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D&D5e [PBF] FIRELIGHT - Vol. 1


Ryuko is taken aback at Ashur’s situation and the fact that she responded. Most of his experience with visions have been one way.

“I was going to inquire if the name Gafigarn held any meaning for you, but I feel the fates pulling my strings will bring me there eventually.” Ryuko says, “More pressing seems to be your situation! Are you a prisoner? Why are you chained to a chair?!”


Lots and lots of things. Almost too much for Roop to pick from. Still, a couple of things manage to catch his eye.

“Seems a good price for Potion of Climbing, I’ll take it. Any chance you can tell me more about that Lucky Cloak?”


The high plaza is so noisy that Althaea can hear the din long before she can see it. A quarter of the dwarven district must be here, and the Plaza Guard stands in an imposing block in front of the Temple of Ohgma.

There’s a whole lot of shouting going on, but occasionally all the dwarves shout a word or phrase in perfect unison, and the effect is rather unsettling.

“A coincidence that such a plot takes place as a dwarven ambassador comes into port?!” Shouts a voice.
“NO.” Replies the crowd.
“Have we not suffered enough discrimination from the elves and humans of Carrandale?! Is this not our home too?!”
A government representative is standing in the center of the Plaza Guards. Even from far away, he looks like he wants to disappear.


Althaea will tap the shoulder of the nearest dwarf and ask
“What’s this plot he’s talking about?”


Hal and Torica don’t find any traps, or a release mechanism for the case, though they do find a ladder tucked into a crevice in the wall, which when pulled out looks tall enough to reach the case.

In general, the place looks extremely old and abandoned, save for where the gorgon went in and out. The massive sand timer might take ages to fill from one side to the other, especially if it’s some kind of magical construct as Torica suspects.

The place doesn’t look duegar in design. It looks rather human - well-crafted and creative, but lacking the stiff precision of duegar construction, and lacking the iron-clad tradition and ornamentation of dwarf construction.

There don’t appear to be any other exits except the main tunnel.


i just noticed this now but i think we need this. Too funny to not have


“Gafigarn? No, I don’t know it. Sounds giantish.”
She looks a little offended by Ryuko’s concern. “Well, yes… Technically I’m a prisoner. Just a minor hiccup in my plans. And I’m chained to a chair because I requested a chair. I was tired of staring at the ceiling. I didn’t really expect them to permanently chain me to it. I’ll get out of here, mark my words.”
Her mouth keeps on twitching with the irritation of having food on her face. Alas, her lack of arms do not allow her to do anything about it.
“I’ve somewhat hit a snag in my plans, though. If you can think of any way to regrow an arm or leg, that would be helpful. Just need one… I can only do somatic magic. I’m a prodigy of somatic magic! But… They removed my tools. I can cast simple spells with my eyes, but that’s been slow going.”


“Once a day, the cloak randomly chooses a resistance to some kind of harm, and remains resistant to it for the day! If you’ve got good luck, it’s pretty helpful! Less so if you’ve got bad luck…”


“Hmmm…” Roop frowns whilst he handles the cloak.

(What colour and style? These cosmetic things are obviously very important!)


“Beyond my abilities, but I will keep an eye out!” Ryuko says, “My apologies if I’ve intruded. I don’t quite know what the proper niceties are for telepathic wand communication. I’ll see myself out.”

Ryuko will stow the wand away again and continue on his way to the Dwarven quarter.


Given that everything seems fairly safe…Hal grabs the ladder and positions it by the dangling chest.

“Torica? Can you keep an eye out while I climb?”

He’s not so interested in whatever loot might be inside (though of course he’s not uninterested), but to figure out who exactly has been using this place (even if they weren’t the original creators).

As he climbs, Hal ponders what humans would want to unleash a gorgon on the outskirts of Hailagrheim…an odd strategy, even for the Duke of Maylin. Well, wheels within wheels are hard to suss out…


2d20: 19 + 5 = 24


It’s a deep purple, with a shoulder cape and hood. It looks a little fancier than what Roop normally wears.


The Dwarf bats her hand away.
“Back off, Elf! None of your business!!”


Now she sounds disappointed that Ryuko is going away.
“Oh, well… If you work on it a bit, you should be able to concentrate and send me a message without astral projecting. If you could let me know before you pop up, that would be appreciated.”

The dwarven quarter is emptier than usual. There’s still the usual bustle, but no-one looks happy, and some look downright irritated.


“Well fine then.”
Althaea is gonna try and push her way up to the plaza guards in front of the government representative. She’ll give the meanest death glare she can to any dwarves that try to stop her.

When/if she gets to the guards. “Uhm excuse me i really need to speak to him.”


Roll intimidation for death glare?
d20: 15 +2


Damn Althaea is pretty lucky


“Not really my style, but it could be a life saver. I’ll take it, along with the potion and that little lot for Apprentice Thorn there. Miss Thorn, your first job - write down a list of that stuff Ashlan has here. We’ll give it to the others to see if anything takes their interest.”

(Did Nyiah break up the reward for the Vicard job then and there, or is Roop going to get a bill sent to her office?)


(Are Althea and Ryuko in the same area now. If so does he see her?)