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D&D5e [PBF] FIRELIGHT - Vol. 1


“None that I know of,” Ryuko says, “I… had a vision last night and while it doesn’t make much sense to me, I don’t think he’s dead, just… gone. Collected by his deity, as I understood it. With drow gods maybe death is better though.”

Ryuko shakes his head at the thought. “Nyaih, you’re the most well connected person I know. Have you heard of the name Gafigarn?”


“Hm. Maybe we can ask Torica about it? She’s drow, might have more insight about it.”
Nyiah shrugs at the name Gafigarn. “Not ringing a bell. What’s the context? I can get Geely to look into it, if you’d like. Someone you need to find?”

Alice is very excited by Roop’s attention, and a big smile comes back to her face. She sits comfortably in the chair, obviously very interested in dwarves. “Leather armour? Do I get to wear some?! Yes please! I don’t need breakfast, though. Not hungry. Can we get the armour now?!”

When Mirk appears Alice copies Roop’s gesture and hops off her chair to pull one out for the druid. “Goodmorning Warden.” She says respectfully. “I’ve never been on a horse… I was always too sick. But I’ve always wanted to learn!”

Nyiah looks through the bag of platinum from the Duke’s job.
“Well that’s quite the haul.” She looks very pleased. “Quite the haul indeed. Somehow the extra hassle worked out in our favor. I’ll make change of this - 100 for me, 225 for the four who remain. Althaea, I think you’re in at this point, but you’ll be paid once you’ve actually been on a job.
My share will be used to rent a base of operations for our crew. Where would you prefer to set up? Vetoing the Dwarven District, as a rule.”


“Appreciate that Ny.” Roop nods. “How about down at the docks? Nah, scrap that. Might be an okay place to run an operation, but it’ll be poor for visibility and actually getting any passing trade. Rent’ll be high, but how about with the merchants? That’s where all the buying an’ selling happens.”

To Alice:
“Since you’re sticking with us, best you look the part. Leather will turn the odd blade, plus it’s waterproof. My old jack is made for a dwarf, so it ain’t gonna fit you without some work, but it’ll be closer match than anything else. Unless we get something halfling sized? And you’ll need a dagger at least. Don’t suppose you’ve got anything but the clothes your wearing right? A trip to the Gnome is in order to get you fitted out I reckon.”

He gives her a broad wink and turns to address the rest of the table. “Unless anyone got any objections? She’s with us right, an’ we look after our own.”


Mirk scratches his chin. “Close to a gate would be ideal, passing folk and quick escapes.”

He beckons Alice. “If you are to accompany us you’ll need to ride, smaller legs and all. Let me introduce you and show you how we care for our four legged friends…”


“I need to make a delivery to this Gafigarn, but the name is unknown to me. The name… came to me in a vision.” Ryuko says embarrassed, “I know how it sounds, but as far as I can’t tell this sorcery business comes with visions as a package deal. They haven’t lead me too far astray yet… I’m going to get some food.”

Ryuko quickly gets up and inquires to Den about what breakfast he has on offer. He takes whatever grub he is sold and sits back down at the table.


Where does Alice go first? She’s excited about both options!
Mirk and Roop roll persuasion rolls - Mirk gets advantage for being the one she knows better.


Rolling some combat things!

d20: 7
d20: 2


Torica holds her actions until after the beast, which charges blindly forward!
After a few lengths the gorgon has already reached a great speed, its mechanical limbs squealing horrendously. It completely overlooks the pit, running straight into it - its great speed carrying it almost to the other side where it strikes with great force. The cloud dissipates, the beast seemingly stunned.


Torica runs over to the edge of the pit.
(how deep did we dig??)


The pit is not wide, but it’s about 15 feet deep.

Torica runs over to the edge.
“The beast is disabled, possibly temporarily. Let’s hit it hard while it can’t move!”
Taking her polearm in hand, she jumps into the pit point first, aiming for a killing blow.

2d20: 7 + 17 = 24 +8
2d12: 6 + 12 = 18 +4


With tremendous clang, Torica has struck a critical blow.

2d12: 11 + 3 = 14 +4

(she has an extra large critical threat range)


Steam pous out of the massive hole, burning her, though she doesn’t flinch.

d6: 6


[Hmm, a good question. I’d assume Hal and Torica would have had a decent idea about the size of the creature, based on tracking signs, and would have tried to dig at least as deep as the height of the poison on the trees, and considering its 2000 kg weight-- but I’m sure would have been limited in time and energy.

The goal probably would have been something at least man height, maybe 6 x 6 x 6 ft… assuming they had about 4 hours to prep, and could move a cubic foot of soil a minute–…that’s still a pretty heroic task. If pressed for time, they would have sacrificed width for depth… does that help?]


(I can easily move more than a cubic foot of soil a minute, and my strength would be only +2 in real game terms based on what I’ve read)


(But at that rate I’d be pooped in like 5 minutes)


(I just gave them a decent pit based off of your initial survival rolls)


[I’m with ya on that–I feel like I too could move a could move a cubic foot of dirt a minute-- at least for the first minute. After 200 or so minutes, I might be *slightly* slower… :sleepy:]


Woah a crit on a 17?! Thats a huge crit range. Level 20 champion fighters dont even crit on that.


[…psst! Same team!]



(Yep! Level 20 champion fighters also cannot:
spew blinding gasses
use disintegrating ray
or be the unique in universe character Torica, who crits on a 15+ (in melee only).
As a compensation, a level 20 champion fighter could still obliterate her.)