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D&D5e [PBF] FIRELIGHT - Vol. 1


The soft earth crumbles, and the beast slides back down.

It blasts a massive cloud of blinding smoke in frustration!

Torica is in the way…
d20: 18 +7 reflex…


She rolls backwards out of the cloud’s reach.

Hal’s turn!


(We did, in fact dig a second pit! 30 feet from this one?)


[Yeah, the plan was to put it between the mound and the house in the distance, so Hal and Torica could be heading towards some sort of shelter…]

Hal stays just beyond the second pit (about 20 ft, close enough to be seen by the gorgon, but far enough to stay safe).

He focuses, yells “hey, big guy!”, grabs an arrow, and fires.


Hal’s Attack roll:

d20: 18 + 7

If hit, piercing damage + Hunter’s Mark:

d8: 3 + 3 + d6: 4


(The beast is down in the pit, so it’s a bit of a trick shot right now - disadvantage roll:)

d20: 13 +7




The arrow curves down into the pit, striking the beast on the forehead.

It isn’t dazed anymore, just angry.

2d20: 18 + 17 = 35 +5


It’s powerful forelegs push it up and out of the pit.

Torica is surprised by its reaction, and books it back around to where Hal is.

The gorgon then goes again, and charges forward!

d20: 1


It completely falls into the second trap! Rolling almost humorously on its back with a massive crash!




(this is supposed to be a scary monster, lol)

Hal’s turn!


[pratfalls aside…trying to ping this thing with arrows when it can decimate Hal with one swipe is plenty scary! Thanks goodness we dug these pits…]

Hal grits his teeth. He tries to assess just how close this thing is to finally falling.

“Torica, that’s our last fail-safe–I think we need to start offing it out of here, track the thing down as it’s wounded–if we can even get away. Can you run? Let’s head back to the house, taking turns to ping this thing if we can…”

Hal takes aim for the gorgon’s steaming face, fires, and runs back 30 ft toward the hut.


Hal’s Attack roll:

d20: 17 + 7

if hit, piercing damage + Hunter’s Mark:

d8: 4 + 3 + d6: 1


[survival roll to determine beast health?]


Hal’s Survival check to see how wounded the beast is:

d20: 11 + 3


Hal’s pretty sure the beast is on its last legs, and that it’s incredibly enraged.


Torica stands fast, and throws her last javelin.
“This beast will run straight through that stack of twigs. I’ll distract it, you keep hitting it from afar.”

d20: 1 +8
2d8: 8 + 5 = 13 +4


Torica slips again, ending up face first in the mud.

She groans in frustration.

The beast attempts to right itself and get out of pit 2:

d20: 5 +5


It gets rolled around, but can’t manage to get out of the pit.