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D&D5e [PBF] FIRELIGHT - Vol. 1


(Okay, then we’re all on the same day. Everyone adventure was one day and night. And Hal’s is ongoing. I was just trying to get my head back around the timelines!)


(its hard to know when a single day adventure takes us months to get through)


(I’m trying desperately to get the timelines all back into line, it’s quite the task!)


[any of those options are possible! There’s no real way for the beast to turn around to bite, though there’s room to stand beside it, but it can thrash and smash around, not to mention exude the blinding steam]


[okay, gonna go for something–think Hal has to get out of the pit, as any hit could probably take him down quickly…]

Hal does a quick assessment of the gorgon and the edge of the pit–his initial idea was to jump attack, then run up the stunned beast to get out of the pit. Since it’s moving now, that might not go as well.

So, if the gorgon is lined up in a way he could use it to quickly escape, he will leap on to it, scamper up its limbs like he used to scale and run across tree limbs back in the forest, and leap away to get back to ground level.

[What shall I roll? Acrobatics?]


Either acro or athletics!


[Given the choice, Hal say a little prayer and rolls…]

Hal’s Acrobatic’s check to hop on the gorgon out of the pit:

d20: 13 + 3


Success! Hal is on the high ground!
(I’d take that as your move, you can take an action)



Once he’s bounced off the gorgon’s back and landed on the top of the pit parkour-style, Hal turns, whips his longbow around off his shoulder, grabs an arrow, and fires!

Hal’s Attack roll:

d20: 9 + 7

If hit, piercing damage + Hunter’s Mark:

d8: 7 + 3 + d6: 4


Just hit!


d20: 17


The beast exhales a mighty blast, and it stands suddenly, throwing Torica (who was still on top of its shoulders) off.
d20: 7


She manages to land fine, but she’s still in the pit when the beast begins to thrash about!

4d20: 1 + 18 + 11 + 6 = 36




Torica is stomped and bashed into the wall, her blood flies everywhere.

4d10: 8 + 8 + 2 + 3 = 21 + 10


Torica coughs up bile and blood, and laughs horsely as she stands up. “Got some fight still, you bastard.”

She uses her polearm to vault out of the pit.

“Gonna be sore,” She smiles at Hal, “but I’m okay.”
(she doesn’t look good)
Hal’s turn.


Hal looks at Torica with relief, and glad she can take a hit. If he had stayed in the pit, it looks like he’d have died three times over.

“Here, take this,” Hal slaps the healing potion he bought from Ashlan days ago in Torica’s hand. “…if we keep this up, you’ll need it more than me–or you’ll need to use it on me.”

He grabs another arrow and fires for the gorgon’s head again, then taps Torica on the shoulder.

“Now it’s time to move,” Hal says as he takes off towards the second fall pit to try to lure the beast once it escapes. [we did dig two…?]


Hal’s Attack roll:

d20: 8 + 7

If hit, piercing damage + Hunter’s Mark

d8: 7 + 3 + [1d6]


[oops, messed up the Hunter’s Mark roll, but assuming it’s a moot point…]


The arrow gouges into the brass, but hits an area too think to penetrate.

The gorgon attempts to push its way up the side of the pit!

d20: 2 +5