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D&D5e [PBF] FIRELIGHT - Vol. 1


[Somehow I managed to dodge the ShuxPlague 2018 edition–just an occassional sneeze once I arrived home–but my condolences to @sagantine and all of the other stricken.

And, as for live D&D ay SHUX with our amazing DM (also a real-life very cool guy)–well, it was, in a word, amazing!

Full disclosure: it was totally my very first live RPG experience (unless you count a series of mostly awkward murder mystery dinners I participated in when they were popular in the early nineties). Given that, I might be biased–but, it is still 100% true that it was also the highlight of my weekend, and perhaps one of my favorite gaming experiences ever! Can’t believe I’ve been missing out all this time!

It was so fun, after the first session on Saturday, we all really wanted to squeeze in one more round on Sunday before closing ceremonies–which we missed (because they kicked them off early), but I don’t regret that in the slightest.

And what was even cooler is that our live session was in the Firelight universe, so we got to explore another corner of the map that we haven’t experienced yet here.

In short: so glad @sagantine wandered into the forums here last year and kicked this whole thing off!

I also got to say hi to @jgf1123 briefly–sad ly we couldn’t coordinate our schedules to play more, but great to meet in real life. Hopefully, Xeet will return!

Given my whole experience, I am motivated to suggest again finding a way to play live online together. Maybe google hangouts? Honestly, I think the technology isn’t the biggest hurdle-- it’d be coordinating a time we were all available. But, if we could find some time, I’d have a hard time imagining it wouldn’t be worth it.]


I would totally be down for a live game. It looks like cfong might be trying to start one here:


(I was hoping to do some live stuff with the gang here! As tempting as joining that game would be, I can’t commit to mondays! It REALLY tempts me. I love playing. But I’d love to so some live games with y’all, especially to get through some plot a little faster!)


The duke nods at the two, and kneels before Alice, placing a hand on her head.
“I hereby revoke all of your claims on the Vilgard name, inheritance, lands, and titles, until such time - if it ever comes to pass - that the curse of undeath is lifted from you.”
Alice doesn’t speak, and doesn’t move when the Duke gives her a stiff embrace. The look on his face is incredibly painful, but Alice looks even worse. Tears run down her cheeks, darker than they should be, but she seems determined not to return the Duke’s affection. After a tense moment, the Duke rises and addresses the two adventurers.
“I will hold these oaths as binding.” He looks grim. “And I will pray to the gods for mercy on your souls. Even I do not know what awaits you as you follow this path. I sense, though, a destiny awaits both of you, if your steps remain true.”

The Duke ushers the party down to the carriages personally. Evidently he doesn’t want his servants to notice Alice’s departure. Alice and him do not speak again. He relieves Mirk and Ryuko of their ghost-fighting artifacts, but doesn’t take Ryuko’s new spear.

He produces a heavy bag of coins, and a thin wand inlayed with coloured crystals, indicating that he will count the contract fulfilled. The wand has small symbols in silver filigree over the crystals.
He explains its use as he touches Alice’s head.
A crystal flashes yellow in the center of the wand.
“This wand will reveal the alignment of any creature you touch, twice a day. It is a useful tool, but especially to monitor one such as this. This crystal indicates that Alice is predisposed to neither good nor evil - she is neutral in nature. Beware if it shifts towards the red crystal.”
A dark coach without any of the normal finery and frippery is available immediately at the duke’s call. It’s small, but still comfortable, and the driver asks no questions. The duke simply makes a hand signal, and the carriage leaves as soon as boarding is complete.

The duke stands and watches as the carriage goes out of sight.
Inside the bag are 100 platinum pieces.

(Job done! But can everyone make a perception roll!)


Ryuko Perception Roll:

d20: 6 + 1


The dragonborn smiles, an extremely toothy smile, and ushers Althaea into the workshop.
“Welcome to Hailagrhiem, Althaea. I’m Maless, a senior alchemist of the Adder. Let me give you a tour in return for enduring my shibboleth. Spies are everywhere these days, especially the Golden Pane. Unsuccessful as they may be, any irritation can be disastrous during delicate work. Come, come!”
Maless is gigantic, as many dragonborn are, though what is most striking about him is his incredibly precise diction. He seems to delight in each word as it comes out, yet he also seems to take pride in the speed at which they are delivered.
He leads Althaea through the entrance into a large open workspace. Benches and tools and devices of all manner fill every available space, though they have a sort of mad order to them - currently inscrutable to the newbie - the floorplan will take some time to get used to. The dragonborn rattles off his descriptions extremely fast, but it’s all stuff Althaea has worked with before, or will learn to use in the future, and Maless’ punctilious manner of speaking keeps things cogent even in the most dense information dumps.

There are a few others working on projects, and a number of ovens and forges feed into a single huge chimney. Maless gives Althaea a wooden card, and shows her how to punch it into a mechanical device on the wall. A coin slot receives her guild dues, and the card is ejected with a stamp embossed in brilliant green.
“You’re official. Any tool you’re trained on you’re free to use. Any questions?”


Ryuko notes that the night seems a lot more peaceful far from the sight of the sea.


After taking everything in Althaea turns to Maless, clearly excited with no attempt to contain it. “Yes but just a few. This place seemed to be closed and uninviting at first glance, while all the other guild halls were the opposite. I imagine that has something to do with the spies you mentioned. Also how do you know they have been unsuccessful, if a spy succeeds I imagine part of that includes going unnoticed. And free reign over the tools is great, do you have tinkers tools here? Can’t imagine you have a fully functioning smiths forge here do you? And materials for producing things i’ll have to provide myself or purchase presumably. OH! and speaking of materials i would like to go out and scour the world looking for exotic ingredients to make potions with and i would like to go about it by joining an adventuring company or mercenary group, do you know of any that might be promising?”

After getting all of that out in record time, barely pausing to breath she realizes what has happened.
“Oh im sorry i got a little carried away there. I’ve never been this far away from home before and im-” she laughs nervously “a little excited”


Ryuko is quiet, only making the briefest of courtesies when accepting the payment and items from the Duke. Once the carriage begins to move he speaks to Alice, “I am sorry, Alice,” Ryuko sighs, “Your father isn’t…
seeing clearly at the moment. We will figure this thing out. On the bright side, we can show you the world outside of these walls! Starting with the Tally Ho!”


Mirk perception d20: 16 +5


(btw, over 3,000 posts!!!)


So, in case you get a break from housebuilding, @sagantine…here’s my much belated Hal rolls. (gotta get Hal moving!)

First, Hal checks for threats. (Perception check)
d20: 6 + 5
d20: 2 + 5

Then Hal searched for clues about what caused the bite. (Investigation)
d20: 1 + 2
d20: 16 + 2

Hal checks the tracks to determine number and direction of predators. (Survival)
d20: 1 + 3
d20: 17 + 3

Hal reviews his knowledge of the area for more clues. (Nature)
d20: 13 + 0
d20: 4 + 0

…all advantaged with Torica’s help.


[oof! good thing Torica’s along to help–looks like Hal must have caught the con crud, too…!]


As the coach rumbles into the darkness, Mirk sighs. “It was nice of your father to give you this coach, but the money itself troubles me. Petty cash ebbs and flows through fingers, we need to build you a livelihood, or at least permanent lodgings. Any preference?”


Braugn Flintfinger’s home is dark, (it’s late night for Roop), though the knocker on the door looks substantial enough to wake the dead. He is also aware that Dwarves are notoriously grumpy when woken early.


As the carriage is leaving the manor, Mirk notices a light in a high up window. He believes he sees the outline of Lopa, the court wizard, peering out at the carriage as it drives away.


Mirk thinks. “We also need to detect magic on this vehicle as soon as possible.”


Roop is tired and still feeling some bruises from the earlier fight. However, the hour is unsociable, and regardless of how much he wants to get this done quickly, Roop doesn’t feel up to stirring up too much mischief. He has a nose at the surrounding houses for a likely place to hole up and wait out the dawn wrapped up in his cloak, preferably above ground a gain a chimney stack to soak up the ambient heat.


Maless is not phased in the slightest, and answers Althaea’s questions with equivalent enthusiasm. He explains the rudimentary workings of their anti-spy system, describes the guild’s policy on secrecy (quite important with all of the competitors), shows Althaea the sheet for borrowing tool-kits for outside use (including tinker’s tools), goes over the material list (the guild obtains its own materials, members must reimburse the cost, higher ranked members get a discount), and finally explains a job posting relevant to her interests.

“There is, in fact, an Adventuring company that came by just this morning looking for an alchemist. The Blackthorns, by Nyiah Blackthorn. If you’d like the job I’d get over quick to her office down by the docks - there will doubtless be others interested. Don’t let one of those Golden Pane bastards get the job, for sure. Conjurors of cheap tricks, and sparkling charlatans. All that glitters is not gold.”


Ryuko looks to Alice in the carriage. “It is a lot to ask, Alice, but I must ask it. Your father fears your new power and that it might pull you into the darkness. We will do everything to prevent that from happening, but if something does go wrong… Well… Will you entrust me with your phylactery?”

Persuasion roll:
d20: 19 +5