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D&D5e [PBF] FIRELIGHT - Vol. 1


{Assuming Hal’s up after this? If so…]

Hal sees Torica dive in to the pit, and questions the wisdom of getting into a small, enclosed space with a huge brass monster that breathes hallucinogens…but Hal trusts Torica’s tactical decisions in this matter, plus if the beast is stunned, there’s a good chance Hal can climb back out before things get hairy…

Hal shoulders his longbow, grabs the exotic shortspear Torica sold him not long ago, and hoping to get a little more experience using it in battle, Hal runs for the beast in the pit, hoisting the spear with both hands above his head as he leaps towards the Gorgon’s back, and shouts Gwanno, gortheb lobor! “Die, horror-horse!”


Hal’s Spear melee attack roll:

d20: 3 + 3

If hit, piercing damage + Hunter’s Mark:

2d4: 1 + 2 = 3 + 3 + d6: 4


[yeesh–any chance there’s advantage for a attacking a stunned, flanked creature?]


(yeah, take advantage!)


Hal’s sure-as-heck-better-be-better-than-a-3-this-time attack roll (using advantage):

d20: 8 + 3


[…well, i guess I really can’t complain…that’s better…technically…]



(I don’t really want to interupt the fight, but Roop’s persuade roll d20: 7 + 4)


Torica is surprised that Hal followed her lead so precisely.
“Thought you were more of a ranged sort -”
She says as Hal’s point alignment doesn’t quite find purchase on the dense metallic hide.
“No worries, Hal, keep on it. The beast stirs!”
Torica strikes again, aiming for a joint in the beast’s neck.

2d20: 19 + 19 = 38 +8

2d12: 12 + 9 = 21 +4


The creature is downed, but it’s definitely supernatural how well Torica’s strike peels the brass apart.

2d12: 1 + 5 = 6 +4


A massive burst of steam burns Torica again, her hands and arms are looking raw now.

d6: 3


The beast’s eyes reignited, it begins to collect itself and stand up. Its movements are slower now, but its still very much alive!

Hal’s turn!


Mirk d20: 6 +3 or d20: 2 +3


Roop wins!


Alice looks down at her clothes. She’s wearing a very fancy dress that’s become soiled with use and is worn out in many places, and is still bedecked in an incredible amount of jewelry. She looks around at what other girls are wearing, and decides that Roop is right - before she does anymore adventuring, she best look the part!

“I should get better clothes first! I think I look very silly right now. I can sell these necklaces and rings to pay for them. Oh… Except this one.”
She carefully picks out a gold necklace with a smooth stone of jade in the center.
“This was mother’s.” She says simply.
She jumps off the chair and tugs on Roop’s vest. “Let’s go, let’s go! If we’re quick I’ll still have time to ride! Warden, you’ll come with, won’t you?”


“How about we let Mirk have breakfast first - he can join us at the Gnome and then we’ll go see about a horse. Gives you and me time to get you properly kitted out.” Roop gives her a broad wink.


Mirk nods. A quiet breakfast is as good as a rest.


(Is Hal and Torica’s battle happening on “this”’day, or was it “yesterday”?)


Hal shakes the dust out of his hair as he gathers himself and shouts “Rhaich!”

So much for practicing some spear skills and showing off a little to Torica…

Hal looks up at the edge of the pit. Too steep to climb? That damned Gorgon woke up faster than he thought.

[so…quick status update here. Ideally, Hal would like to find a way out of close combat–can he:

  • climb out of the pit?
  • climb up the gorgon some how (if it’s at all stunned) and use it to escape the pit?
  • stay in the pit and stay away from the gorgon’s mouth?
  • do any of these things without taking an opportunity attack?]


[I think time-wise, Hal and Torica are still a day or two behind? To my recollection, we all slept, then we set out on our individual missions–Hal walked to the gate, met the goblins, escorted them back to Lord Basil, ran back to the gate, tracked the gorgon to the mound, set up traps, and a night, started battle…that’s either a busy day, or happened over the course of two. Not sure how much time passed for the Alice adventure, or Roop. Of course, @sagantine will know, but that’s my recollection…]


(I think that as you had a night in the field, everyone is on the same day?)