neighbouring one. He’ll spend two points to outfit Alice’s room fancy styles and keep his basic. If it’s possible I’d like to spend the other point to build a door between the rooms?)


hold on you have the worlds best alchemist :wink: in your troup now and you not gonna give her an alchemy workshop? We only have 3 points to spend total right? i would really like an alchemy shop and you can bet your ass althaea isnt gonna leave it except for adventures. Would also like an enchanters workspace but i feel like thats a really special one. Tinkerers workshop too would be rad. Make explosive breaching device or net arrows. Who knows what i can get away with?

Anyway Althaea is gonna verge on begging for an alchemist workshop (Possibly also poisoners? are the two close enough in relation to be the same thing. ground floor would be nice, i have future plans)\

Edit. Upon re reading it it does say “Each have 3 points to spend” so that does change things. Can i bank a point for later or do they need to be used now?


The points don’t need to be used now, but each discreet type of workshop will be counted as its own thing, so in order to have more capabilities you’ll have to spend more points.

The large bottom space is this far unclaimed.