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D&D5e [PBF] FIRELIGHT - Vol. 1


[So spell + attack means 2 actions done?

If so, Hal will drop Hunter’s Mark on the Gorgon as a bonus action, and stand fast.]


Ryuko wakes from his dream vision and has a moment of confusion before recalling where he is and the previous day’s events. Rising, he takes a look at the wand and contemplates what Ashur’s motivations could be, but ultimately decides that fate will take it’s course.

Ryuko will seek out Alice. Exhaustion took its course last night and he didn’t have a chance to ensure she was set for the night.

“Gafigarn… Gafigarn,” Ryuko repeats under his breath as he seeks his new ward.

OOC: Does Ryuko recognize the name? History check?
d20: 2 + 1


“Had a strange and painful message from Hal. Geely reported that Hal helped Lord Basil a bit before going to track the Moor Beast. I have a feeling that the parameters of the Goblin thing might change, based on what I’ve heard.
As far as Ryuko, Erdan and Mirk, I have no idea. Hope to see them today.”
Nyiah is looking through a pocketbook.
“I was a little skeptical of the ‘split up and do everything’ plan. Hopefully nothing bad happens as a result.”


It only takes one second to find Alice. She’s sitting on a stool at the foot of the bed.

“I’m bored. Are you done sleeping? You were tossing and turning all night.”


Torica stands and hurls another javelin, spraying mud everywhere.

d20: 13 +8
2d8: 3 + 3 = 6 +4


The javelin flies true, and lodges in where the beast’s shoulder must be.

The beast seems like it won’t be ensnared for long, but the grasping vines do a bit of damage.

d6: 5

The beast attempts to break free. It is large, so gains advantage.

2d20: 20 + 11 = 31 +5


The beast easily snaps the vines, and turns back towards Hal and Torica. It puffs out a huge cloud and begins to walk towards the two, slowly picking up speed.

Hal’s turn!


Ryuko nods at Alice. “I was… somewhere else. My apologies, Alice, we should come up with something to engage you during the nights. Perhaps there’s something you’d like to try, or learn that wasn’t possible at your home? Think on it for the moment and let’s go see if anyone else has returned.”

Ryuko will leave the room and check the tavern for his fellow companions.


Roop stifles a yawn. “Inclined to agree. As I recall it, the plan was to just scout out an’ gather some info on each job, then reconvene to decide what to do first. I found a lead and kept following it too far. Too long working alone got me in the wrong mindset. But these aren’t simple thief jobs, and luckily Needle had my back. Imagine something similar probably happened to the rest.”

“Mebbe next time we get a glut of contracts, hold one or two back? We’re all learning at this, and the gang instinct isn’t meshed in yet. Too many choices will get folk picking what they want. Leadership of us lot starts with you Ny.” Roop grins at her to take away any sting from his words.

“Hey, there’s Scales now…” Roop waves over Ryuko to join them.


“I might have been overly enthusiastic. I have a lot of employees at the dockyards, and I pretty much stuff work down their throats until they collapse.”
She frowns at the thought of being the leader.
“Benefactor. I’m not your leader, Roop. Just the money and the paperwork, that’s all I want.”


“Ryuko! Good-morning! Where’s the other two? Who’s the urchin?” Nyaih looks pleased.
Alice peeks out from behind Ryuko. She’s never been in such a loud and strange environment.


“Nyaih, Roop, aaand new hire?” Ryuko asks as he takes roll-call at the table and reaches Althaea.

Ryuko sits down at the table and beckons Alice to do likewise. He sets down the payment from the Duke in front of Nyaih.

“The job’s done and I’ve made a new friend, meet Alice! I imagine the Warden is still sleeping it off. Erdan… won’t be returning.” Ryuko says.

Ryuko weighs the warning from the Duke about secrecy against how much respect he has for the Duke and begins to tell everyone what transpired yesterday. From their investigation, meeting Alice, discovering the horrors performed by Kerr, their confrontation with a Lich, Erdan’s dissapearance, and the aftermath with the Duke.

“Of course,” Ryuko grins revealing too many teeth as he looks at Althaea, “If any of this information were to get out it would be all of our heads.”

He lets the statement hang in the air for a moment before laughing. “Most importantly we have a new Adventurer in the company, Nyaih. She’ll need a badge, I imagine, and probably a codename. I’m thinking something liiiike, Nighthawk! What d’ya think, Alice? Or did ya come up with something better last night?”


“Yes hello my name is Althaea, and if we do run by codenames i dont think that nighthawk fits me very well. How about Grand Enchantress? Although im not yet a part of your little group yet. You guys will have to decide that after you see what i can do. Most of my specialty lies outside of fighting but i can promise i will be of use.”


Nyiah’s at a loss for words.
“Erdan’s gone, huh.”
She drums her fingers on the table, clenches her jaw, and then shrugs.
“Bad break. This is Althaea, an alchemist. I guess she’ll be Erdan’s replacement, if everyone is okay with that. Althaea, this is Ryuko, our sorcerer.”

“What about me?” Alice speaks up.
“Gods, I don’t know! What about you? I’m still struggling to process what Ryuko just told me. Well… If Mirk and Ryuko plan to keep you, we’ll have to do something to make you look less like a little elvish princess.”
Alice puffs out her cheeks at the word ‘princess’.


“He’s talking about me,” Alice sticks out her tongue. “Who cares about your codename?!”


“Well i dont think nighthawk fits you either. Thats mundane. What about Dread Empress?”
Althaea looks proud of that one


Hal looks hopeful as Torica’s javelin pierces the beast–but he also recognizes how lopsided this battle looks right now. How long can he and Torica ping this beast without getting gravely wounded? His ensaring vines trick clearly isn’t going to hold back a creature of this size. Probably would have been a good idea to bring a cleric along…

Hal decides to keep with the plan for now: he positions himself so that the camouflaged pit is between him and the gorgon.

With the guidance of his Hunter’s Mark, Hal lines up a shot, aiming for the monster’s face (hoping to find a more vulnerable target there, an eye, the mouth), and fires.

Then, Hal will put as much distance between himself and the gorgon (hopefully, the full 30 ft) while still doing everything he can to get the thing to run into the trap…


Hal’s attack roll:

d20: 14 + 7

If hit, Longbow damage + Hunter’s Mark:

d8: 6 + 3 + d6: 1 piercing


“Still means that you need to display some leadership.”

On hearing of Erdan’s loss Roop mutters “Frigid hells, that’s unfortunate.”

More loudly he speaks to Ryuko “You knew Erdan a bit from before right? Any family or dependants somewhere? Do we need to pass on some of his share of the contract to support them?”

As for Alice, Roop will pull out a chair and gestures for her to sit. “Hungry at all? How about after breakfast we go grab my old leather armour and see about getting it fitted to your size?”


Mirk wanders from his room, suitably refreshed.

“Alice, are you accustomed to the horse?”