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D&D5e [PBF] FIRELIGHT - Vol. 1


Oh man regardless i messed up the first one, ill pay the cost again to redo it if thats all right, and if they dont kick me out for wasting time.

d20: 19 +6 or +8 for my second take at the weapon, if im allowed


“Well it would be business. The adventuring company I’m in is taking a job, and this would be helpful to know. If some people are gonna act, it could interfere. Would be helpful to know what to expect, possibly even stop it.”
Althaea explains


(Yeah smith’s proficency.)

The first shortsword Althaea makes looks fine, but is extra heavy and extremely unbalanced. It also lacks a distal taper. For shame. Attacks made with it would take disadvantage.

The dagger comes out quite well, and Althaea spends a good amount of time to make it come out right. It’s worth double a normal dagger because of the finer craftsmanship (selling price would be the same as the buying price of a normal dagger @ 2gp)


The second try at the shortsword (for another 5 gold) goes beautifully, and another excellent weapon is produced, worth 20 gold pieces. (Sell for 10)


“Morning Ashlan. Need to kit out our newest member. I’m thinking some leather sized for a halfling would probably be the right fit. A decent dagger too. Let me see…” Roop scans the shelves whilst starting to reel of a list of items. “Cloak, backpack or satchel, mess kit, bed roll, water skin, travelling clothes, tinderbox, candles, string, chalk…” He pauses and turns to Alice.

“Where do your skills lie lass? Can you play an instrument? I assume you read and write… Ashlan, ink, quill and some parchment please… what do you think you would need or miss if we left the city right now and went into the wilderness for a month or so?”

As Alice ponders the question, Roop speaks to the gnome again. “How about you tell me about some of these special and unique items Ashlan?”


Mirk describes the man, focussing on his stature and self assured demeanour.


“Well, if I had to say, sounds like a half-orc. Aren’t so plentiful in Carrandale, but many to the south and east. Barran and Girn might know him, over in the corner there.”

Barran and Girn are two half-orcs, a male and female, currently sittting by a window that looks out towards the sea. They’re obviously mercenaries by their attire, and are also obviously a couple, as Girn is asleep in Barran’s lap. Barran is some kind of fightery type person, and Girn is covered in magical tattoos.


Hal wonders at this place. Who on earth would make such a thing? And just as he punctuated that sentence, he thought he might have an answer. Mechanical, underground, dangerous…“Torica… what do you think about the duregar being the keepers of this crazy workshop?”

Hal quickly advances and looks for any other exits that may have led from the underground to this stable.

After checking for any obvious traps in the chest, Hal reaches for the gloves.“I haven’t decided to not take the electrum just yet–but I am pretty sure I don’t want the owner of these gloves to come back and use them on us.” It occurs to Hal that the gloves and electrum might not be valuables, but used for some crafting purpose… or for maintaining the gorgon somehow? Do gorgons eat electrum biscuits?

Hal investigates the sand timer and brass stand. He very much would like to flip it and see what happens-- but will look for any sort of clue about what it does before he would even consider himself that rash.

The hanging chest is another conundrum–if whomever has been using this place left a decent stash of electrum down on the ground, what was so much more valuable that it had to be suspended from the ceiling? Hal searches for any mechanism that might be related to lowering the chest.

[So…as I tally that up, it’s…

  • History (to see who might have built this place, maybe Duregar)
  • Investigation (looking for exits)
  • Perception (checking for traps in the chest on the ground)
  • Investigation again (checking the sand timer and stand)
  • Investigation once more (checking for a way to lower the chest on the ceiling)

Sound right? Correct me if any of those is off…]


I’d say make a perception, investigation, and history roll all with advantage!


Hal’s Perception roll:

d20: 2 + 5 or d20: 7 + 5

Hal’s Investigation roll:

d20: 13 + 2 or d20: 17 + 2

Hal’s History roll:

d20: 18 + 2 or d20: 3 + 2


Well…wish I could swap one of those Investigations for Perception…but them’s the brakes!


“Cor, well, you’re a little too late to stop it. The clan leaders roused the troublemakers hours ago, and the demonstration will be in full swing as we speak. If you’re keen to see, the High Plaza’s the place to go. Should be well-swarmed with angry dwarves and those fancy Gold-suited guards. I don’t think it’ll be botherin’ regular adventuring, though.”


“Hmm well thank you very much. Yeah, ill go check it out then. Thanks, friend.”
And althaea leaves to find the high plaza.


Ashlan’s family doesn’t make any sign of ceasing their talk, yet the items Roop lists are produced almost immediately from all corners of the shop by laughing gnomes.

What is a really good find is a set of clothes and leather armour that fit Alice very well. These are actually produced by a young female gnome (on the tall side for a gnome) who is almost precisely Alice’s size. They are her old set, which she is quite happy to part with. “We just have to do your hair, and you’ll look quite the pretty gnome! Perhaps some makeup too!”
“I like gnomes!” Alice decides.
Ashlan goes over his new stock:
Eastern longsword +1: 150gp (a longsword with slightly better damage than normal.)
Eastern Crossbow +1: 300gp (a light crossbow with significantly increased range)
Eastern Linen Gambeson: 100gp (Light armour with 13 + Dex AC)
Heavy Javelin: 5gp (more powerful version of javelin, disables opponents or weighs down shields)

Possibly Cursed Scimitar: 25gp
Ring of Dog Speech: 50gp
Cloak of Lucky Resistance: 50gp
Wishbox: 100gp
Fishfinder: 50gp

Robe of Useful Items: 500gp
Necklace of Adaptation: 500gp
Deck of Illusions: 500gp
Circlet of Blasting: 250gp
Quiver of Elhonna: 1,000gp

(Discounted and Inflated prices)
Potion of Animal Friendship: 10gp
Potion of Climbing: 10gp
Potion of Healing: 100gp
Potion of Poison: 20gp
Ring of Swimming: 50gp
Rod of the Pact Keeper (+3): 5gp
Disobedient Tentacle Rod: 1gp
Tommy the Talker’s Gluttinous Self-Harm Amulet: Free


I’ll write out a mini-character sheet for Alice tomorrow, making Alice management easier.




It takes a moment, but the image of the albino elf becomes clear in Ryuko’s mind. She’s chained to a chair now, as she had mentioned before.
She looks uncomfortable again. There’s an empty bowl sitting on the table in front of her, and a bit of stew around her mouth.
“Ryuko? Oh. I’ve just been fed. I should smite you for seeing me in another embarrassing situation, but, well, I can’t. What is on your mind, dragonborn?”


(Sorry I couldn’t help myself! My troll blood burned when I read the description)


Alright thats it. Kill off althaea causs Erdans making a comeback. Thought even cthulu himself could keep Erdan down? You thought wrong

Jokes aside this does hurt my soul a little


(That’s karma for abandoning your poor characters!)