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D&D5e [PBF] FIRELIGHT - Vol. 1


Torica doesn’t have much experience with above ground tracking, and the sun makes her vision poor, but she’s got a sharp inquisitive mind. Together, Hal and Torica find:

No immediate threats, indeed all animal life appears to have vacated the area.

The tracks are pretty large and obvious. Huge, deep impressions lead off into the fields to the north-east. Oddly, they look like the hoof of a bull or a cow, but larger. Judging by the size and the depth of the depression, the creature must be greater than 2,000 kg in weight.
There’s obviously only one creature, moving at great speed, causing destruction and death among the livestock, but not staying to feed or to drag off its victims. The massive chunks out of the cows are fully missing, so it does appear to have some appetite.
Searching around the grounds, some of the higher plants and objects that the creature plowed through are covered in a thick, oily liquid, with a purplish tinge.
Hal and Torica note that there’s no cover nearby for a large creature, nor in the direction that it seems to be coming from.


Hal rubs some of the oily, purple-tinged liquid between his thumb and finger. He sniffs it briefly, searching for recognition.

“So…looks like we’re hunting some sort of giant, steak tartar-loving, gross slime mega beast.” He says to Torica as he wipes his hand clean on the closest clean-looking foliage. “…gross.”

He points to the path to the northeast. “I guess we go this way? Best to keep out of sight as much as possible. I’d hate to bump into our big slimy friend as a surprise”. Hal leads the way, constantly scanning the distance for signs, as he was taught so long ago by his elf ranger teachers at Taugthond. It’s much less work that it might seem–in fact, it’s a natural state of being for Hal, who looks quite content to be in this element.


“Well that is very fortunate, i shall head there immediately. I appreciate the assistance Maless and will be sure to stop by often. Borrowing and creating and such. And do not worry, I’ll make sure to show those Golden Pane fools what real alchemy looks like, without revealing and trade secrets.”

With a wink and a wave goodbye she heads out the door down to the docks to search for the Blackthorn Adventuring company office.

Investigation to find the place? or is it pretty easy

Ignore this if it doesnt apply
d20: 18 +6


Roop has no problem finding such a chimney in this dwarf-dominated area.

Make 3 perception rolls!


Roop rolling Perception
d20: 19 + 2
d20: 18 + 2
d20: 9 + 2


(Roop is clearly getting tired by that last roll)


Alice seems to shake herself out of the emotional funk very quickly.
“Livelihood? Lodging? I… I have no clue what I want to do. I don’t need to eat, drink, or sleep. What do I do with a house? What do I spend money on? I’ve never even been outside the castle grounds. What do normal people do?”


“Thank-you Ryuko.” Alice smiles at him. “The way you talk is so… Sunny. It makes me feel brighter already. What’s the Tally Ho?”


(Not sure is this one got lost in the shuffle?)


Alice casts detect magic. A scrying spell is being used on the carriage.
“Sneaky wizards.” Alice performs a quick incarnation and casts dispel magic.


Alice considers Ryuko’s words for a long time.
Wordlessly she shuffles through the chains on her neck and pulls out the plain amulet, handing it to Ryuko.


Hal feels a strange sensation when he touches the oil. For a brief moment his vision fogs up, but soon returns.

The trail leads nearly straight, and is easy to follow for now. The wheat is but stubble and chaff at this time of year, and the footprints are clear in the loamy ground.

The fields give way to a rocky plain after about 4 hour’s travel. The footprints are less clear, but still no problem for Hal to follow. They appear to be leading to a small hill, conspicuous in the flats, that looks man-made.

Torica has no problem keeping pace, but her poor vision in the light is obviously irritating her.
“I hope all this day travel is worth it. I was going to wait until night, myself. But maybe the beast sleeps during the day and we can catch it by surprise.”

The tracks lead directly into the mound. There is no evidence of any door, the footprints just seem to disappear once they reach the dirt.

The little dirt hill is about 30 feet high and 50 feet in diameter. It’s obviously artificial, only sparse grass grows on the top.


Mirk Smiles. “Better themselves, or make the world better.” He holds up his hands. “Which path to take?”


It does take some navigation to find Nyaih’s office in the dockyards. The blackthorns are not yet well-known, but Althaea manages to find a page in green livery on his way to the docks who is actually on his way to Nyiah with a package.

The dockyards are quite expansive, the full wealth of Carrandale is on display in the massive warships and trading vessels being constructed here. Nyiah’s office is in a tall, many-tiered building with a lighthouse operating out of the top. She’s in the third from the top tier, and gets the whole floor to herself. Pages and other attendants bustle to and fro here, along with engineers, laborers, merchants, and a great crowd of sailors. Althaea is mostly unnoticed in the crowd, though a burly sailor she passes whistles and winks at her, with a gold-toothed smile.

Following the page upstairs past the various commisions, firms and guilds leads to a small crowd of impatiently waiting pages outside Nyiah’s door.
“Great.” Althaea’s guide looks exasperated. “She’s with Master Venroos. She’ll not be done 'till she’s done, and she’s a right demon from pandemonium when interrupted. Doubtless she’ll blame me for being late, too.”
There is a melodic ringing sound eminating from the office.


There’s always someone working in a dwarven town, and this subsection of Hailagrhiem is no exception. Roop is awakened briefly by a dwarf hurrying past with a cart fully stocked with weapons. Roop knows the look on his face. The quintessential look of a dwarf with a grudge.

A little later he sees the same cart coming back, now empty, with a different dwarf at the helm, the other dwarf following. The light from their torches glint off pins on their cloaks, a hammer and an axe, crossed.

He falls into a deep sleep, and does not wake again until morning.


After yawn and a stretch, Roop will clamber back down to street level and approach Flintfinger’s house again, and will knock at the door at a more respectable time for a visit than the middle of the night.


Alice looks thoughtful. “Which do you choose, Warden?”


Althaea will wait patiently outside the office and chat with the man.

“Master Venroos? Who is he?”


Beyond my control. I went to better myself, and when I returned my game had become a wasteland, now I seek to find a way to rebuild the land, make my
Own part of the world a place the common man can call home once again.


As Hal’s vision blurs, he thinks back again to his studies of native animal biology–what kind of poison is this? He asks Torica if it sounds familiar to her. [Nature?]

As he and Torica approach the mound, qnd Hal notices the tracks disappear, he stops [about as soon as he recognized they’re gone…about 30ft. away?]

“That’s very odd,” he muses, scanning the edge of the dirt. Where did such a big creature disappear to? Hal redoubles his tracking efforts, suspecting the creature somehow entered…or made?.. the mound…[Survival?]

“Torica, you may have had the best plan after all. If we can’t figure where this beast has gone to, maybe we should just wait here until night fall, when something is likely to appear…”