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D&D5e [PBF] FIRELIGHT - Vol. 1


Ryuko strains his eyes, peering into the smoke.

Ryuko speaks, not taking his eyes off the shadows within the smoke, “When I was younger I had visions of a dragon… they coincided with the surfacing of my abilities. Lately, it’s just been the Voice and the odd, shadowy demon that wants to possess me… pretty standard stuff.”

Ryuko smiles at his own joke.

Perception Roll?
d20: 14 +1


Hal looks around at the ramshackle building before he and Torica hustle back to the mound. “It’s not much of a shelter, but it might be better than nothing…”

Hal’s used to tracking and hunting all sorts of game; it was standard practice for Ranger training in Taugthond. But not so much the bigger quarry–though creatures come in all sizes in Taugthond forest, the truly big game is hard to come by there.

As he eyes the mound in the distance, gradually getting bigger as he and Torica move with healthy speed towards it, he reflects that although he’s also studied and trained hunting those types of beast that exist outside the forest–those biggest existential threats, abherrations and monstrosities (the concern over which seemed to keep the leaders of Taugthond Monastery up at night, including his parents)–he’s not had much real world experience hunting and killing them. Up until recently, that is,when he and his companions in Blackthorn’s Company came across the pale masks.

He has a feeling whatever this creature is may well be of the same ilk–something ugly, something sinister from deep below and far outside the bounds of normality. He’s a bit edgy about that, but also energized, knowing that, if this is in fact a creature that does not belong here in this world, he can dispatch it.

Still, he’s hoping Torica has some good insight into wahtever the hell dug itself into that huge mound–her clear prowess with big baddies and history with the Underdark might come in handy here.

Or, if it’s just some overgrown carniverous garden worm, all the better to pepper it with arrows, drag back the carcass, get paid, and get back to the rest of the company.

As they near the mound, Hal says to Torica: “Okay, here’s what I’m thinking: we set up the snares just outside where the tracks stop. I’ll set up a blind between that spot and this path back up towards the shack, and in between that, we can dig a fall pit. I’ll warm up a little trick I learned back in town from my Ranger mentor (Ensnaring Strike) which will hopefully slow down whatever comes out even more. As a failsafe, let’s set up one more fall pit between the mound and the shack in case we have to hoof it for some sort of cover…doesn’t sound too crazy?”

“…and, any chance that, along with your camouflaging, you can conjure up some sort of cow-shaped image? Might even throw some jerky from my rations on top…”


Hal’s 3 Survival rolls, with advantage:

#1: d20: 13 + 3…or…d20: 8 + 3

#2: d20: 18 + 3…or…d20: 13 + 3

#3: d20: 11 + 3…or…d20: 11 + 3


As Ryuko strains to see what is going on in the haze he feels like his head is spinning. The Voice is suddenly clear again.
Bring the spear to GAFIGARN.
He will give you a gift.

Ryuko can feel that he is about to wake up. Ashur tries to fit in some last words as the vision fades.
“Please take my wand… I can help you…”

Ryuko awakes, Ashur’s Spike is now attuned to him, at level 1. +2 Damage for any spell cast with the Spike.


Torica pulls out a book. The pages look empty, but they flip open magically to a specific page and writing appears. “Based on what we’ve seen thus far, I believe I have figured out what we’re about to fight. The hoof prints, bite marks, and the gait of the creature indicate one thing: the creature is a man-made construct, possibly some format of gorgon. Everything is too even and perfect. The shape of the bite is unfamiliar, some large carnivore, the hooves and gait are definitely that of a large bull. We will find the creature easy to trick, but hard to damage. Keep your distance and avoid its charge. I believe that it emits a stupifying vapour - breathing it in would end with a good trampling.”

Hal and Torica set up a solid bevy of traps. Fine yet incredibly strong wires with razor sharp loops are ready to inflict incredible damage to the creature’s feet and ankles, the pits are dug and camouflaged (Torica isn’t super strong, but she doesn’t seem to tire), and the blinds are convincing enough to trick a beast.

As a finishing touch, Torica generates the image of a cow, grazing idly.

Then, they wait.

Once the sun has fully slipped beneath the horizon (and Torica breathes a sigh of relief), they both hear a rumbling from deep beneath the earth.

The pounding of huge metal hooves becomes clearer and clearer, and soon the creature comes into view. With a thunderous rapport the mound is blasted apart and a brass monster, wreathed in venomous smoke, emerges from the hole.

It has the head of a grotesque and disturbingly human-esque shark, and the body of mighty bull. Steam bellows from between its rows of dagger-teeth - one good bite would cut a man in half.

It charges straight out of the tunnel, towards the cow, mouth open. Two snares manage to entangle its ankles, one snaps immediately, but the second strikes in mid stride, bringing the creature down hard into the earth.

Roll initiative!


[If it’s legit, Hal would have began incanting Ensnaring Strike the moment the dirt started shifting…]

Hal’s Initiative roll:

d20: 9 + 3


d20: 20 +8

Brass Gorgon
d20: 16


[ooh, don’t wanna botch the flow here–but can I invoke some UA Ranger skills? Namely, the Natural Explorer bit about advantage on initiative, and having advantage attacking creatures that have not yet acted?

Almost forgot about that stuff…don’t think I’ve got a great chance of beating 16, but might be worth a try…]


alright, I’ll take the like as a “yes”…or just ignore if not. Here goes nothing…

Hal’s Advantage Initiative roll…

d20: 1 + 3


[Hah! if I would have bet money on rolling a 1 just then, I could have bought a whole new set of dice!

Alright, never mind me, carry on…]



(It’s a yes, also LOL)


The beast is 60 feet away (facing away from the two), the pit is between Hal/Torica and the beast @ the 30 foot mark.

Torica plants her pike in the ground and readies a long javelin, which she places in the butt of an additional specially curved piece of wood. Twisting her entire body into a flip-like throw, she hurls the javelin with incredible force, aiming for the joints in its neck.

d20: 1 +8
2d8: 5 + 2 = 7 +4


While everything starts quite cool, the fertile earth betrays her, and she slips catastrophically in the middle of her throw. The javelin sails sadly off into the distance, and Torica is looking up into the sky from the mud.

“Lolth…” She curses.


The gorgon rises and snorts. It attempts to rip the wire off of its leg.

d20: 17 +6


The gorgon blasts out purple smoke, cloaking its form in the darkness. It begins to walk in the direction of Hailagrheim, apparently heedless of the delicious looking cow in front of it.

“Get its attention!” Torica shouts at Hal. “It must be designed to attack the city - it will need to perceive us as a threat!”


(@clg6000 forgot that Hal was incanting ensnaring strike, he could have done that as a sneak attack. I’ll give you an extra action this round to reflect Hal’s preparedness.)


[ooh! I always welcome the opportunity to botch more!..thanks!]

Hal finishes calling for the vine spirits to inhabit his longbow, and kisses his next arrow. He stands up from the blind, and yells at the great brass beast, trying to coax it back towards the pit:

“…HEY STINKY! Yeah YOU, ya big fat GORGON! Put a CORK IN IT!” He nocks, aims, breathes and looses…


Hal’s Attack roll (w/ Ensnaring Strike, if it hits…)

d20: 16 + 7


[Whee! I’m guessing the big guy will break out of the vines, but I think this damage is probably still good…]

Hal’s Damage roll:

d8: 7 + 5 (piercing)


The arrow punches through the brass of the creature’s back, and vines encircle it, halting its advancement for now.

Through the haze, the fiery orbs of its eyes can be seen as it turns its head back to Hal.