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D&D5e [PBF] FIRELIGHT - Vol. 1


“well, for demonstrations i would need a a place to safely burn things, and things to burn OR we could go to a hospital and i could give healing to people with injuries and wounds, but not diseases. You said you were stabbed and poisoned? would you like a healing potion?”
Althaea reachs into the bag on her right and pulls out a vial of light pink liquid.
“I can make as many of these as i need to, but they only work on a person once a day. I could heal a whole room full of people and not run out. I can do similiar things with small firebombs and acid vials, thought those dont have the once a day restriciton that my potions do. I also have flashbangs, though i can only make those one every minute. If you wanna know how i can tell you but it might be a little boring unless your into these kinds of things.”

Althaea looks kinda shy about spouting so much in front of strangers then lights up as she remembers something.

“oh im also as good a smith as i am a tinker and alchemist, so i could forge you and dagger or two if you want a demonstration in that senes. Is there an archer in your group? i imagine you would, and i could make him a trick arrow or two if you allow me to get materials and the tools. Unfortunately i do not have enough gold to purchase my own just yet.”


Ryuko is surprised at Alice’s comment and makes a mental note to ask her about it later.

“You are correct,” Ryuko snaps, “It is no business of yours. This day has been long and trying and the hour is late.”

Ryuko drains his cup and looks to Alice. “Shall we secure our rooms for the night?”

OOC: if I’m following the timeline, we’re currently at the night before Roop, Nyiah, and Althaea Meeting?


The Reeve salutes Mirk. “Well met, countryman! I’m sorry to say, but my story is just more woe from the East. Crops are bad, women leavin’ for greener pastures and handsomer men, and,” here he becomes serious, and the twinkle fades from his eye, “the pestilence spreads. Further, and further.”


Alice nods and rises from her seat. The guard frowns, but seems to be too tired to pursue the matter farther.

After securing rooms, Ryuko falls asleep as soon as he hits the mattress.
(Dream cutscene tomorrow!)

(It is indeed the night before! You may determine when you awake, with the knowledge that Ryuko has a very disturbed sleep!)


“Demonstration can wait until there’s a few more of our illustrious company gathered. Though I like the sound of a flashbangs.”

Roop gives a thoughtful nod as he says this, imagining the uses of such items.

“Contact for Flintfinger has been completed. Soon as the old stump confirms no more attacks are happening, he’ll pay up. However, 'cause of my membership, Blackthorn Company are now apparently blacklisted by the local dwarves. Least those who care about honour and the like. On the other hand, we got a good in with some mercs. Captain Hamm and his second, Needle; they owe us for a favour.”

Roop scratches his beard. “There’s other stuff rumbling on too Ny. Dwarves are running around like their forge is burning cold, lot of weapons getting moved around. Those attacks were set up by some elf up in the high estates, using half-orc thugs as muscle, just like those who were arming the gangs down in the low slums. The elf is running distraction plays, keeping the city on edge as he looks at the peace conference. Goes by the name of Anthar, an’ he’s staying with Lord Tamish. Feels like things are going to keep escalating in the city. I assume that you’re overjoyed at the possible job opportunities that might open up, but it might be worth considering cutting and running until this all blows over?”


Hal’s Survival check:

d20: 16 + 5


Sorry that was only + 3…so just a mere 19…:slight_smile:


Ryuko feels that familiar dread as he is pulled into a vision of fire, darkness, and the voice.

But he is not alone.

He is concious, for the first time, of his place in the dream. He’s standing on a mountain top, looking down into the bursting caldera of an unleashed volcano. The smoke, ash and molten rock is thick in the air, like a screen, but sometimes great shadows flash through. A dragon is fighting something, something that seems to be matching it, power for power.

Beside him, looking down on the same scene as he is, is an albino elf. She’s as bewildered as he is. To his surprise, she seems to be floating - her arms and legs are merely short stumps. The moment he appears to notice this contradiction in physics, she is now face down in the earth.

“Gods…” The elf rolls over. “So you’re not insane, then.” Her incredibly long hair is tangled all over, and she tries to blow it off her face.
“This… Is humiliating. Assistance… At this point, would be appreciated.”


The hand has been here for a long time. The wear on the brass dagger and the ring indicate possibly 50 years or longer.


Ryuko starts when the elf falls out of the air.

“Oh, I’m not going to write off insanity just yet.” He says before helping the elf into a sitting position and brushing the hair out of her face.

“This is much… more… than what I usually experience.” Ryuko says, “Who are you? And where are we?”


Also of note, the cut doesn’t have the tooth-bitten shape. The bites out of the animals had the unmistakable round profiles of a tooth-based wound. This looks like it’s unrelated.


"That’s fine, Roop. It was expected sooner or later. We don’t need their business. Getting an in with local mercs is always nice, anyways. Look at you, making friends! I didn’t expect such a quick return out of these jobs - in fact, I expected

Too bad about about Xeet, though. Hopefully his stomach is as persistant as his neck."

She tries to hide her joy when hearing the news of more trouble in the city. Putting on her most innocent face, she tries to convince Roop that ‘helping people is its own reward’.

“We can’t exactly skip out of town right now, can we? We’ve been specifically contracted to protect the dwarven ambassador! Missing that would be a huge mistake, I think.”


Hal recognizes that the owner of this particular hand lost it some time ago, though how is still a mystery.

After scouring around for other signs of something capable of severing, and being satisfied his own hand will stay attached if he reaches for the skeletal hand, Hal picks up the bit of remains and removes the ring and dagger. Might be some sort of clue, he supposes.

He remembers the ID ring he got from the Duregar passages, and conjures up the wizard to figure out what the items might be.

Once done, Hal says to Torica, “well, unless you see anything in here sturdy enough to attach your snares to that we can drag back out to the mound, I’d suggest we head back there and start digging some trap pits. I might be able to use these chairs to rig up a blind of a sort, just inside bow range of the mound. I’m tempted to stay here–but I’m afraid we’ll be too far away to do much of anything if our mystery beast emerges.”


The elf’s paper white skin is flushed with embarrassment. “I’m unaccustomed to this kind of informal situation.” She tries to collect her thoughts, apparently unaffected by the thunderous combat before them.
“Ashur is my name, and you have my wand. It contains my very blood, and a measure of my power. I bid you use it, and… Lolth this doesn’t feel right. I’m normally chained to a chair, keeping me eye-level. Can you… Stand so I can stare into your eyes? GODS, nevermind that would be so awkward.”
She wriggles around a bit. Ryuko guesses that her situation might have rendered her a little crazy.
“When I get my arms back…” She trails off into venomous mumbles.
After a moment of cursing she sighs. “We’re in your vision, a vision meant for you, anyways, to answer your second question. For whatever reason, instead of the normal magic of my wand, which projects you into my… home, I was projected into this half-way point along with you. This isn’t a normal dream. It’s being… inserted into your mind, like a painting put into an empty frame.”
She’s suddenly angry. "And anyways, what’s your name?! I’m the mysterious one, what am I doing answering your questions willy nilly the first time we talk?! That’s not how this works.


“Aye, an’ that’s the worry since this elf is planning to make a play at that meeting…”


Ryuko is unsure of where to be as Ashur speaks and decides on sitting next to her, watching the shadows clash in the smoke.

“I am Ryuko of the Kimbatuul tribe, or what is left of them.” He says when she asks his name, “This seems an appropriate end to the mad day I’ve had, but if I am to lose my mind I am at least thankful for your company.”

Ryuko digests what Ashur has told him. “So… you’re in my vision because I am in possession of your wand… My companion, Erdan, the drow… he used your wand. Did you speak to him as well? Do you know what happened to him? Alice said he wasn’t dead… just gone.”

Piecing this information together in his mind, Ryuko is becoming suspicious of Ashur and her request to use the wand.


“I am afraid both items are foreign to me. They look like valuable ceremonial items, but sadly, unmagical.” The wizard disappears, thankfully only using one use for two items.

Torica has fashioned long wooden stakes, which she hopes will be effective to tether the snares.

“At least we know what direction the animal leaves at. Should be easy enough to position the traps.”

(tell me what Hal’s plan is, and make 3 survival rolls w/ advantage)


“Sure, but that was always going to be the case. He’s probably the one who attacked the ambassador in the first place. Now that we know more about what’s coming, we’ll have an edge to stopping him!”


“Right. Remind me about that ‘edge’ later when we’re all toasting to a job gone well, and I’ll do the same if it goes south.” Roop takes a deep pull on the mug of ale in front of him.

“Where we at with those contracts anyway? Warden, Scales and the Warlock went to see about the Vicard job, Hal went to see about the monster. That just leaves the ambassador protection thing, and something about goblins right?”


"Of course we talked. He used my wand, I’m very interested in what my wand is doing. I paid dearly to leave it behind, and it is my only window into the mortal realm.

A warlock though, that drow. Never liked warlocks. To be servile to a higher power is antithetical to the very core of wizardry.

The power he served came for him. I do not know why, but I could feel spectral cold and fathomless despair encircle him, and then he was gone. Shame, was just starting to reconsider my prejudice.

You’re a sorcerer, though. You have the blood. I give my wand, and a portion of my power to you. Use it how you will, but if you continue to seek power, I will unlock its secrets to you. And perhaps I will learn some interesting things through you. You’ve seen this vision before, yes?"