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D&D5e [PBF] FIRELIGHT - Vol. 1


Mirk brushes a stray hair from his shoulder.

“Duke Vilgard, apologies for the disturbance. My name is Warden Mirk, and my entourage and I have been retained by your household as extra security for your daughter. It was an incredible fortuitious decision as she was being stalked by a lich. We were able to repel him, but only after he caused this damage and felled a member of my band.”


Shake screams in pain as Roop slashes deep, eyes bulging from his head. He looks at Roop as color drains from his face, and blood drains from his body. Roop expects such vital strikes to be painful, but Needle’s toxins seem to be amplifying the pain significantly.
“What did you do?!” He pants and sweats, looking at Needle like he’s been betrayed. “I know all your toxins, witch. What is this?!”
He loses control of his smoke, and it disappates harmlessly into the sky.
“Gods… The air… the ground… It hurts! It hurts! AAAAAAUGGHH! DAMN YOU, EMILIA, GODS DAMN YOU.”
“You were a terrible partner.” Needle walks over. “You think I’d show you everything I work on?”
She sits down on Shake’s back and tears stream down his face. She’s probably all of 90 pounds, but it feels like a ton to him.
“Have mercy, have mercy WOMAN, GODS, get OFF ME.”

Roop is also not feeling too well either. The drug that is enhancing his strength and giving him increased reflexes is also making him extremely on edge and massively jittery, and seems to be far from wearing off.

(it also continues to heal him, to max hp. Also, we’re out of combat!)


“A… A lich?” The Duke looks stunned, and lowers his sword. “In my keep? Stalking my daughter?” He composes himself. A martial tone appears in his voice. The austere and highborn noble that commands armies has arrived. “Is this true, Alice? Speak.”
Alice looked perplexed and terrified until the moment that the Duke resumed being the Duke. She transforms just as quickly into the petulant and spiteful child that the party has seen come forth today.
“Mirk already told you. You don’t have to hear it from me. He’s highborn, too. And a druid. He and Ryuko and weird elf actually listened to me, and they saved the world from the lich-ghost while you slept like a coward.”
The duke’s face twitches but he otherwise doesn’t react. He looks at Mirk and Ryuko again, there is favor in his eyes but they look incredibly tired. “I apologize, Warden Mirk.” He addresses the apparent leader. “You say one of your own was lost in the battle? How unfortunate. My condolences. I have lost many friends myself, over the years.
I will reward you richly for your service, though it will not be adequate to salve the pain of your loss.”
He turns to Alice and looks stern.
“You should be in bed, Alice. I’m sure this was very exciting, but the adults need to talk now.”
Alice looks about as angry as you’ve seen her.
“I’m not going to my room. I’m staying here.” She says darkly, Mirk and Ryuko can tell that she is beginning to give off a deadly presence.


“As we have grown protective of her, she has grown protective of us.” Mirk gestures at the massive hole. “I am sure there is somewhere more suitable for all of us to discuss this.”


“Alice is no longer the sickly child, you knew.” Ryuko says to the Duke. “If it weren’t for her Mirk and I would have perished along with… Erdan. Alice is at the center of what has transpired and it would be best if you heard the story from her.”


The Duke’s emotions are mixed, he seems like he’a not taking in what Mirk and Ryuko are saying. “I see you’ve made some friends, Alice. That’s good, but it’s already quite beyond propriety that you’ve involved yourself in what is a business for adults. You need to understand that your place is not roving about the place with adventurers, no matter how much better you feel. I’ll call your maid, and she’ll take you to your room. Please, my daughter. Be reasonable.”

“I WILL NOT.” Alice fumes.


“Time to rip the bandage off then,” Ryuko mutters to himself.

“Your Gardener Kerr was experimenting with magic to give himself immortality. He deceived Alice and used her in his insane attempt to extend his life. In the process he woke a horrible evil and worse still, he changed Alice. She is still your daughter, but she is also more powerful than any of us and is capable of wondrous things! She deserves to have her say.”


Hal looks at the huge bite mark, and then winces, as he looks down at his own leather armor.

“Uhhh…hmm. Didn’t come loaded for landshark. Any quick tips on how to avoid this kind of severe chairopractic realignment from happening to us, Torica?”

First, Hal checks to see if the area is currently safe from the big beasties, or if there’s anything else that might be a threat. [Perception check?]

Then Hal gets serious, and looks closer at the butchered animal. Looking at the pattern of the teeth, he tries to get some clue about what kind of animal, or animals–or if animal at all–caused it. [Investigation?]

Once done with that, Hal checks the tracks for pattern, size, shape, and depth to see if he can determine number and direction of predators that caused the damage. [Survival?]

Finally, Hal reviews his knowledge of the area and patterns of predation to see if this type of damage looks familiar to him [Nature?]

[Let me know if those checks make sense…also, sending a question on Ranger inside baseball to you in a forum DM…]


With twitching hands, Roop takes out his pipe to soothe his nerves. He crouches in front of Shake’s face, and raps the bowl of his pipe on his head, hard.
“Talk. Talk, and the pain will stop. Who you working with?” There’s a pointed look at the bodies of the dead thugs. “Who hired you to harass the free traders?”


The Duke receeds a little and a bit of father shows on Vicard’s terrified face.
“Kerr was… Alice is powerful?” Concern and shock grip him. “I… Need to sit down.”
He looks at the shattered wall and the torn up, burnt room.
“To my study. Alice, you as well.”
The two remaining members of the party follow the duke down the hall to a comfortable study. The normal, yellow light of candles and the warmth of the fire that the duke starts in the hearth begins to drive away the memory of the Lich. Alice is still soaking wet from fishing around in the water, though she doesn’t feel the cold at all.
Before sitting by the fire she pulls on Ryuko’s sleeve. He has to crouch almost like a frog to get low enough to hear her whisper.
“The elf lady wants me to give someone this wand. Do you want it?” She holds out Ashur’s Spike. “It’s for wizards and sorcerers.”

The fire lit, and a blanket brought out for Alice (which she doesn’t need), the Duke has steadied his nerves enough to hear the story.

(Who will tell it? Make a persuation roll, or if you want to make it a little epic, a performance roll! Or a deception roll if you want to fill it with lies!)


“Hmm. I doubt that a creature with jaws this robust can quickly move its head. A narrow space or a distraction would remove the bite from the picture.”

Feel free to roll 'em all! With advantage, as Torica is helping you.


Ryuko accepts the wand. It brings the painful reality to the surface again and he stows it away in his bag.

“Duke Vicard, forgive my lack of eloquence, but today has been long and taxing. I feel as if it has aged me months.” Ryuko begins as he stares into the fire. “We began investigating the strange occurrences in your home and quickly were drawn to young Alice as she seemed to be the epicentre for everything. We were not wrong to believe so.

After meeeting young Alice we learned she had befriended the Gardener Kerr and went to question him. It was there we encountered a monstrous, mutated beast that attacked us. After dispatching it, we found something more horrible. Kerr was delving into dark magic that should never be tampered with. The evidence for our accusations is still present in his cabin and your own court’s wizards can attest to it.

Kerr had used Alice, decieved her, to gain access to your treasury of magical items. Unfortunately the wrong item was used in the spell and Alice was altered in the accident. Kerr perished and unleashed a spectre upon the grounds.

This spectre was actually a Lich and sought to regain his power. He found some of it, but we dealt with him upstairs and… well, you’ve seen what resulted from that encounter.”

Ryuko trails off, never taking his eyes from the flames. He leaves out the details of Alice’s journal, her transformation into a Lich, her abilities, and their own delving into the magical storehouses. Ryuko doesn’t attempt to be deceptive, but leaves Alice room to tell her own story.

d20: 3 +5


Shake cries out, and tries to wriggle out from under Needle, but moving against the ground is painful too.
“I can’t tell you! I CAN’T! He’ll kill me.”
“And that will be worse than dying from pain? You can’t take much more of this, Shake.”
Shake wheezes.
“Aaaagh… Damn you. Anathar… Anathar is his name… Elf. Wanted… Wanted chaos… For distractions, maybe… I DON’T know. He stays with Lord Tamish, in the high estates. Now please, MAKE IT STOP, make it STOP!”


“Any others preying on the merchants, or just you?” Roop puffs at his pipe distractedly.


“Just… Just me… The others… They can’t pull it off… I made a deal, with the mercenary guild master. He keeps people away… I give him half my take.”


“Don’t imagine you got any proof of that other than your word?”


The Duke looks calm now, but in the cold, analytical way one does when they’re trying to pick out the truth in something.

“That’s a lot to take in. I feel like there is more to this story.”
He looks at Alice.
She looks back indifferently.
“Well? What happened, Alice. What did Kerr do?” The duke grips the arms of his chair. He’s not expecting to like the news.
Alice grimaces, and begins to tell her tale. She leaves out the self flagellation this time, and in fact seems to revel in detailed description of Kerr’s evil deeds. When she speaks of the feeling of her soul leaving her body, the duke gasps out loud.

The duke is utterly distraught.
“No, no, no… Alice… My daughter…” His head is in his hands. “Why… Why didn’t you tell me what was going on?”

“Tell you?!” Alice begins, spite filling her voice like poison. “Who are you to me?! Have we spoken more than ten words once in the last two years?”

“I have duties.” The Duke replies, with that severe noble expression coming back, though his eyes remain distraught.

“Yes, your duties. Well while you were doing your duty, your daughter was becoming a monster. I’m not sick and feeble any more, forgotten and ignored and carried around by maids. I’ll outlive all of you. I’ll see your children, and your children’s children die, duke.” Alice is riled again, standing up and fuming in front of the fire. She looks vicious, pure hate is in her eyes.

The Duke sighs sadly and stands. There is determination on his face, like a man that has had to make many decisions in his life that wrote the fates of others. “No, Alice. Now that I know what you are, you will not outlive me. Where is it?”

Alice is shocked. “Where is what?”

The duke draws his sword again.
“Your phylactery. The soul-container.”


Ryuko comes out of his daze at the sound of the Duke’s sword being drawn. He makes to get between Alice and her father.

“You can’t be serious! This is your daughter! Hasn’t she been through enough?!” Ryuko demands his voice rising with each statement. “She may be a… Lich, but by no choice of hers and she isn’t a monster!”


Shake shudders as he pulls something from his pocket, and slowly brings it forward to Roop.

It’s a letter with the Guildmaster’s signature, though his seal is absent.

The bearer of this letter is under my protection.
-Nemal Ighton.


Roop takes the letter and gives Needle a nod. “He’s all yours.” He turns away to search the bodies of the dead thugs.