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D&D5e [PBF] FIRELIGHT - Vol. 1


Hal’s pretty sure it will only take a few more hits–rage is usually a sure sign a creature is near its end. Hopefully, he and Torica can bring it down before it gets out of their final trap…

Hal stares down the shaft of his arrow, lining it up directly with the gorgon’s left eye. “Fall, you steam powered fiend…!”



Hal’s attack roll:

d20: 19 + 7

If hit, piercing dam + Hunter’s Mark

d8: 7 + 3 + d6: 2


The beast’s eye is struck! It lets out a horrible croaking howl, and pulls itself half-way out of the pit. With a mechanical stutter, the beast’s light is snuffed, and its steam puffs out in one final blast as it slides back into the hole.

Out of combat!


Torica pulls herself out of the mud and whoops, “Haha! Good shot, Hal! And a great line, too.”


Hal sighs relief, and looks at Torica. “well…it’s easier to be clever when you’re not dripping with blood. Can we patch you up?”

After helping Torica with whatever basic healing she might need, Hal goes over to the pit containing the beast. “What in the seventeen seas is this monstrosity? Was in forged, or born?” Hal looks for clues to learn more about the beast’s origins. He also looks for any easily removable piece of the thing to take back to Captain Fairline for proof that it’s dead.

After investigating the gorgon, Hal heads over to where it emerged from the mound. Is there any sort of entryway that it left? Anything else to explore?


While Roop and Alice go to the Roving Gnome, Nyiah wants the group to check out what’s going down in the city, especially as to the dwarven unrest.

Any personal quests or explorations would be a good idea to do now as well.


Althaea is gonna go back to the guild and see if they can get her access to a forge so she can build herself a shortsword and a dagger. She will pay any releveant costs as long as they dont exceed like 35gold. She will also ask at the guild hall about the Dwarven unrest.


Mirk will spend his time trying to find out who the man was who followed him that evening… Starting by talking with the barkeep.


Torica is bleeding and burnt, but she doesn’t seem concerned so much about that. She’s desperately trying to slough off the mud she’s covered in, even as she coughs up a little more blood. She might be a little obsessed.
“I’m fine, Hal, fine. Just… You know, the underdark isn’t a nice place, but it’s very… Rocky. Dry, even. I am not used to all this… Filth!”


(You are an alchemist, not a weaponsmith! You don’t have the skills required to make spring steel blades.)


The tunnel is wide and easy to enter.
It leads down a short way to a small cavern. There’s a little metal bay, like a stable for the gorgon, where perhaps it slept. Hoses and harnesses criss-cross the room, connected to strange tanks. A massive sandtimer sits at the back of the cavern on a brass stand - the sand inside is fully collected in the bottom.

In a back corner there is a large chest, with 500 electrum pieces and a pair of claw-like gauntlets made out of some kind of black metal. Bolted to the roof of the cavern by a short chain is a long case made of solid brass. It’s about 20 feet in the air, and currently out of reach.


The walk to the gnome is pleasant, it’s a nice day. Alice is simultaneously excited and nervous, staying very close to Roop, but obviously desiring to run around everywhere and grab and poke everything and everybody.

The gnome is bustling more than usual, but only because a large contigent of Ashlan’s family is here, and the place is entirely filled with gnomes. They are absolutely delighted by Alice’s strange attire and volume of adornments, and a whole wack of them begin talking to her at once. Ashlan beats them back with a broom, as Alice looks dazed and confused by all of the attention.

“Welcome, welcome, Roop!! Who’s this little lady, this little adventurer?! Got a good story, I imagine - but that can wait! What do you require? I’ve got everything, everything I say, and due to the absence of a certain meddling employee, some items are heavily discounted!! Got new stuff, too, brother Marius has just come back from his expedition to the East, with unique and valuable treasures and gear!!”
Brother Marius cartwheels up to Ashlan at this moment with a blue box in his hand. He opens the lid and crushes the box, and a fully cooked drumstick of a large bird shoots out of the opening.
“Wish box!” He cries. “Crush one, and whatever you need right now comes out!” He begins to greedily devour the tender meat - apparently he was hungry.


Den’s never too busy to talk.
“Describe this man. What’d he look like?”


The guild’s bustling with Alchemists at this time, and the dragonborn that Althaea knows isn’t around.

Make a wisdom check to find a good person to talk to!


(I have smithing tool profiency. In fact i think i have expertise with it, but i cant view my charactrr sheet rn to look, definitely proficient though. )


Ryuko will wander down to the dwarven quarter.

He feels a slight hesitation about letting Alice out of his sight, but Roop seemed capable. He has to keep reminding himself that she’s not just a little girl anymore and more powerful than anyone in their company.

Thinking of power, Ryuko pulls out Ashur’s wand and looks at it closely. She said it was her window into this realm she spoke to Erdan through it…

“Hello?” Ryuko says out loud to the wand, “Can you hear me in there?”

The Dragonborn holds the wand up to his ear as if he were trying to hear the ocean in a seashell.


Oh and Althaeas wisdom check, i think her wis is plus 3 but im not 100%, ill confirm when i get home.
Rolling anyway
d20: 20 +3


Materials to make a dagger + shortsword are 6 gold.
Forging weapons is an exacting art, make two dex rolls plus proficiency.


Obviously, the person to ask about trouble with Dwarves is a dwarf, but not just any dwarf - a particularly talkative dwarf is needed.

Althaea finds one such Dwarf, who appears to be unconcerned about the affair.

“Aye, I understand there’s a bruhaha brewin’.” Dolph Mightbrine crunches a carrot as he tends a set of bubbling beakers. “Some angry words have been bandied around, that’s a truth, and some folks are fixin’ to act on it. Why the interest? Elves don’t like to keep time with dwarven clocks, as they say.”


Instead of dex checks can i instead use my smiths tool proficiency?
Assuming yes add 8
Assuming no add 6

2d20: 1 + 18 = 19