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D&D5e [PBF] FIRELIGHT - Vol. 1


The meeting with Flintfingers is exactly as tense as Roop would expect.

A middle-aged dwarf with rough hands, dark, perpetually furrowed brows and a thick north-Gurranhal accent answers the door. He’s courteous at first, though as any dwarf would he soon recognizes the traits of the unnamed.
He doesn’t invite Roop inside, and his distrust is palpable.

“Well, so you’ve solved these attacks, have yeh? Tell me, Manngi (meaning ‘nobody’ i.e. a nameless dwarf), how was it accomplished? What proof have you?”


The page looks about conspiratorially and speaks in hushed tones. “Some kind of mystic, one of those fighting masters from far away. No-one really knows what they do, but Yugan - and well, this is just a rumour, really, Yugan said a lot of things… Well, when Yugan walked in on them two weeks ago he said that Master Venroos was beating Ms. Blackthorn to death with his bare hands! Yugan did the natural thing and rushed to her defense, and she fired him on the spot! Just minutes later, she had no sign of being injured at all, of course.”
He glances around the noisy crowd once more, in that unique way one does when they are gossiping.
“But Yugan could have been lying to cover his own mistake. He always told the tallest tales.”


Ryuko takes Alice’s amulet and ties it around his wrist, beside his focus crystal. He nods at Mirk’s goals. “We are similar in some respects then Warden. My home was defiled too, but it is my family that needs restoration…” Ryuko trails off at the thought for a moment.

“Ah! But the future is uncertain and there is no changing the past! Best to live in the moment and that is the Tally Ho, Alice! It’s a fine little tavern and food and sleep may not interest you much now, but there is always entertainment to be found in such places! And if the other members of our company have had a quarter of the excitement we’ve encountered there will be tales!”


Althaea is clearly intrigued.
“well i suppose we just wait outside then. When she is done with Master Venroos, should we enter separately? Would you like to go first?”


Alice looks between Ryuko and Mirk. She’s not sure who to emulate more, the driven and plainspeaking druid, or the affable dragonborn.

d20: 6
d20: 3


Gonna go ahead with rolls in case they’re helpful…

Hal’s Nature check to check poison recognition: d20: 2 + 0

Hal’s Survival check to continue tracking the beast after its tracks disappear: d20: 12 + 3


As the carriage heads towards the tally-ho, Alice is quiet and lost in thought. She remains conflicted between being deliberate about her future, and more relaxed.

The carriage arrives at the Tally Ho without further incident.

(Consider that the end of ‘Trouble at Vilgard Manor’. The party gains Alice as a Ward. She is a tremendously powerful ally, but her alignment is fluid. Her current alignment is chaotic neutral. She is incredibly impressionable and will change with continued influence. If you’d like to influence her in a specific direction, persuasive conversation will do the trick (make a persuasion roll). Also, for finishing an almost 6 month adventure, take a level as a reward!)


Hal doesn’t recognize the poison.

He does notice that there is a ‘splash pattern’ around the mound - the grass has been flattened all around the mound, like the mound was spread out on the ground, and was recently gathered back into the hill.

Torica walks up to the mound and pokes it with the butt of her polearm. The earth is soft.
“I didn’t think to bring any camping supplies, save for a bit of jerky. Not that I mind going without. Though… I just realised that there’s nothing to sit on.” She looks down at her well-fitted leather boots, which are sinking a few inches into the fertile earth. Torica is obviously not keen to get dirty.
With additional survailing, Hal notes that four or so miles further northeast there is a little stand of trees, and a small house.


Roop shrugs and starts to light his pipe. “Job’s done. You can argue with Nyiah 'bout paying the contract all you like, that’s on your honour. Best evidence will be in the next few days, when no more attacks happen. No more big cloaked half-orcs in masks with heavy clubs threateningly your interests.” There’s perhaps some detail there that isn’t causally known.

Roop produces the note from the Guildmaster, stating Needle was under his protection, and shows it to the dwarf. “Figured you might want fair warning 'bout who was behind it.The ringleader carried that. There’s a bunch of mercs not too happy with the Guildmaster, and this whole thing might give them some momentum to shake things up a bit.”


The dwarf is listening attentively, though Roop’s disaffected manners make Braugn more hostile, not less.
“It’s no surprise that the mercenary guilds would side with the merchant guilds. Guildies always back other guildies. Heads will roll for this.” He spits, “Well, you’re certainly right about one thing, we’ll see very soon if you’re a liar. If the attacks truly cease, I’ll bring the money to the half-elf myself. But mark my words, Manngi, as long as you’re part of her crew, this will be the last time the Blackthorns get dwarf business in this city.” He spits again, and slams the door in Roop’s face.


(That’s the end of ‘The Mercenary’s Menace’. Note that the party now has good relations with Captain Hann, and with Needle, both of whom would aid the party if needed.

Level up, Mr. Roop!)


Roop wipes the spit off and takes a draw on his pipe, blowing out a smoke ring. Ach, not like this weren’t gonna happen at some stage. Ny knows I’m a sore subject for other dwarves. He starts to wander back to the Tally Ho, cutting out from the Dwarven quarter as fast as possible.


Oh: Torica doesn’t recognize the poison either, though she does note (after touching it herself) that it appears to have more of a hallucinogenic quality than an entirely poisonous one.


((3rd level - that means picking an archetype right? Plus extra HP))


“Oh, that doesn’t matter - I forgot you’ve never seen Nyaih work. The whole lot of us will go in at once, and she’ll sort it all out. That’s the way she likes it.”
After about 20 minutes, the door opens and Master Venroos departs. The pages and messengers respectfully part to make a path for him, and while he is present there is an awkward silence. He looks peaceful and kindly as always, but no-one moves until he fully disappears down the stairs.
The moment he is gone, everyone rushes in, and Althaea is swept in with the press.

Nyaih’s office is full of shelves and desks, which are soon occupied and manned by all manner of employees. A veritable maelstrom of business dealings and paper signings goes in here, and in the middle of it, Nyaih Blackthorn sits as the queen. Every page seems to have a semi-demeaning nickname, and they are soon sent right back out the door again with new parcels and missives. A tomboyish (though looking pretty in her new wig, some of the pages note) half-orc girl flits in with way too much to say, is silenced, and sent out again with an odd shaped statuette of a fish-god and a disappointed expression. Seals and signatures are pressed and signed, and if one is paying close attention, some of the signatures and seals are not Nyaih’s.

It doesn’t take long for Nyaih to notice the elf. She beckons, sizing Althaea up. She smirks at Althaea’s clothes. “Fine leather. You’re far from home, Coaster, what brings you to my office?”


((Indeed! No need for trainers this time, though. Doesn’t really make sense story-wise…))


Checking for any other signs of going to or from the mound (perhaps from earlier days), Hal asks Torica, “…you didn’t happen to bring any big game traps, did you?”

Hal pokes the ground with his foot. “Hmm. Well, I don’t mind bedding down here, but if you think we can make it to that house and back before nightfall, we might be able to scrounge up something to make shelter there…and maybe get some more info on the beast, while we’re at it.”

[Assuming they’ve got a couple hours before nightfall, Hal and Torica will go to the house. If not, Hal will use his equipment (bedroll, rope, backpack, etc.) to fashion a small shelter/stand where they could stay in some small comfort, but also have a reasonable chance of remaining concealed.]


“Well Miss Blackthorn, I heard you were looking for an alchemist to join your adventuring team. Figured you would want the best around, but maybe i could get you to settle for me. I can produce a seemingly endless supply of healing potions, however they only work once per person per day. I can do a similiar thing with Acid, Firebombs and flashbangs, without the per person restriction.” As Althaea is talking about this she pulls such items out of her bag to demonstrate, but does not throw any around.

"I am aslo quite a capable poisoner, smith, enchanter and tinkerer should i get my hands on any materials and recipes. And as you can see here, i have created my very own bag of holding. She gestures to the bag, which looks noticeably more elegant then others she might have seen.


Mirk and Ryuko arrive at the Tally Ho at maybe 4 in the morning. As soon as they have exited the carriage, it leaves again without any fanfare.
A single light is burning in the lantern over the sign of the Tally Ho, but the rest of the Inn is dark.
Alice is wide-eyed.
“Who lives here? Is this your house?” She directs the question generally to Mirk and Ryuko. She’s never seen anything like an Inn before.


Make 2 perception rolls to pick up gossip on the way back to the Tally!